Review Barry M crackle nail polish in black

So as one girl (CarolSue) in previous giveaway requested to review crackle nail polish. In my collection I have only one and it is Barry M nail crackle in black.

What I can say about?

Nothing really, If I need to be honest I think nail crackle is waste of money, there few reasons why.

First of all I don't like how it looks on my nails. Okay let's say I painted my nails in beautiful pink colour, when I finished it looks nice, tidy and shiny, but when I put black crackle over it looks just like I painted my nails and I smudge it when I was doing something.

Secondly I don't like feel of having loads of coats on my nails. Because if you choose first colour like I said the pink one and you need to apply two coats to get nice and bright colour then you apply one coat of crackle in my case black one and to finish it you apply top coat. So at the  end you have already 4 coats of nail polish, but if you like to apply base coat like I do, because if I don't my nails are getting yellow. So I have already 5 coats. Don't you think it is too much?

Thirdly I hate have messy the bottle looks after some while. And that not all the crackle gets dry in the bottle and brush as well. So it is really hard to apply and I had that crackle only for 7 months. You will say that you should close it better. Like I said the bottle gets dirty around the cap, because I have small nails, so I don't need so much how brush picks the crackle, so I always take the excess off.

So for me if I don't like the final results, then why I need to do so painful process.

Price: If you like that look then I think you will like the price as well

I am more interested in special effects like Barry M does foil effect. It sounds nicer and the magnetic nail polish I am not too keen on, but probably I will try the 17 magnetic nail polish when I will be able to buy something again.

Mark 1 out 5
So I hope you enjoyed this post.


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