New Look Best Spring Finds

These were my favourites, of course, there are many dresses which I liked, but today I wanted to share with you budget buys.

Beautiful Creatures book by Kami Gracia and Margaret Stohl review

    Finally I finished this book, I didn't have time to read it, so that is why it took me 2 month to read it. I will talk about general things, because I don't want to spoil someones reading joy. I decided to write this review, because just one or two weeks ago movie came out. I haven't seen the movie, but I will watch it, when it will come out on DVD.

PS3 Lego Lord of the Rings review

    Hi there, today I will share with you my other hobby. I love to play PlayStation 3 on weekends. As I don't like very realistic or shooting, killing games. So there are only few games for girls in my opinion. Today I am going to talk about one of them Lego Lord of the Ring for PS3. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant stick in melon review

    I bought it long time ago in TkMaxx and since then I have been using regularly. It is first product from Elizabeth Arden range which I have ever tried.  
Product: Moisturises, softens and smooth lips, providing anti-oxidant protection with vitamin E. This take-anywhere stick has all the benefits of the original cream, with the added bonus of an SPF 15 UV protector.

Empties #1

    I have been collecting these products for quite some time and finally I am getting around. Firstly I want to apologise about pictures (very bad lighting), but I wanted to through them out quickly, so I took pictures in evening.

    My all time favourite shampoo and conditioner are Loreal Elvive Nutri Gloss I have very bad habit I never stay with one kind of shampoo and conditioner, because I always buy shampoo and conditioner on offer in Boots. That is why in this picture there is Herbal Essence shampoo too. Usually I run out of shampoo first and then conditioner. I am not very picky.

My 2013 planner

    Yesterday I mention my planner, I decided to dedicate post for my beloved book.

What is in my bag?

    Recently I got this beauty from H&M. I needed a simple across body black bag. This bag has only one zip pocket, inside there is no pockets. That is a really big disadvantage, because I don't like that phone and keys are together. Keys already scratched all my phone screen.

February Birchbox first impression.

    Today I received February Birchbox, it is my first box from them. I think I found my favourite box again. Most surprising for me was I received it on Sunday, because usually other boxes come on Thursday or Friday. 

Origins Bubble Ball

    I am sorry, to take so long to write about this small thing ( since Christmas ). One day my hubby was going to London to do some paperwork. He was so kind and bought me Origins Bubble ball with five samples. First time I saw it in someone's blog, I always had the urge to try Origins products.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

   I want to tell you everything what is on my mind, but it would take forever. I am saying sorry already for messy thinking, that's why my post could be hard to read. Let's hope for the best. So many people wants Apple iPad or now there are even minis of them. But for my budget they are quite expensive and mini I didn't want because it would be really hard to write blog posts on it. Okay I will stop teasing you. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

    In the beginning I wasn't sure if I needed it, but my husband bought his, then I know I need to have it. I could speak about technological stuff and compare with some similar devices, but I won't. That's why we have Google or YouTube. Of course, if you want I can make more about device techical stuff. In this post I will write about why I like it and what is so good about this device. 

[CLOSED] Valentine's Day giveaway

    Two days to go to Valentine's day. It is my favorite holiday, because I can spend all day with my love ones and it is my husband's birthday as well. But at the same time this holiday it is most stressful for me, because I have to buy two present for my husband. But this post isn't about that, I decided two give these two lip stains to say thank you for staying patient. There will be two winners. Please read giveaway rules and follow them!

Beauty boxes and my Sad News

    Quite some time ago I received bad news and I got a bit upset and annoyed. Still I can't get around it. I have to share with you, because I think it is ridiculous.

    My first beauty box subscription was from GlossyBox. I was receiving for seven months exactly. I liked those boxes, but there was few annoying things. The main thing which I didn't like was that usually felt that I received left overs, because everyone else got really good ones and which I would enjoyed instead I received opposite of my liking. I got tired of getting disappointed. 

My travel bag

    I wanted to show you products which I took with me to holiday and enjoyed using them.  I won’t review those products I wanted just to show you them and later on I will review for you. Of course, if you want specific product to review first, there is always comment section which I always read and would be happy to hear your opinion, because maybe you didn’t like some product feel free to write a comment.

Random August Favourites

     This time I will talk about random favourites as well, because this month I spend more time from the computer I did some other stuff and you will see why I have been gone so long. 

    First some random beauty stuff. From the body shop sale I bought Almond body butter. I like it, because it is very moisturising, but the perfume is overwhelming too strong and sweet for my liking, but still I was using because I want to used it up. Next up my all time favourite is Clarins Energizer cream, which I have been using I think already half a year and three month I think I use the same cleanser, which is my favourite as well, but forget to take photo of that, because it is my bathroom.  Some old discovery for me, because one day I was going through my stuff which I need to use up and I found it and it is Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Mirror Shine Spray. I like to use it after washing my hair when they are dry, because it leaves my hair looking like I just came from salon. Finally my all time favourite perfume which is Hugo Boss Orange. Nothing much to say about it, only I use it when it is summer.