My New Year’s resolution!!

My Blog:
  • I want to make Sample Sunday.
I have seen in ones girls’ blog, I loved that idea, so I decided that I will make it as well. Because I get more samples then full size products usually and only if I like something then I buy. And almost all girls in my giveaway request to see more reviews. I thought it wouldn’t be right to say that it is full review if I have tried only sample. So I thought to make Sample Sunday to give you more reviews on things. 
  •  I want to make more full reviews.
I have so many things to review, but I have been all over the place and all the promising, I decided I need to start do things more. First reviews of the year will Barry M Crackle nail polish in black, because one girl requested.
  • Crafts – cross stitch
I wanted to show you my crafts, but I always forget. I don’t do them so much, but it could be nice change from beauty, still it will beauty related blog. It just I wanted to share more with you about my life.
  • Book reviews
I was thinking to make book reviews, which I have read, but only if you would be interested. Please let me know. I am 100% sure that I will do it. I need your opinion on that.
  • Outfit of the day
I am not 100% on this as well, because I am not a big fashion girl. I don’t follow fashion (only what I see in magazine), but I can say I create my own style. More often I wear trainers. :):D But if you want to see that kind of posts. Then leave comments.
If you have any other suggestions to my blog leave a comment.
My Life:
  • Start university
After long wait I will finally be able to go to university. So I am really excited about that.
  • Trip to Tenerife
We have an idea to go to some trip with friends together. So we will see how it will go. It will be my first trip without my dad.
  • Wedding
I have been waiting to get married already one year and now finally it is time to fly back home and get married. It will be in summer. When the wedding will come closer I will have wedding related posts, of course, if you want to see them.
  • Weight
This is silly one, but for me it is important. I need to start eat normally, because I eat once a day and snacks. So my weight drops all time. I am 1.60cm and my weight is 45kg. It is bad, I know. And that is why my immune system is very weak.
  • Be happy
And enjoy my life with my fiancé, because I think we deserve that and everyone deserves that.
I hope you enjoyed this post. Now you know something more about my life and goals for the next year 2012 – Dragon Year. My fiancé is born on Dragon Year, so for him it will be lucky year.

December Glossybox

What I got in December GlossyBox? 
     Loads of nice things. I loved this month box, because it was red and I think it made even more special to get it before Christmas. 
     About the Glossy Box for men, my fiance said he would love to try once, because I saw one blog post first Glossy Box for men and my man love those products what were inside. So now he needs to wait three month to get his box. :)

      And good news for me they finally made the cards colourful, yeah. It looks like they read my blog post and took my suggestion. :) 

So let’s start with products!
BIONOVA Eye Wrinkle Treatment card says – Utilises the technology based on Life Science Nanotechnology by treating the skin with the  same ingredients in the same quantities and ration naturally produced by Human body.
Full size £43.00/14.18g

My opinion – This treatment is definitely not for me, but I will send to mum.  When I saw in this Glossy Box I even didn’t notice this thing, because everything was so amazing that I didn’t mind. My mum is very happy to get it, because like she said she would be happy to try £43.00 worth of cream. 

BLINK+GO Eyeshadow and Blush Palette card says – Blink+Go Eye makeup is the ultimate effect for eyes. Take your eye-style to a dizzy height with maximum colour and a perfect silk texture and finish.
Full size £14.95/19g

My opinion – I love the colours, because in my collection I didn’t have any eye shadows with metallic finish,  usually I have eye shadows with shimmer or glitter. So I loved them. But nothing really special, I enjoyed them, because I got in the box, but I would never to think to buy them, because I haven’t heard about this company and the packaging looks very strange and cheap. But the colours very pigmented. If you want to see swatches, then write in comments and I will post then as soon as possible.

CARGO COSMETICS Classic Lip Gloss card says – CARGO’S new Lip Gloss formulation! Perfect shades, great wear and high-shine without being sticky.
Full size £10.00/Gloss

My opinion – I loved the colour what they send, but I didn’t like that it is so glittery and colour pay off on lips is bad. When you put on your lips the lip gloss it looks like you put glittery clear lip gloss. I wouldn’t pay full price for this lip gloss.

