The Last post about my makeup collection!!!

So this is the last post about my makeup collection. Recently purchased Elf blush in tickled pink. I haven't tried it out because I want to used up my Loreal blush. But I swatched it, it isn't so pigmented
as my Loreal blush, but you can build it up. Then I have the only black mascara it is by Maybelline One by One. I like it, but I don't use so often black mascaras, usually I use Elf Wet gloss lash& brow clear mascara. My favourite concealer is MaxFactor Mastertouch under eye concealer in shade fair. It has a good coverage, because I have very dark circles under the eyes. When I will use up my two concealers the I want to try out from collection 2000. Because almost all uk beauty gurus are raving about that concealer. Then I have my powder to set my
foundation from Eveline in the shade ivory. I bought when I was on holidays. In the picture you can't see my foundation only because I keep it in different place. I had a small accident and I don't keep it with my other stuff, so It don't mess up everything. My favourite foundation MaxFactor smooth effect foundation in the shade natural 50 and creamy ivory 45. I like it because it has dewy finish and has a good coverage. And finally my Too faced eyeshadow primer. I already was telling about it in previous post. It is fine, but I don't see why people are raving about it so much.

So now my pride - eyeshadow palettes. First up my favourite one is BeautyUk earth palette 4. The colours are so pigmented.   In this palette are all eyeshadows colours which are neutrals in my opinion. And in this palette I finally found gold colour which don't look so metallic. 

Next one I bought in the boot fair channel quad in the shade 98 pettilants. I haven't tried it, but I fell in love with those colours and how soft creamy they are. 

Next two are from Avon true colour eyeshadow quads in mocha latte and electric purple. They are just fine, but I think for that money you can buy better quads or palettes. 

And that is it. You stayed with me through my all makeup collection. I am not bragging or something like that. I just want to share with you  what I think you should buy and what not. I am a hardworking person and each thing which I own is purchased by me or as present from my friends or boyfriend. So I hope you enjoyed! 


Samreen said...

Great collection you have dear:-)

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