The Body Shop haul

Today I will write about The Body Shop. Now this month and until end of the month The Body Shop have offer if you spend 40 pounds you get 20 pounds off. So go check it out because you have still two days. And about offers I heard that E.l.f has half price sale too. The sale ends on 30th of July. So hurry!! :)

My haul - So I ordered body brush and body scrub to exfoliate. I haven't tried it out, but definitely if you want I can review. But there is nothing to review and the body shop website has good reviews. At least I was reading them. So when I was reading reviews almost all people were saying that the lip balms are really good so I ordered lip balm mango/peach. Then I bought three shower gels - two for me and one for my boyfriend. He already tried his shower gel and he said that he loves it. It is called Bath/Shower Gel Activist. He likes it because it is very foaming, you just need a little bit and it is enough and he likes the smell. About my shower gels I like two of their line - Satsuma and Olive. So I ordered, but when it come Olive was the normal size but Satsuma was 60 ml. I was shocked, that is why I was wondering why it is so cheap only two pounds, but I didn't look that it was 60 ml. Okay. Now I have travel size shower gel, the only problem that I don't travel a lot, maybe once a year or sometimes once in two years. Then I bought small version of shampoo, because I wanted to try out their shampoo, in one magazine there was a sample of their hair mask. So now I will try them together. And the last thing was their bestseller Hand protector Hemp small version. I hate the smell of it, because I like that my hands smell nice, so now my boyfriend use it, because it has almost manly smell. So I hope you enjoyed this post.

The Last post about my makeup collection!!!

So this is the last post about my makeup collection. Recently purchased Elf blush in tickled pink. I haven't tried it out because I want to used up my Loreal blush. But I swatched it, it isn't so pigmented
as my Loreal blush, but you can build it up. Then I have the only black mascara it is by Maybelline One by One. I like it, but I don't use so often black mascaras, usually I use Elf Wet gloss lash& brow clear mascara. My favourite concealer is MaxFactor Mastertouch under eye concealer in shade fair. It has a good coverage, because I have very dark circles under the eyes. When I will use up my two concealers the I want to try out from collection 2000. Because almost all uk beauty gurus are raving about that concealer. Then I have my powder to set my
foundation from Eveline in the shade ivory. I bought when I was on holidays. In the picture you can't see my foundation only because I keep it in different place. I had a small accident and I don't keep it with my other stuff, so It don't mess up everything. My favourite foundation MaxFactor smooth effect foundation in the shade natural 50 and creamy ivory 45. I like it because it has dewy finish and has a good coverage. And finally my Too faced eyeshadow primer. I already was telling about it in previous post. It is fine, but I don't see why people are raving about it so much.

So now my pride - eyeshadow palettes. First up my favourite one is BeautyUk earth palette 4. The colours are so pigmented.   In this palette are all eyeshadows colours which are neutrals in my opinion. And in this palette I finally found gold colour which don't look so metallic. 

Next one I bought in the boot fair channel quad in the shade 98 pettilants. I haven't tried it, but I fell in love with those colours and how soft creamy they are. 

Next two are from Avon true colour eyeshadow quads in mocha latte and electric purple. They are just fine, but I think for that money you can buy better quads or palettes. 

And that is it. You stayed with me through my all makeup collection. I am not bragging or something like that. I just want to share with you  what I think you should buy and what not. I am a hardworking person and each thing which I own is purchased by me or as present from my friends or boyfriend. So I hope you enjoyed! 

Third Draw in my collection

Third draw has my single eye shadows. 

MUA Single eye shadow in shade 16 matt. For £1 it is amazing product, it is so pigmented and soft eye shadow. I think company MUA should do more neutral single eye shadows, because then I would buy them all. :) But I have seen online the new MUA Pro eye shadow palettes, I want to try them out. But already spend money on something else, so maybe later I will go to Superdrug and check it out, because I need to see it in real life. The next three I bought in the boot fair for 50p each. So that's a good bargain. They were never opened. Two are from 17 in the shades Funfair and Ivory Coast. I haven't try them out, but when I swatched they look pretty nice and pigmented. The last one in this picture is Borjouis in the shade 04 Noir precieux. In the pan it is so nice like deep deep purple, but when you swatched it looks like black grey smoke. But it stays on your lid without primer more than 6 hours. So that’s good, usually this colour I use for smokey eyes in the crease. 

In the next picture is Avon true colour single eye shadow in White pearl. It is so pigmented and soft. It is very similar to MUA single eye shadows. This colour I always use under my eyebrows as a highlighter. Next up L’Oreal blush in 08 sugar praline. I love the colour; I use it every time when I do my makeup. In the beginning it was the only blush which I owned. So you can see why it is so used. Brand new I bought again in the boot fair. So I don't know if you still can buy it in the shop. The last one is from elf due cream eye shadow in the shade Butter Pecan. I bought it when I first time heard about company elf. But I usually use it as base, but not so often as my Revlon cream eye shadows, when I will use up those ones them I will start to use this elf duo cream eye shadow. 
In the next picture I have two Urban Decay single eye shadows in the shade Twice baked and Goddess. If I had more money I would buy more colours. These eye shadows I bought again in the boot fair. So I was so happy I got a chance to try them out. And I think they are really good eye shadows and you even don't need primer, but with primer the colours look more vibrant. The last thing in this picture is the fake Benefit Lemon aid. I already told that story in one of my blog post why I have fake product.

