December Carmine Box

      I wanted to apologize that it took me so long to put up this blog post, but I got sick and few other things (work, buying gift for my fiance). This month Carmine box was fine, it wasn’t nothing special which caught my eyes.

BENITO BROW BAR Eyebrow threading card says – Benito Brow Baristas provide a high-class experience and know how to groom to perfection. Just a few minutes will leave you with brows that are beautifully defined. Take a look at your Benito Brow card for more info.
My opinion – It is nice to get for free to try out their service. But the closest place to get it done is in the London, so just for that I won’t go. But I read on their website that two salons are coming soon in two closer cities. If they will them open until 31st January 2012, then I will definitely go. But for now it is nice to get this card.

JAPONESQUE Smudger Brush card says – The perfect tool to give your eyes a kick, this smudger brush provides excellent control for creating a variety of looks and blending all kinds of colour. Hint: try it with your myface blingtone!
Price:  £14.75

My opinion – I loved the brush, it is always nice to have in your collection and I didn’t have, so better for me. And it is really soft, but I use it to put eye shadow under my eyes. I don’t know is it worth to buy it, because I haven’t tried any other high end quality brushes, the only one is Urban Decay which came with Naked palette. But I prefer Urban Decay brush, because it has more quality feeling. But I am not expert in brushes, because in my collection I have four brushes.

KMS CALIFORNIA FREESHAPE quick blow dry card says – The ultimate time saver that will leave your hair incredibly smooth from multi-award winning hair care brand KMS California. Simply make this the last product you spritz on before drying to reduce your blow-drying time by up to 50%.
Price: £13.00/200ml

My opinion – I haven’t tried this out because I haven’t blow dried my hair, but when I will do it, then I will try it out and give you full review later.
WELEDA Pomegranate Creamy Body Wash card says – Fresh from orchard, this refreshing body wash is packed with nutrients and organic pomegranate oil. So lather up and breathe in.
Price: £8.95/200ml

My opinion – I haven’t tried this out as well, because I tried the Glossy Box shower Gel. And I am not too keen on pomegranate, but I will try it out later and give you full review on it.

INSTITUT ESTHEDERM Time Technology Cream card says – Don’t be deceived, this miracle cream is perfect for skin of all ages. Light reflecting – This Time Technology Cream from Institut Estherderm not only gives your face an instant glow but provides that deep moisturisation that you know your skin will thank you for!!!
Price: £69.00/50ml

My opinion – I am really sorry I haven’t tried this neither.
 MYFACE COSMETICS blingtone in sp”ice”y, crystalline silver screen card says – Just like the name says, this Grazia award winning pot of colour will give your eyes a bit of bling. Try a small dash of powder for a subtle look or layer it on for a powerful glow.
Price: £9.99

My opinion – It is nice eye shadow, but I don’t like eye shadows with glitter. It is just my taste.  And I can’t say if it good, because usually I don’t tend to buy this eye shadows, because I don’t wear them. But I will try it out for New Year’s. If I will have time maybe you will see my New Year’s look. But it has nice pigmentation, better I think to apply it wet and you could a little bit fall out.

Overall opinion – I enjoyed this month Carmine Box, because I have chance to try out products out of my safe zone. Because I wouldn’t never bought few products out of this box, but they were good products it just my taste. I can explain why I haven’t tried loads of products, because when I got Glossy Box I was sick, but when I got Carmine box I got sick really badly and still I am. I can’t be bother to put some stuff on my face, I even can’t make tea  for myself, because I don’t have enough energy to do something. That it is why it took me so long to put this post in my blog. I am really sorry.

So I hoped you enjoyed this post.


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