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet card says – Party glitter nail colour with a sachet of the most amazing remover finger nail mitt.
Full size £16.00/Polish £14.00Pack of 6 removers

My opinion – When I saw in my Glossy Box I was so happy, because so many people are talking about this company nail polish, I wanted to try it out and the colour was perfect for Christmas or New year’s party. I tried the nail polish; if you apply it by itself you need at least three coats to be glittery. The only thing I noticed that it doesn’t chip so easily like usual nail polish. But if you put under it different colour, it looks amazing. I haven’t tried the nail polish remover, so I can review for you. If you want to see nail polish swatches, the let me know in comments.

RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel card says – This unique foaming shower gel gently cleanses your skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth.
Full size £6.50/200ml

My opinion – I am in love with this shower gel. 100% I will buy it again and again. This is my favourite product of all glossy boxes I had. Do you want to know why? There are so many reasons. First of all I love the perfume of my shower gel what I got. Secondly it is so gentle. Thirdly it is so foaming. After the shower I felt so fresh and my shin was so smooth. It is just revolution.

Overall opinion – This Glossy Box was really what it supposed to be, because finally we had some variety. Usually we got almost all creams and one thing makeup, but this time we have shower gel, nail polish, cream, eye shadow and lip gloss. I hope the next year they will follow to give us the same good boxes as this one, because this month I really was happy to get and use it all.

So I hoped you enjoyed this post.

December Carmine Box

      I wanted to apologize that it took me so long to put up this blog post, but I got sick and few other things (work, buying gift for my fiance). This month Carmine box was fine, it wasn’t nothing special which caught my eyes.

BENITO BROW BAR Eyebrow threading card says – Benito Brow Baristas provide a high-class experience and know how to groom to perfection. Just a few minutes will leave you with brows that are beautifully defined. Take a look at your Benito Brow card for more info.
My opinion – It is nice to get for free to try out their service. But the closest place to get it done is in the London, so just for that I won’t go. But I read on their website that two salons are coming soon in two closer cities. If they will them open until 31st January 2012, then I will definitely go. But for now it is nice to get this card.

JAPONESQUE Smudger Brush card says – The perfect tool to give your eyes a kick, this smudger brush provides excellent control for creating a variety of looks and blending all kinds of colour. Hint: try it with your myface blingtone!
Price:  £14.75

My opinion – I loved the brush, it is always nice to have in your collection and I didn’t have, so better for me. And it is really soft, but I use it to put eye shadow under my eyes. I don’t know is it worth to buy it, because I haven’t tried any other high end quality brushes, the only one is Urban Decay which came with Naked palette. But I prefer Urban Decay brush, because it has more quality feeling. But I am not expert in brushes, because in my collection I have four brushes.

KMS CALIFORNIA FREESHAPE quick blow dry card says – The ultimate time saver that will leave your hair incredibly smooth from multi-award winning hair care brand KMS California. Simply make this the last product you spritz on before drying to reduce your blow-drying time by up to 50%.
Price: £13.00/200ml

My opinion – I haven’t tried this out because I haven’t blow dried my hair, but when I will do it, then I will try it out and give you full review later.
WELEDA Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash card says – Fresh from orchard, this refreshing body wash is packed with nutrients and organic pomegranate oil. So lather up and breathe in.
Price: £8.95/200ml

My opinion – I haven’t tried this out as well, because I tried the Glossy Box shower Gel. And I am not too keen on pomegranate, but I will try it out later and give you full review on it.

