January Carmine Box

     It is time again for January Carmine Box. This month I have mixed relationship with box, but still I will be subscribed to it. This month box has a theme – a fresh, new start. I liked the idea. Nothing else I can’t say about the box, I think let’s start with products.  

    Carmine says: We know that celebrating the New Year often ends with a long list of overwhelming resolutions – but it doesn’t have to! This month, we’ve lined up some fabulous products to help you feel (and look!) your best for the start of 2012. So whether you’re aiming to hit the gym, get organised or make sure you get your five-a-day this year, here’s everything you need for a fresh, new you.


KORRES Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream card says – Wish you’d been somewhere warmer for Christmas? Not to worry, we’re kicking the year off with a little treat from sunny Greece! This organic, wild rose face cream will not only brighten and repair your complexion; it will also pump up the hydration for full 24-hours! So drink up!

Price: £19.00 for 40ml/ houseoffraser.co.uk

My opinion – I like the idea of this moisturiser, because very rarely you hear that moisturiser should be for 24 hours, so that’s mean you don’t need to have night cream. I liked the perfume of moisturiser, when you apply the moisturiser in the beginning it feel a little bit greasy, but when it soaks in to your skin, your skin feels very velvety and smooth. I don’t see the brightening part, but oh well, at least it is moisturising. But I have tried few times and I think it broke me out, but not 100% sure, because I tried other new product, so I can’t blame this one. But second time when I tried without other product, it didn’t break me out. The only downside the price enormous for everyday moisturiser, if I had the money I would buy it, but I don’t have. :(

ELDORA false eyelashes B162 card says – if you haven’t already flirted with falsies, this year to do it! Whether you’re going for a bit extra length or subtle touch of sparkle, Eldora’s false eyelashes are the perfect way to turn up the glam.

Price: £3.90 this one / eldorashop.co.uk

My opinion – I have never tried false eyelashes, so I can’t say nothing bad about them, they look nice. I am very happy that they have included eyelashes, because I always wanted to try out them, but I always didn’t want to spend money. Now I am able to experiment, definitely will put pictures up, when I will do it. :)

BALANCE ME Radiance Face oil card says – no time for New Year’s facial? Not to worry, this 100& natural oil will dramatically renew your skin and make you literally glow. Try massaging onto your face and neck before moisturiser (day or night) – your skin will definitely thank you!

Price: £30.00 for 30ml/ balanceme.co.uk

My opinion – tried once didn’t see the difference. I will try more it out, and then I will say something more, for now I can just say I don’t like the perfume of this face oil and the same with the previous balance me product – hand cream in the first carmine box. I have never put on my face oil, so I don’t know what it should do; it made my face look dewy looking. But I like the roll on type sample, better than full size product, because it is different type of bottle.

WESTLAB Himalayan Pink Salt card says – Straight from Himalayan mountain range, this natural, mineral-rich treasure will transform a 30-minute soak in the bath into detox that’s equivalent to a 3-day fast! So you can relax, refresh and repeat!

Price: £2.85 for 500gr/ westlabshop.co.uk

My opinion – I have tried bath salt once, when I was like 13 years young and I didn’t like it, but now I will try again I will see, maybe because I did something wrong before, so that’s why it was terrible. I will let you know later, if it’s even worth of buying. 

EYEKO Fat eye stick in black card says – take it from us – this chubby stick of soft, creamy colour does double-duty as a liner and a shadow to create the perfect smoky-eye that will never go out of style. Available in 6 different shades and high gloss for you to make a variety of sexy, smoky looks.
Price: £10.00 / eyeko.com

My opinion – I have mix relationship with this one. As you notice they send me black, but I don’t use black eye shadow, because I don’t do Smokey looks, so I can use it only as an eyeliner, but it is so fat that I can’t put on my lid, I can only put it only on my waterline. But when I swatch it on my hands it’s there only for few minutes and its smudges so easily. I don’t know. I will to work with it. If they would send me in different colour, then I think I would be happier. Even on their website they put this item under the category eye shadow, not everyone need black eye shadow. 