Finally my love of life Revlon illuminance cream eye shadow palette in 705 pink petals. If you like cream eye shadows that this has to be in your collection. They are so pigmented and stay on you lid for long time. You can use this eye shadow as base or just over the lid like one colour. They are so creamy. So I hope that you liked this post and aren't tired to read about my makeup collection. But I promise after I will go through all my makeup I have more post about different stuff like fashion and DIY.

Draw two in my makeup collection.

Now it is turn to tell about second draw in which is my MaxFactor stuff and eyeliners.  I have only three eyeliners, because I am not eyeliner person and for me it is very hard to apply on upper eyelash, I can only put on my waterline. But maybe after some while I will have more practise then I will have more eyeliners. I would like try out Maybelline gel eyeliner which comes with angled eyeliner brush. First eyeliner in picture is some random one from my country which even don't have name on it, but I think it is the best eyeliner which i own and it is in black. As you can see in swatches that eyeliner is pretty pigmented. It lasts for about 6 hours then you need to reapply it. The second one I bought only because I saw one look which I fell in love. It is 2true twist 'n' line eye definer in shade 15. Not so pigmented. I can't say anything bad about it, because I haven't tried it so much (Only two times). I notice that you can't put it on waterline, because it is burning. And the last one is the latest purchase elf mineral eyeliner in coffee. I love it. I don't know if I can say it is the best eyeliner, because I haven't tried so many eyeliners. I don't ask so many things from eyeliners. It just has to be pigmented and lasts for about two hours. Usually when I go to work I don't use makeup, only because I have very hard work in the factory and cardboard dusts everywhere. 

When I had name day - 21 January (in my country usually we have name days, but here in England don't celebrate this day) my friend gave gift - MaxFactor smoky eye effect eye shadows (she just knows that I like cream eye shadows). When I got them I was so happy, only because of those colours, it is hard to find coloured cream eye shadows. And when I swatched them I was even happier. Everything would be great if they stayed on my lids, but after half hour they disappear but with eye shadow primer they stay about hour. I was disappointed. So now I don't know what I will do with them, but I will figure it out. Even if I use them as base, my eye shadow just disappears. Maybe someone has any suggestions?

So you can see poor quality swatches, but they are the best which I could get in the evening. So in the first picture you can see purple dust, silver storm, and indigo mist. 

In the second picture you can see bronze haze (my favourite), blue tempest, onyx smoke, pink plume and finally Citrus Thunder. 

MaxFactor lipfinity lasting lip tint. I love them. I love those colours. I bought them because i saw one review (here is the link - On your lips the colour doesn’t look so bright, but still I love them, also they last much longer than normal lipsticks for about 3-4 hours. And for me it is enough, I don't mind to reapply lipstick. But when you apply lip tint you have to be really careful as they are tints. But if you mess up a little bit you can wipe it off (but you have to be fast and I use baby cleansing wipes) better go and watch beauty guru review, because she made like challenge video Revlon vs. max factor and she explains much better than me. :D 
Here are the swatches: colours 03, 04, 05, 06, 08. I don't remember the names, but you can find them with these numbers as well.  I hope you enjoyed this post and it was helpful. 

10 Interesting Facts about me

1. I am very organised.

2. I am a Latvian, but I am living in the United Kingdom.

3. I love to cook and cross stitching.

4. I am engaged to my boyfriend Martins.

5. Love puzzles.

6. Start to use makeup when I came to UK

7. I miss my country.

8. I hate to drink water. But now I am really trying to drink more water.

9. I am afraid from spiders, bees, ticks and leeches.

10. I want to go college or uni.


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My Lipstick collection

If you have seen my last blog post then you know that I promised that I will show my collection in details in parts let get started with first draw. :) 

As you can see I have seven lipsticks. I will start to tell you with my favourites. Recently I ordered from E.l.f, because they had a half price sale. So I took opportunity I bought some things. So my favourite lipstick is E.l.f mineral lipstick in shade Cool coral. When I was watching videos on YouTube I always was thinking why all gurus are so fanatic about coral. But this colour really is my favourite, because it looks so nice on me. And I will wear it all year around. Everyone is saying that this is must have for summer, for me it is must have for all year. I always liked to buy peach nudes, but this colour looks even better. So next up Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick in shade nude pink. I like the colour and how moisturising the lipstick feels on my lips. And this was my first lipstick which I bought when I start to build my collection. :) In the third place are E.l.f luscious liquid lipstick in the shades raspberry and strawberry. I like them, because they are lipsticks with lip gloss and the colour pay off is amazing. The only thing I don't like have much product you can get. They are looking almost like samples. But still I love them. Next lipsticks are from Avon and from MUA. I think I will start with Avon lipsticks. I really don't remember the exact name of those lipsticks, but I know the shades, so if you need you can find them by shades. I have Never so Nude and pout. From Avon I ordered different shades but they were sold out, so they send me alternatives. Pout for me is okay, but usually I don't prefer so pale nude. I look almost like sick or washed out, but if you put over it some bright lip gloss, it looks amazing. Never so nude I am not a huge fan only because I am not amazed with lipsticks who has loads of shimmer, a little bit I like, but if it too much, that's not my thing. The last lipstick is MUA lipstick in shade 6. Everything would be great if on my hands it looks different than on my lips. Because on my hands that colour is bright but on lips you can't see it, you can see only shimmer. That's a pity. But for £1, still I think it is amazing product. 

