My Nail Polish Collection

     So I wanted to show you my nail polish collection. I have collected these nail polishes since I came to England, it is about year ago. So lets start with my favourite nail polishes and they are Barry M.
First one (from left side) is 
Mint Green - 304,
second one is Strawberry - 309,
Bright Pink - 279,
Nail Effects - 311,
after that Berry - 308,
Lemon - 307
and finally Spring Green - 290.
My opinion about them, that they are the best nail polishes ever and they have the most beautiful colours. But the only nail polish which I am not so keen about is Nail Effects, but maybe it is because I need more practice how to apply it correctly.

     Next favourites of mine is BeautyUK nail polish.
First one is Soft Grey No.43.
Second one is Blue Moon No.49, this is my first nail polish which I bought to try out this company.
Third one is Lilac Girl No.35, which I bought recently.
What I like about them first of all I like price 1.99 pounds and secondly I need only one coat and you are done.

     As you later will see, that I have many Avon products, because I am Avon representative and I like to try them out before I sell them. So next nail polishes I will show you are Avon.
First three nail polishes are from Nail Experts section. First two was manicure set (white and nude). Third one is Nail Experts 24K gold strength. I love this one, because it really helped my nails be stronger and secondly it has a gold shimmer and sometimes I use as a top coat to make my nail polish to shine. Finally the last one is Nailwear Pro Royal Wedding limited edition nail polish, which is called Kate Sapphire. It is a navy blue nail polish with silver shimmer and its looks amazing in evening.

     Next up is some random ones. First one Nails inc. London I got from magazine (I think it was Cosmopolitan) and colour is Savile Row. Next two are from Collection 2000 and the colours are Spangles, Sherbet Lemons. They were present from my boyfriend. And the last three are Rimmel nail polishes – Tangerine Queen ( this one I bought in Poundland), Lemon Drop ( which smells like lemon when it is dry), Base, Top Coat and total Care Action (5 in 1 Nail Threat).

     Miss Sporty Nail polishes I tried only recently and they are okay, but not my favourites, I just bought them because there was on an offer three for two in Superdrug. I can not say what kind of colours they are because on bottles are no names. So sorry guys. :(
    Last two are Avon Nail Experts Quick dry and
it is amazing. It is my life safer so many times and I couldn't live without it, everyone should have it. And second one is Paloma Cuticle Oil, which I hate and I think I will throw away, because it is always making my nails and hands feel so greasy.

So I hope you enjoy reading my first post!!! :)


Ena said...

Wow, the Barry M nail polishes looks so good! I will buy some. ♥

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