Overall – Like always I enjoy receiving carmine boxes, only because they have good variety of everything, even this time, when few products was miss from me, still I enjoyed trying them, because now i know for sure I don’t like them. But GlossyBox few months has almost all skincare, but in this box always is something for skin, makeup and bath. I hope you enjoyed this post. 

Just to say Hi!!!

     I have been really lazy last two weeks, because me and my boyfriend we were watching TV show Homeland first season all and then we started to watch Vampire diaries. Usually if we start to watch something we can’t stop. So we weren’t sleeping yesterday 24 hours, because we were watching all seasons and last week it was the same. I am really sorry for that. But now you will get loads of posts, because I am in good productive mood. :)
    Recently I saw in one girls blog, she posted about the place, were she always writes her posts on her blog. I got inspired; I want to share with you how I always write posts on my blog. It is funny picture, because I always have fuzzy socks, pyjama on and candle next to me, which you can’t see. Because I like to feel relax and comfortable. So that is how I write my posts. 

    But second thing about what I want to talk about in this post. As you know I have now giveaway and so many suggested so nice ideas. The most interesting was almost no one wants to see book reviews. And almost all wanted to see crafts. So I am planning to put new post after this one – My Christmas project. Then there was one girl who said she would like to see crafts related to makeup. What kind crafts is that? If I understand right she was thinking of DIY for makeup products? Please let me know in comments if I understand right, because if it’s right then I have and know few recipes, I could share with you. But I am happy that finally I got answers to my questions.
    Loads of girls are asking for makeup tutorials, but I need to say that I won’t do that, there are loads of reasons why not. First of all usually my makeup is maximum two eyeshadows and lipstick. In my makeup routine I don’t use foundation, primer, pressed powder to set my makeup or something else. Only in few occasion I will use foundation, but I even don’t know is it the real shade for me. :( I just don’t have time for that; I am working in the warehouse where dust is everywhere for 12 hours a day. I think no makeup will hold for 12 hours (even Mac paint pots, doesn’t hold so long) and I can’t go to toilet fixing my makeup, there is no time. Second reasons why I won’t do that I am still learning have to take good photos with the new camera. The same usually I am working in the nights and sleeping in the daytime. So on the weekend I wake up in the afternoons so if you live in the UK, you know that it is always dark, I don’t have nice light for good photos. There was one girl suggested to make video makeup tutorials, I won’t make videos, because in the beginning I was trying to make videos and I remember that they were writing horrible things about my English. English isn’t my first language, so I have an accent. I prefer just to write my blog and keep away from making videos. Maybe later, for now I am okay as it is. :) But the biggest reason why I won’t do makeup tutorials is on YouTube there are so many makeup tutorials; there even are professionals who know what they are doing.
     I know for sure I will start sample Sunday, because all of you would like to see that. And few girls said liked to see hauls and reviews and I think hauls I always put when I have something new. Even soon you will big haul from me. :) I will do more reviews from now on. I have few products ready to review, only now I need to start type them down. :) I hope you enjoyed this post.

Review Barry M crackle nail polish in black

So as one girl (CarolSue) in previous giveaway requested to review crackle nail polish. In my collection I have only one and it is Barry M nail crackle in black.

What I can say about?

Nothing really, If I need to be honest I think nail crackle is waste of money, there few reasons why.

First of all I don't like how it looks on my nails. Okay let's say I painted my nails in beautiful pink colour, when I finished it looks nice, tidy and shiny, but when I put black crackle over it looks just like I painted my nails and I smudge it when I was doing something.

Secondly I don't like feel of having loads of coats on my nails. Because if you choose first colour like I said the pink one and you need to apply two coats to get nice and bright colour then you apply one coat of crackle in my case black one and to finish it you apply top coat. So at the  end you have already 4 coats of nail polish, but if you like to apply base coat like I do, because if I don't my nails are getting yellow. So I have already 5 coats. Don't you think it is too much?

Thirdly I hate have messy the bottle looks after some while. And that not all the crackle gets dry in the bottle and brush as well. So it is really hard to apply and I had that crackle only for 7 months. You will say that you should close it better. Like I said the bottle gets dirty around the cap, because I have small nails, so I don't need so much how brush picks the crackle, so I always take the excess off.