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM Time Technology Cream card says – Don’t be deceived, this miracle cream is perfect for skin of all ages. Light reflecting – This Time Technology Cream from Institut Estherderm not only gives your face an instant glow but provides that deep moisturisation that you know your skin will thank you for!!!
Price: £69.00/50ml

My opinion – I am really sorry I haven’t tried this neither.
 MYFACE COSMETICS blingtone in sp”ice”y, crystalline silver screen card says – Just like the name says, this Grazia award winning pot of colour will give your eyes a bit of bling. Try a small dash of powder for a subtle look or layer it on for a powerful glow.
Price: £9.99

My opinion – It is nice eye shadow, but I don’t like eye shadows with glitter. It is just my taste.  And I can’t say if it good, because usually I don’t tend to buy this eye shadows, because I don’t wear them. But I will try it out for New Year’s. If I will have time maybe you will see my New Year’s look. But it has nice pigmentation, better I think to apply it wet and you could a little bit fall out.

Overall opinion – I enjoyed this month Carmine Box, because I have chance to try out products out of my safe zone. Because I wouldn’t never bought few products out of this box, but they were good products it just my taste. I can explain why I haven’t tried loads of products, because when I got Glossy Box I was sick, but when I got Carmine box I got sick really badly and still I am. I can’t be bother to put some stuff on my face, I even can’t make tea  for myself, because I don’t have enough energy to do something. That it is why it took me so long to put this post in my blog. I am really sorry.

So I hoped you enjoyed this post.

What I got for Christmas?

     I noticed that everyone is making videos about what they got for Christmas. I liked to watch them, but I feel a little bit strange, because they are showing loads of stuff. This year I got one present and it was e-reader Kobo by WHSmith from my fiancé. I am so happy that I got, because I already read one English book and two my language books. I haven't read any my language books for almost three years, because it is very expensive to buy books in my country and send to me it is even more expensive.

    So I got white one with silver back. Maybe if you read the previous blog post you know that I wanted the all new Amazon Kindle, but when I went to shop with my fiancé. 
   I start to think that I don't like Kindle only because it is so small and I feel it would be hard to read and I didn't like that it didn't have touch screen.   
    As you maybe know that I have IPod Touch 4 generation so it was so hard to navigate with Kindle, because I have so used to touch screens that when I tried out the kindle for the first time I was touching the screen. 
    So my fiancé researched in the Internet good alternative and then he heard about WHSmith Touch Edition Kobo. So he decided I will like this more and to go with he bought leather case to make me feel that I am holding a real book.

     For my fiance and a little bit for me I got brand new digital camera Sony XH100V. I will show a picture of it. When I saw it for the first time I thought it is so huge, but now I am used to it. But the zoom and the focus is amazing.So I am happy that I bought for my fiance, because since I got it for him he is playing with it non-stop.

      I wanted to talk about something what it is on my mind. I was watching few videos and reading few comments and it made me thinking. One girl in giveaway blog post wrote that she can't go for Christmas to meet family, because she is in uni. I understand you so well, because I haven't seen my family for three years and still I won't see them for long time and it is only because plane tickets in now days are so expensive.

   But that isn't my main thought. So many girls got loads of presents from family even if they are just candies, but they got them. But I got only one present from my fiancé. This year I send my family gifts and everything, but no one send anything back to me even thank you card or just season greetings. My 14 years old sister is so busy that on Christmas day she couldn't say or send message Merry Christmas. So you can see how nice Christmas I had. 

     I always have been thinking that Christmas time is family time, but for me last couple years showed that it is only lies. Or the only family which I have is my fiancé, who is always is with me and support me. So for me he is the biggest gift and strength.

    I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I wanted to share few things of my life.

Boxing day haul

   I have few things to share with you this time. I have been away for really long time, but if you follow my twitter you know that I have mix between pneumonia and bronchitis. If I am doing some exercise or talking too much I don't have enough breath so I start to cough a lot. So finally after long illness I start to get better, so I don't have so big headaches. Tonight I wanted to share few things. I have loads of things to share. But first I will show what I bought today on Boxing Day. I went shopping late so almost I needed to run through the shops. But still I bought few things about which I am happy.

     First shop which I wanted to visit was TKMaxx; because I needed to buy some scented candles and I always buy some nice candles in there and my town that’s the only place where they have really scented candles.
     So as you can see I bought two candles. First one is DAYNA DECKER CHANDEL wild wig and second one Objects of Desire Pomegranate Scented candle.

