Recent Collective Haul

    I haven't post any blog post, because I have been sick since I posted giveaway. Almost all girls said that they would like to see more hauls, so I will show you what I got when I was in London.

    I have been in England almost three years, but never have been to Oxford street. So when I had one week holiday, my boyfriend decided that he will take me to shopping spree. But before that we had a deal that I need to ride the London Eye, but because I am afraid from water. So that is why I hate bridges. So when i did that my fiance said I deserve something special. So we went to Oxford street and he wanted to see Christmas decorations, because we heard loads of things about London's Christmas decorations.

So in the next pictures you will see how much my boyfriend splurge on me. Finally I can say that I have Urban Decay Eye shadows. But when I bought this one I heard that they came out with Naked 2 eyeshadow palette, but if I am honest I wouldn't spend again 40 pounds for almost similar colour and I don't like cold colours, I think warm colours suit me more. I am really happy and I was surprised when my boyfriend saw that and even didn't ask me if I want that, he said that knew and had heard so many things about it.
Why he bought me M.A.C, because he was reading my wish list post, where I showed what I wanted from Glitter and Ice collection.
So here you can see the colours, but probably you have seen swatches, my palette came with eyeshadow brush, which is amazing. So soft, it now my treasure.
So here you can see that now I have M.A.C nail polish in shade Unconditionally Fabulous. When I came home I applied it on my nails and can say honestly it isn't worth to pay 14.00 pounds, because I had to apply three times to look nice and i couldn't apply over other nail polish. Maybe I did something wrong. But I love the colour and I haven't seen any other nail polish brand to have this nail polish colour.
Other thing from M.A.C is paint pot in Morning frost. I bought because I fell in love with M.A.C paint pot and this colour is amazing, but only down side when you put on your eye lids it is more paler that in the jar. I am happy with my purchases.

Before we sat on train, my boyfriend said let go in to Lush shop, so we bought few things.
If you read my previous Lush haul you know that I fell in love with their Melting snowmans, so I bought three of those, because they are coming out only on Christmas time.
Then I bought Satsuma santa bubble ball. If still don't know then i can say my favourite fruit is satsuma. That is why my favourite fragrance is Hugo Boss Orange.
Last time when I were in Lush sho I was thinking to buy Vanilla mountain, but said no, but this time i bought it and I loved it as well, but only it is really strong, but my nose was blocked so i didn't so well, but my fiance said that for his nose it is too strong.
Last item was Abombinaball. I loved the perfume, it made my bath so colourful.

And then I bought one thing for my men, because he like the perfume and I had good deal, so I bought it.

It is Dolce Gabbana the One. What he said that he really loved the after shave, so now he wants to buy full size product.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post, and I really hope youforgiveme that I haven't post nothing for long time but I don't feel so good, this blog post took me to write all day, because my head doesn't want to work.


Samreen said... are so beautiful honey...loved your haul:-)

Dugdade said...

thank you, your are such nice person :)

Samreen said...

you are said in one of your post that you are not a big fashion girl but the you way you you dresses up yourself,your bag and your shoes its just awesome:-)

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