So for me if I don't like the final results, then why I need to do so painful process.

Price: If you like that look then I think you will like the price as well

I am more interested in special effects like Barry M does foil effect. It sounds nicer and the magnetic nail polish I am not too keen on, but probably I will try the 17 magnetic nail polish when I will be able to buy something again.

Mark 1 out 5
So I hope you enjoyed this post.

Best Finds and Best Products of 2011

      I know that I am late on things like always, but finally I am ready to show you my Best finds and Best products of 2011. Few things are drugstore and few things are high ends. So let’s start.
Best Finds of 2011:
  •          Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palette – I received as a gift, I wouldn’t bought for myself, because it is really expensive. But I love all the colours and they are nice pigmentation. Anyway you all now already everything about this palette, because the most popular out there. If I need to talk about Urban Decay Naked2 palette, I won’t purchase it and wouldn’t ask for gift, because I don’t like cool tone eye shadows. And I like the Urban Decay eyeshadow brush which came with the palette. I heard bad reviews, but I am enjoying it, maybe it isn’t the best one, but I don’t have better ones. My favourite colours of this palette are Buck, Naked, Half baked and Hustle.
  •          M.A.C paint pots in Morning Frost and Let’s Skate. The best eye shadow primer, I use them every time under my eye shadows. Especially if I am going out then I use Let’s Skate because it has more shimmer, but for every day use I use Morning Frost. In the pot Morning Frost looks dark, but when you put on your lids it is lighter. But if I could change time back, I would choose probably Rubenesque and Indianwood.
  •          Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume. It was good find for me. My mom had once this perfume and I thought it is too musky for my liking, but at the end of the year I decided that I like that perfume, so I purchased it and it was on the sale in Boots.com.
  •         M.A.C DazzleGlass in colour Smile. I just love it, the best thing is I like how it is applying on my lips and I can put over any lipstick and it just adds nice shimmer and I can even wear it on its own and it looks amazing. Could be more colour than glitter.
  •           M.A.C nail polish in Unconditionally Fabulous. I never had liked glitter nail polish, but about this one is something different. I don’t think it is because the company is M.A.C. I just like have different it looks from others nail polish – the colour and the glitter is very unique. I can wear just like that or put some bright colour under this nail polish. I don’t like glitter nail polish, because it is hard to remove it.
  •         Trind Repair natural – the best treatment for nails in the world, I swear by it. I am so happy I had a chance to try it out in the Carmine box. Because I will definitely repurchase it. Because even you don’t need any treatments on your nails, but when you apply it, your nails looks you just came out of nail salon.
  •         New CID I-pout lipstick in the shade Nudity. I just love this lipstick and the colour. The colour is my lips but better, you know usually lipsticks, which are in the category nude, they are too light for my lips, because I have more dark red lips. So this lipstick matches my lips so perfectly. And I like how creamy the lipstick is, stays on your lips longer than Rimmel lipsticks.
Best Products of 2011:
  •            Hugo Boss Orange Sunset – this my 2011 favourite perfume. I like it and I will buy it again and again.
  •         Di Palomo Wild Fig Grapes body butter – I had this body butter for so long time, but I just love how moisturising it is and how it smells. Usually after bath or shower I use this body butter and I go to bed and second day I still can feel the body butter and all my bed smells so nice. Everyone is saying that Soap and Glory Righteous Butter is the best, I like the perfume as well, but I don’t like if I use it and then I use my perfume, I feel like I smell too sweet. I like the Soap and Glory Scrub better, which I forgot about it. But now you know that is the best product of 2011 as well.
  •         Neutrogena Multi-Defence Daily Moisturiser SPF15 – I like this moisturiser I was using it all year. I like it light weight moisturiser. But this year I am thinking of changing, because last months of the year, I notice when I put it on, the next day I breakout.
  •         Elf Mineral lipstick in shade Cool Coral – if you have read my previous posts on my blog then you know that I am in love with this shade. I think it is true and perfect collar lipstick. It isn't so moisturising lipstick, but the colour is amazing.
  •          Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in shade nude pink – this is my favourite pink lipstick, I like have affordable it is and the colour, perfect nude pink.
  •         Rimmel London trio eyeshadow in Orion. The same like Rimmel single eyeshadow I was using every day before I got Naked palette. But still I use them with my naked palette. These shadows hasn't so much shimmer as Urban Decay eyeshadows.
  •       Garnier Roll-on for under eyes – I have used all year, because every day when I wake up I use it, I don’t see any changes at all, but I like the feeling of it, the roll-on just refresh my eyes and helps to wake up.
  •       Maybelline OnebyOne mascara – I was reaching for it all year and I loved it, because it didn’t clump my lashes. It doesn’t add any volume or length like it is claiming, but this year I will definitely look for another one if you have any suggestion leave in the comments, because I definitely need new one, which adds volume and a little bit lenght. but isn't so important as volume.
  •         Elf Bamboo Blending brush – I have been using it all year long and I think it is amazing brush for the price. When Elf will have 50% sale I will buy more of this range brushes, because they are so soft, the only downside the brush is white.
  •         Nails Inc nail polish which I got in Glamour magazine, I think it is the best nude nail polish and I love Nails Inc. Nail polish overall, but I think they are too pricy.
        So know you know my favourites of the 2011. Most items I was using all year long, I just was reaching for them. I hope this year will bring more and better products. I tried to find all links, for some items I didn't find, because they were limited edition or you can't find online them. I hope you enjoyed this post. I didn't show you my face wash or other stuff, which were amazing, because i wanted to make separate post on my blog, full review, because I wanted to talk more about them. Don't forget to say in comments which is your favourite products, because your opinion for me is really helpful.