So know let's start with lip balms. I think lip balms are hard to review, because it is a taste thing. Some can like thick lip balm, but others prefer lip balm which ones you can't feel. I just will say which one is my favourite and it is Garnier Nourish Lip Balm. And then I have from Avon ColorTrend line with pear and hot chocolate. I like that pear but I haven't tried hot chocolate, because I didn't want to open until I haven't used up that pear one. And then finally I have from elf orange. I like the lip balm, but I don't like the smell and taste. It smells and tastes very chemical. If you understand what I meant by that. :)

And now lip gloss. My favourite have to be Max Factor ones. I just like how they feel on my lips and the colours. Yes they are a little bit sticky, but they are staying on your lips for longer time. And the smell is amazing, like watermelon bubble gum. They are called MAX Effect lip gloss in shades 07 diva pink and 04 pink romantic. Then I got from magazine (from which I don't remember) Misguided lip splash clear. Amazing lip gloss. And smells like cinnamon, but not so strong. The last three lip gloss are elf plumping lip glaze in shade peach passion ( I love that it is minty), MaxFactor Max Effect gloss cube in the shade 02 and I have random clear lip gloss which I bought in my country. I don't know what can I say about these last three lip gloss. They are fine, I can use them. Only I don't suggest buying Max Factor Max Effect gloss cube, because the colour pay off is terrible and it is very hard to get on your lips, but smells nice.

Here are the swatches:
First row - MUA, Avon Pout, Avon Never so Nude, Second row - strawberry, raspberry, Rimmel nude pink and finally Cool coral
I hope you enjoy reading this post.

My Makeup storage

       So today's blog post will be have I store my makeup and my makeup collection overall. 

       First up storage. In picture you can see that I have three small section of my storage  and each contains two draws. And on top of my storage I always keep my moisturiser, Coconut butter from Body Shop and my E.l.f everyday encyclopedia. About coconut butter I hate the smell of it, because it is too strong and gives me headache. I bought it only because it was their bestseller online. My E.l.f everyday beauty encyclopedia, which I really love and I bought it when had half price sale and since then I have been using it a lot. 
       In the first draw I have lipsticks, lip gloss and lip balms. My all time favourite lipstick is from E.l.f mineral line and it's called Cool Coral. And other lipsticks are some drugstore and Avon (as you maybe now I was Avon representative) in the second draw I have my all Max Factor products. I will review them in separate post and in more details. In the Third row I keep my single eye shadows. I don't have them so much because I think it is waste money if I can buy eye shadow palettes. But there are some eye shadows which you can't get in palette. For example Borjouis deep dark purple (I think that colour is hard to find in neutral palette) I also like MUA single eye shadows, because they are really good and cheap. I haven't tried MUA Pro new eye shadow palettes, but maybe later I will check them out, if something I will definitely let you know. :)

       In the fourth row I have my foundation, mascara, concealer and my Too Faced eye shadow primer. I bought it from eBay. I will tell you a story - few months ago I bought Benefit Lemon Aid from eBay (it was cheaper than in the shop) and it looked different from real lemon aid and that seller was blocked. So I didn't get to send it back and get my money back. I was looking on YouTube different kind of reviews about eye shadow primers. And then I heard that Too Faced eye shadow primer is the best and has a good price too. And in my city I couldn't get hold on it, so again I tried my luck with eBay. The price was the same like in the shop and I was looking something about seller. And yes I did get the real primer, but I don't think that it is so good, because if I put it under my eye shadow after few hours my eye shadow just disappears. Maybe I am doing something wrong or again it is fake product? If you know feel free to write in comments.

       In the fifth draw I have my eye shadow quads and small palettes. All palettes which I own are my favourites. I have BeautyUk Earth palette, channel quad (which I bought on boot fair) and two my Avon quads. And finally in the last one I have few my makeup brushes and some other applicators from eye shadow quads etc. I love my storage because before I was keeping my makeup in three makeup bags in my closet and it was messy, hard to find if you look for special product, but now I see all my makeup collection in one place. And finally I have feeling that my collection is organised and clean. I hope that enjoyed reading it. I wanted to ask is this post really long? Do I need keep them short or better like that? I hope that I will get some comments.