December Glossybox

What I got in December GlossyBox? 
     Loads of nice things. I loved this month box, because it was red and I think it made even more special to get it before Christmas. 
     About the Glossy Box for men, my fiance said he would love to try once, because I saw one blog post first Glossy Box for men and my man love those products what were inside. So now he needs to wait three month to get his box. :)

      And good news for me they finally made the cards colourful, yeah. It looks like they read my blog post and took my suggestion. :) 

So let’s start with products!
BIONOVA Eye Wrinkle Treatment card says – Utilises the technology based on Life Science Nanotechnology by treating the skin with the  same ingredients in the same quantities and ration naturally produced by Human body.
Full size £43.00/14.18g

My opinion – This treatment is definitely not for me, but I will send to mum.  When I saw in this Glossy Box I even didn’t notice this thing, because everything was so amazing that I didn’t mind. My mum is very happy to get it, because like she said she would be happy to try £43.00 worth of cream. 

BLINK+GO Eyeshadow and Blush Palette card says – Blink+Go Eye makeup is the ultimate effect for eyes. Take your eye-style to a dizzy height with maximum colour and a perfect silk texture and finish.
Full size £14.95/19g

My opinion – I love the colours, because in my collection I didn’t have any eye shadows with metallic finish,  usually I have eye shadows with shimmer or glitter. So I loved them. But nothing really special, I enjoyed them, because I got in the box, but I would never to think to buy them, because I haven’t heard about this company and the packaging looks very strange and cheap. But the colours very pigmented. If you want to see swatches, then write in comments and I will post then as soon as possible.

CARGO COSMETICS Classic Lip Gloss card says – CARGO’S new Lip Gloss formulation! Perfect shades, great wear and high-shine without being sticky.
Full size £10.00/Gloss

My opinion – I loved the colour what they send, but I didn’t like that it is so glittery and colour pay off on lips is bad. When you put on your lips the lip gloss it looks like you put glittery clear lip gloss. I wouldn’t pay full price for this lip gloss.

DEBORAH LIPPMANN Razzle Dazzle Mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go Sachet card says – Party glitter nail colour with a sachet of the most amazing remover finger nail mitt.
Full size £16.00/Polish £14.00Pack of 6 removers

My opinion – When I saw in my Glossy Box I was so happy, because so many people are talking about this company nail polish, I wanted to try it out and the colour was perfect for Christmas or New year’s party. I tried the nail polish; if you apply it by itself you need at least three coats to be glittery. The only thing I noticed that it doesn’t chip so easily like usual nail polish. But if you put under it different colour, it looks amazing. I haven’t tried the nail polish remover, so I can review for you. If you want to see nail polish swatches, the let me know in comments.

RITUALS Foaming Shower Gel card says – This unique foaming shower gel gently cleanses your skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth.
Full size £6.50/200ml

My opinion – I am in love with this shower gel. 100% I will buy it again and again. This is my favourite product of all glossy boxes I had. Do you want to know why? There are so many reasons. First of all I love the perfume of my shower gel what I got. Secondly it is so gentle. Thirdly it is so foaming. After the shower I felt so fresh and my shin was so smooth. It is just revolution.

Overall opinion – This Glossy Box was really what it supposed to be, because finally we had some variety. Usually we got almost all creams and one thing makeup, but this time we have shower gel, nail polish, cream, eye shadow and lip gloss. I hope the next year they will follow to give us the same good boxes as this one, because this month I really was happy to get and use it all.

So I hoped you enjoyed this post.


Samreen said...

lovely products..nice reviews.thanks for sharing:-)

Dugdade said...

thank you, it is nice that someone liked it. :)

Samreen said...

You are welcome .Your blog is really good:-)

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