New look for the Dugdades blog!

        My fiance made new background for my blog, I hope you will like it, because I love it. And to go with the new background he made new blog logo as well. That's a change for New Year, I thought that the previous background was to colourful and I got tired of it as well. I hope you like the change what we made together. I am thinking to add blogroll. I want to know your opinion on new changes, leave the comments bellow. My fiance today was so nice that he made even wallpaper for me, which you can see in the top of the post.

OPI nail polish set and BUYAPOWA experience

I don't know if you had heard about website called buyapowa.com. They have really good deals. So the main idea is co-buying. Each co-buy lasts for only a few hours and they only ever have a limited number of each product to sell.
    Once you join a co-buy your purchase is guaranteed but you'll have the opportunity to drive the price down by bringing other buyers.
   They make it super easy to tell anyone who you think may be interested. Facebook is great for spreading the word, Twitter brilliant for soliciting timely action, and email perfect for targeting specific people. And the better you are at bringing in other buyers the greater the rewards. Use the leader board to see how successful you are at bringing in other buyers. 
    If you top the chart at the end of the co-buy, you get your product for free.Of course, I didn't get it for free, but I got for the lowest price and it was £17.50 
      In the picture you can see that I got the Best of the Best nail polish set. I thought I better buy load of small size nail polish to have variety of colour, the one full size OPI nail polish. In the next picture you can see first row of nail polish closer. 

First row is with lighter tones. So from the left to right we have:
  • Alpine snow (which I am giving away in my giveaway)
  • Bubble Bath
  • Tickle My France-y
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Cajun Shrimp


Second row has darker tone nail polish you can see from left to right :
  • Big apple Red
  • I'm not really a Waitress
  • You don't Know Jacques!
  • Russian Navy
  • Lincoln Park after Dark

Of course I couldn't wait longer, so I already painted my nails in You Don't Know Jacques! It is the middle one in the second row.I don't know if I like this colour on my nails, but it looks very strange. In the dark they look nice, but in day light the colour looks like your nails are dirty.
Natural Light
With the flash

Overall opinion about OPI nail polish set:

