Boxing day haul

   I have few things to share with you this time. I have been away for really long time, but if you follow my twitter you know that I have mix between pneumonia and bronchitis. If I am doing some exercise or talking too much I don't have enough breath so I start to cough a lot. So finally after long illness I start to get better, so I don't have so big headaches. Tonight I wanted to share few things. I have loads of things to share. But first I will show what I bought today on Boxing Day. I went shopping late so almost I needed to run through the shops. But still I bought few things about which I am happy.

     First shop which I wanted to visit was TKMaxx; because I needed to buy some scented candles and I always buy some nice candles in there and my town that’s the only place where they have really scented candles.
     So as you can see I bought two candles. First one is DAYNA DECKER CHANDEL wild wig and second one Objects of Desire Pomegranate Scented candle.

     Then I got IPod touch case which I wanted for long time and now it was on clearance, because the box was broken, but I don't care until the case is fine.

   I went to The Body Shop to buy gift set, I can you give a clue this gift set will be part of my giveaway in the New Year.

     I was looking for perfect bag already long time, because in England now everywhere they are selling satchels, which I am not the biggest fun, only because they are not comfortable and the straps broke so fast and easily, so you have to be carefull with those bags. And soon is coming spring so I wanted beige bag. I bought in Debenhams and they had 20% off the all bags.

    And while I was in Debenhams I bought two more things, because my fiance let me so I was able to spend a little bit more, because I was saving specially for boxing day, but I didn't went in loads of shops, so I was able to buy some things which I usually don't spend on. In the first picture you can see I bought Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner in the shade Flatter me.
The second thing is throw, I wanted for long time, but never thought to buy it, so finally got it for my big chair.


     So I hope you enjoyed this haul. I am very happy that I got few good bargains, but the only thing what I didn't like that there wasn't such a big sales, like they are claiming, because they looked for me like seasonal sales.


Rd3sign said...

I am LOVING that bag!! I've always wanted to get a bag like that but I just don't have time! It's so great you got it! I just like how big it is so I can stuff it with a lot of stuff! hahaha

Dugdade said...

I love that bag. I already full it with my stuff. :))

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