Third Draw in my collection

Third draw has my single eye shadows. 

MUA Single eye shadow in shade 16 matt. For £1 it is amazing product, it is so pigmented and soft eye shadow. I think company MUA should do more neutral single eye shadows, because then I would buy them all. :) But I have seen online the new MUA Pro eye shadow palettes, I want to try them out. But already spend money on something else, so maybe later I will go to Superdrug and check it out, because I need to see it in real life. The next three I bought in the boot fair for 50p each. So that's a good bargain. They were never opened. Two are from 17 in the shades Funfair and Ivory Coast. I haven't try them out, but when I swatched they look pretty nice and pigmented. The last one in this picture is Borjouis in the shade 04 Noir precieux. In the pan it is so nice like deep deep purple, but when you swatched it looks like black grey smoke. But it stays on your lid without primer more than 6 hours. So that’s good, usually this colour I use for smokey eyes in the crease. 

In the next picture is Avon true colour single eye shadow in White pearl. It is so pigmented and soft. It is very similar to MUA single eye shadows. This colour I always use under my eyebrows as a highlighter. Next up L’Oreal blush in 08 sugar praline. I love the colour; I use it every time when I do my makeup. In the beginning it was the only blush which I owned. So you can see why it is so used. Brand new I bought again in the boot fair. So I don't know if you still can buy it in the shop. The last one is from elf due cream eye shadow in the shade Butter Pecan. I bought it when I first time heard about company elf. But I usually use it as base, but not so often as my Revlon cream eye shadows, when I will use up those ones them I will start to use this elf duo cream eye shadow. 
In the next picture I have two Urban Decay single eye shadows in the shade Twice baked and Goddess. If I had more money I would buy more colours. These eye shadows I bought again in the boot fair. So I was so happy I got a chance to try them out. And I think they are really good eye shadows and you even don't need primer, but with primer the colours look more vibrant. The last thing in this picture is the fake Benefit Lemon aid. I already told that story in one of my blog post why I have fake product.

Finally my love of life Revlon illuminance cream eye shadow palette in 705 pink petals. If you like cream eye shadows that this has to be in your collection. They are so pigmented and stay on you lid for long time. You can use this eye shadow as base or just over the lid like one colour. They are so creamy. So I hope that you liked this post and aren't tired to read about my makeup collection. But I promise after I will go through all my makeup I have more post about different stuff like fashion and DIY.


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