     I like that OPI has a big variety of nail polish, but in my opinion it isn't the best nail polish brand out there.
  • Colour pay off: I need definitely two coats
  • Drying time: It dried pretty quick, that I really liked 
  • Price: I would buy better small nail polish set, but loads of colour then one full size, because anyway I wouldn't used it up.   
  • How long it stayed on my nails: It is better than Barry M, I was cleaning and cooking and it didn't chip. 
  • The Brush: For small nail polish brush it is good, but as I heard that full size nail polish has big brushes, but as you can see I have small nails.  
  • Packaging: Nice and beautiful I would give to someone and would love to receive it back.
  • Colours in this gift set: The only thing which I don't understand in the gift set should be the bestsellers, if I understand right. But I have heard only two nail polishes and they are Lincoln Park after dark and You Don't Know Jacques!
Mark: 4 out of 5

Overall opinion about Buyapowa experience:

  • Good and fast shipping 
  • Nice bargains 
  • Addictive :) 
  • The best part what I like that you can request your items and you can tell them what kind a price would buy them for. 
  • And the offer is not only on makeup, you can buy their toys, candles and more.
  • And if you have loads of friends so better for you :)
Mark: 4.5 out of 5 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 


End 4th February

This is a giveaway open internationally to everyone and anywhere is welcome to enter! Three lucky winners can win all of these prizes:

1st prize winner:
MUA Immaculate collection palette
MUA lipstick in new shade 15 juicy
MUA lip gloss tube in shade 4
2 The Body Shop lip balms in mango peach and passion berry
Mini OPI nail polish in Alpine snow
Yankee candle sampler in french vanilla

2nd prize winner:
MUA Trio Eyeshadow in chocolate box
The Body Shop lip balm in strawberry
Yankee candle sampler in tropical fruit

3rd prize winner:
MUA matte eyeshadow in shade 19
MUA pearl eyeshadow in shade 28 
MUA lip gloss in shade 2


Now for the boring part:
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* One entry per person. Not per day!

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Now you can enter! :) Do look at the example comment below to see how you are suppose to enter otherwise I will not count your entry! Questions? Email me at dugdade@mail.com
I will choose winners by question answers....


Post about life and more...

      First website what I always visit is youtube.com when I turn on my computer. I love to watch YouTube videos related to beauty and fashion. But last few weeks I noticed that I already start getting bored, because they are making to buy more stuff then I need. It isn't other girl fault, but mine. Because i like to watch hauls and reviews about products and if other girl says she loves that products I want to try it as well. For example, now on YouTube is one products really hyped about it is Revlon Lip butters, so in the UK it isn't launched, it will be only in March, but I already want them, only because other girls love them so much. I think YouTube beauty videos overall makes me worse person, then I am. When I was living in my country I never thought to buy so much makeup. The only item which I had in my country was nail polishes and lip glosses and that it. i didn't need any lipsticks, eye shadows or something else. But when I came to England I was overwhelmed with all staff what you got in the shops. In my home town we didn't have such a big choice (only in the capital city). I am very blessed with everything what I got, but with hard-work I earn what I think need, but I still feel I need to change something to stop buy thing which I never use.

      I don't read any news online and I don't watch any news on TV as well. Because I am too weak to know what happens in the world. If I don't know, then it is easier to live. In now days world is cruel to each other. If in the news they are saying just good things and informative things, but all I see are negative things, so after watching news I feel terrible, because I am human being.

      Other things I really enjoy is cross stitching. Recently I took part in Christmas present exchange (something similar to Secret Santa), when my person will get my present. I will be able to show you what I got and what I made. I really loved my present, because it came from my country. So I got my country goodies, which you can't get in the UK. So it made me feel special.

    I really enjoy browsing three woman websites. First one  is Gemsmaquillage, this year she promised that she will blog everyday and I enjoy her blog so much, because her outfits of the day are so amazing and reviews as well are good. I just like to read her posts and I like that now she puts more on her blog, then before. The only thing I would like to read on her blog book reviews. She got now kindle and i like what kind style books she read. You can find her on YouTube as well.

     Next one is Miss Budget Beauty. I like her blogs and videos. She shares so much about her life, about hers beautiful newborn boy Milo and beauty related posts. I just enjoy her writing style and simplicity. What I noticed, that she is bargain hunter like me and sometimes can splurge too. When I read her posts I feel like know her as my friend. And she writes posts regularly, that I like as well, because I can check her blog every day.  I should learn that from her. :)

     Third website is Temptalia. I like her reviews and swatches. She has so many swatches, very useful information. She has such a professionals pictures on hers website.

