What I got for Christmas?

     I noticed that everyone is making videos about what they got for Christmas. I liked to watch them, but I feel a little bit strange, because they are showing loads of stuff. This year I got one present and it was e-reader Kobo by WHSmith from my fiancé. I am so happy that I got, because I already read one English book and two my language books. I haven't read any my language books for almost three years, because it is very expensive to buy books in my country and send to me it is even more expensive.

    So I got white one with silver back. Maybe if you read the previous blog post you know that I wanted the all new Amazon Kindle, but when I went to shop with my fiancé. 
   I start to think that I don't like Kindle only because it is so small and I feel it would be hard to read and I didn't like that it didn't have touch screen.   
    As you maybe know that I have IPod Touch 4 generation so it was so hard to navigate with Kindle, because I have so used to touch screens that when I tried out the kindle for the first time I was touching the screen. 
    So my fiancé researched in the Internet good alternative and then he heard about WHSmith Touch Edition Kobo. So he decided I will like this more and to go with he bought leather case to make me feel that I am holding a real book.

     For my fiance and a little bit for me I got brand new digital camera Sony XH100V. I will show a picture of it. When I saw it for the first time I thought it is so huge, but now I am used to it. But the zoom and the focus is amazing.So I am happy that I bought for my fiance, because since I got it for him he is playing with it non-stop.

      I wanted to talk about something what it is on my mind. I was watching few videos and reading few comments and it made me thinking. One girl in giveaway blog post wrote that she can't go for Christmas to meet family, because she is in uni. I understand you so well, because I haven't seen my family for three years and still I won't see them for long time and it is only because plane tickets in now days are so expensive.

   But that isn't my main thought. So many girls got loads of presents from family even if they are just candies, but they got them. But I got only one present from my fiancé. This year I send my family gifts and everything, but no one send anything back to me even thank you card or just season greetings. My 14 years old sister is so busy that on Christmas day she couldn't say or send message Merry Christmas. So you can see how nice Christmas I had. 

     I always have been thinking that Christmas time is family time, but for me last couple years showed that it is only lies. Or the only family which I have is my fiancé, who is always is with me and support me. So for me he is the biggest gift and strength.

    I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I wanted to share few things of my life.


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