Excellent news!!!

Firstly my blog has moved to website. This is my and my husbands project. We had an idea to combine our two blogs under one. Fresh start, as I did enjoy writing blog, but I didn't like my design and it was troublesome to work with it. I think I have more motivation to work on my website, as I can create my own code and add different features. Don't forget to check them out.

Our two blogs under one roof, you can read about us and our story how we met each other, when you click on my image it redirect to my blog. But if you click on my husbands picture it will show his blog.

My blog is about beauty, books, games and just about my lifestyle. My interests always has been crafts, baking, beauty and reading books recently. Furthermore I love playing games on my smartphone, tablet and ps3 in my free time. I have been blogging already four years and I enjoy every bit of it. In my blog you will be able to see my blog schedule.
In my blog you can find various blog posts about technology, photography, music and games. Currently I'm studying Computer Science, sometimes it's challenging but it's great, because I enjoy challenges. I have experience working with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Flash, Fruity Loops 10, Java, Phython, HTML5, PHP, CSS3, Javascript and SQL.

About time...

Hey guys!!!

     I think soon I won't be able to count how many times I have said I am back and will write posts every week, but it didn't happen. I have had big changes in my life and it is a key reason why I left my blog and it was only in back of my head. Different priorities have been more important and health issues I had to deal at the same time. Many things to think about. 

Yves Rocher Haul

    I was introduced to this company through GlossyBox. I tried the sample I loved the day cream, so I went online to check how expensive it is and what else they are offering. And after browsing around on their website, I just decide to order, because they have so many offers and gifts for free as well.

My bag collection

   This lovely Monday I decided to share with you my bag collection. I am handbag addict, if I had money probably I would have full room with different bags. I will start this post with my favourite bag and then rest of them. I don't think I have a lot, but still I should have less, because I don't use bag every day, just because I don't work in office or shop.

    This bag is my favourite one, because I use it more often than others. This is my winter and autumn bag. I like cross-body bags and the colour is really versatile (unusual too). The size of this bag is perfect too. I got it from nica.co.uk. It is amazing website and they have often discounts. The original price of this bag was £49, but I paid only £25 plus free delivery. They main thing I wanted to say it came so nice packed, I suggest ordering from this company, because I just love their service.