Neutrogena Multi Defense Daily Moisturiser SPF15

     First of all I want to say that mine is for dry skin, because I have very dry and really sensitive skin. I was looking for nice daily moisturiser so long. So finally I found it, but still I have a few problems.

    So I will explain so you can understand what I am talking about. Usually if I use facial wash, cleanser or moisturiser I have dry spots on my cheeks and around my mouth. And I always was thinking that I have something like allergy. So always hoped that it will disappear and it did. But after some while it again was on my cheeks. So I thought that this cream or facial wash don’t suit me, so started again look for different one.

    And one day I saw in magazine Glamour or Cosmopolitan (can’t remember in which one it was) sample of this cream. So I tried and I fell in love with it, because it very light feel on your skin, isn’t greasy (usually creams for dry skin are very greasy) and also it smells so good.

     I went to Superdrug and I saw that moisturiser and I saw price and it was almost 9 pounds, so I didn’t bought it. After month I was buying something else in Superdrug and I saw that it had discount so I purchased it for 5 pounds (I saved 4 pounds). I went home and I started to use it, after week again dry spots showed, I had enough so I went to doctor, because I was tired all the time spending my money for face creams and throwing them away.

    So doctor said that I have eczema, now I started to use his prescribed gel and he said after week it should be okay and I will be able to use any cream what I want. So now it has been 4 days that I am using that gel, my dry spots disappear, but I don’t know if I still need to use it, because my doctor said that I have to be careful with that gel (In that gel are steroids).What should I do? But it is enough talking about me.

    I would definitely recommend this cream, because like I said it isn’t greasy, it has SPF15 (so it is good for summer) and you can feel that you face is smooth all day long.

Thumbs up for this . I think  5 out of 5.


Samreen said...

Neutrogena products are realy good:-)what about your eczema??Do you still have it??

Dugdade said...

Yes,I still have it, but I need to use some medicine few times in 6 months.

Samreen said...

Oh Hope you get better soon:)..Eczema is not a good thing..I am also having some kind of spots on my body.I don't know if its eczema or not:(..I think i should consult a doctor.

Samreen said...

Plz make a facebook page for your blog..It will be easy to get access to your blog:-)

Dugdade said...

I will, I just need to get around with it :) I will let you know, when I will have it.

Samreen said...

ok thanks Agnese:-)

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