       So I hope you enjoyed this post. A little bit of rambling. But I felt like writing about something else than beauty. The sample sunday will be next week, because today my boyfriend took camera and I couldn't take pictures. Sorry about that, but next week will be even more posts. 

Yankee.co.uk haul

     Today I will share my thoughts about my order from yankee.co.uk. First of all they have now sale on their website, so I took advantage of that. I have heard lots of good things about Yankee candles. As you maybe remember I bought two candles in my recent haul, but they were so bad, it was just waste of money, that's why I decided to buy these candles.
     I bought Christmas gift set - 2 Small Tumblers (Red apple wreath and Mistletoe&Fig). I haven't burn these yet, but they both smell amazing and when I was looking on their website I thought they will be small, but they are good size candles. And I paid for them £15.50, the same price what I paid in TKMaxx for those two candles.

    Then I bought few samplers, because it is hard to buy candles if you don't know how they smell. As you can see in picture I bought 4 samplers.

  • Tropical Fruit candle sampler £1.65 - smells good, but too sweet for my liking and I wouldn't buy big one, because it would be too much, but small one I enjoyed it.
  •  Soft Blanket candle sampler £1.32 - smells amazing and I would buy in bigger size this candle.
  • French Vanilla candle sampler £1.65 - smells okay, I love vanilla, but this one is very different, maybe different type of vanilla. So i am not the biggest fan of this, but I burn it. But next time I would choose different vanilla.
  • Clean Cotton candle sampler £1.65 - this will be my first purchase, when I will place order on their website again. This is my favourite of all samplers I got. Even my boyfriend really liked it and he said he doesn't mind if I will order it again.  Clean and fresh smell.

    About my order shipping, it is amazing - really fast and good packed as well. Because i was wondering have they will send glass candles and if they will broke. For so small order I got so big box. i am very pleased with my order and i am happy to say i will order again, I suggest you to go and look on the website what they got. But the only thing I notice for small samplers, they don't smell so strong; maybe it is because they are small. But I think if you have bigger size candles, your room definitely smell nice.
So I hope you enjoyed this blogpost.


I decided that I will start year with clearence of my makeup collection. They are good products, but usually it is the colour or I don't use them and they are just sitting in my shelves. All item have been used once or twice, but some just swatched.
  • Paypal only!!
  • No returns, please!!
  • UK Shipping £1.50 and each additional item £0.50
  • International shipping you need send me your shipping details and I will say how much it will cost you.
  • If you want to buy leave in comments what do you want with your email address and I will send invoice
  • Please pay 24 hours time 
  • Accept your offers (just send to my email or comment bellow your offer)
  • My email address to contact me dugdade@mail.com
N7 Eyeshadow palette £1.00
E.l.f Beauty encyclopedia £2.50
E.l.f eyeshadow quads each £1.00 or three £2.50
MUA eyeshadow in shade 16 matt £0.50
Blingtone eyeshadow in silver £2.00
E.l.f mineral eyeshadow in sweet £1.50
17 eyeshadows in ivory coast and funfair each £0.50
E.l.f cream eyeshadows each £0.50
Avon eyeshadow palette in electric purple £2.00
Nail polish all £1.50
Max Factor eyeshadow in Ibiza sunrise £0.50
Avon eyeshadow quad in mocha latte £2.00 
HD Brows £3.00 
Avon Lipstick in pout £2.00
Avon Lipstick in never so nude £2.00
E.l.f Mascara in black £1.00
MUA Lip Gloss in shade 4 £0.50
Max Factor Lip Gloss 02 £1.00
Avon Colortrend Lipstick 0.50
Avon nail polish each £1.50 or both for £2.00
E.l.f Waterproof eyeliner in black £1.00
Avon kohl pencil dark bronze £0.25
Parfume samples with this Dermalogica bag £1.00

So I hope you enjoyed this blog sale.