     Then I got IPod touch case which I wanted for long time and now it was on clearance, because the box was broken, but I don't care until the case is fine.

   I went to The Body Shop to buy gift set, I can you give a clue this gift set will be part of my giveaway in the New Year.

     I was looking for perfect bag already long time, because in England now everywhere they are selling satchels, which I am not the biggest fun, only because they are not comfortable and the straps broke so fast and easily, so you have to be carefull with those bags. And soon is coming spring so I wanted beige bag. I bought in Debenhams and they had 20% off the all bags.

    And while I was in Debenhams I bought two more things, because my fiance let me so I was able to spend a little bit more, because I was saving specially for boxing day, but I didn't went in loads of shops, so I was able to buy some things which I usually don't spend on. In the first picture you can see I bought Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in the shade Flatter me.
The second thing is throw, I wanted for long time, but never thought to buy it, so finally got it for my big chair.


     So I hope you enjoyed this haul. I am very happy that I got few good bargains, but the only thing what I didn't like that there wasn't such a big sales, like they are claiming, because they looked for me like seasonal sales.

Recent Collective Haul

    I haven't post any blog post, because I have been sick since I posted giveaway. Almost all girls said that they would like to see more hauls, so I will show you what I got when I was in London.

    I have been in England almost three years, but never have been to Oxford street. So when I had one week holiday, my boyfriend decided that he will take me to shopping spree. But before that we had a deal that I need to ride the London Eye, but because I am afraid from water. So that is why I hate bridges. So when i did that my fiance said I deserve something special. So we went to Oxford street and he wanted to see Christmas decorations, because we heard loads of things about London's Christmas decorations.

So in the next pictures you will see how much my boyfriend splurge on me. Finally I can say that I have Urban Decay Eye shadows. But when I bought this one I heard that they came out with Naked 2 eyeshadow palette, but if I am honest I wouldn't spend again 40 pounds for almost similar colour and I don't like cold colours, I think warm colours suit me more. I am really happy and I was surprised when my boyfriend saw that and even didn't ask me if I want that, he said that knew and had heard so many things about it.
Why he bought me M.A.C, because he was reading my wish list post, where I showed what I wanted from Glitter and Ice collection.
So here you can see the colours, but probably you have seen swatches, my palette came with eyeshadow brush, which is amazing. So soft, it now my treasure.
So here you can see that now I have M.A.C nail polish in shade Unconditionally Fabulous. When I came home I applied it on my nails and can say honestly it isn't worth to pay 14.00 pounds, because I had to apply three times to look nice and i couldn't apply over other nail polish. Maybe I did something wrong. But I love the colour and I haven't seen any other nail polish brand to have this nail polish colour.
Other thing from M.A.C is paint pot in Morning frost. I bought because I fell in love with M.A.C paint pot and this colour is amazing, but only down side when you put on your eye lids it is more paler that in the jar. I am happy with my purchases.

Before we sat on train, my boyfriend said let go in to Lush shop, so we bought few things.
If you read my previous Lush haul you know that I fell in love with their Melting snowmans, so I bought three of those, because they are coming out only on Christmas time.
Then I bought Satsuma santa bubble ball. If still don't know then i can say my favourite fruit is satsuma. That is why my favourite fragrance is Hugo Boss Orange.
Last time when I were in Lush sho I was thinking to buy Vanilla mountain, but said no, but this time i bought it and I loved it as well, but only it is really strong, but my nose was blocked so i didn't so well, but my fiance said that for his nose it is too strong.
Last item was Abombinaball. I loved the perfume, it made my bath so colourful.

And then I bought one thing for my men, because he like the perfume and I had good deal, so I bought it.

It is Dolce Gabbana the One. What he said that he really loved the after shave, so now he wants to buy full size product.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I really hope youforgiveme that I haven't post nothing for long time but I don't feel so good, this blog post took me to write all day, because my head doesn't want to work.