January Carmine Box

     It is time again for January Carmine Box. This month I have mixed relationship with box, but still I will be subscribed to it. This month box has a theme – a fresh, new start. I liked the idea. Nothing else I can’t say about the box, I think let’s start with products.  

    Carmine says: We know that celebrating the New Year often ends with a long list of overwhelming resolutions – but it doesn’t have to! This month, we’ve lined up some fabulous products to help you feel (and look!) your best for the start of 2012. So whether you’re aiming to hit the gym, get organised or make sure you get your five-a-day this year, here’s everything you need for a fresh, new you.


KORRES Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream card says – Wish you’d been somewhere warmer for Christmas? Not to worry, we’re kicking the year off with a little treat from sunny Greece! This organic, wild rose face cream will not only brighten and repair your complexion; it will also pump up the hydration for full 24-hours! So drink up!

Price: £19.00 for 40ml/ houseoffraser.co.uk

My opinion – I like the idea of this moisturiser, because very rarely you hear that moisturiser should be for 24 hours, so that’s mean you don’t need to have night cream. I liked the perfume of moisturiser, when you apply the moisturiser in the beginning it feel a little bit greasy, but when it soaks in to your skin, your skin feels very velvety and smooth. I don’t see the brightening part, but oh well, at least it is moisturising. But I have tried few times and I think it broke me out, but not 100% sure, because I tried other new product, so I can’t blame this one. But second time when I tried without other product, it didn’t break me out. The only downside the price enormous for everyday moisturiser, if I had the money I would buy it, but I don’t have. :(

ELDORA false eyelashes B162 card says – if you haven’t already flirted with falsies, this year to do it! Whether you’re going for a bit extra length or subtle touch of sparkle, Eldora’s false eyelashes are the perfect way to turn up the glam.

Price: £3.90 this one / eldorashop.co.uk

My opinion – I have never tried false eyelashes, so I can’t say nothing bad about them, they look nice. I am very happy that they have included eyelashes, because I always wanted to try out them, but I always didn’t want to spend money. Now I am able to experiment, definitely will put pictures up, when I will do it. :)

BALANCE ME Radiance Face oil card says – no time for New Year’s facial? Not to worry, this 100& natural oil will dramatically renew your skin and make you literally glow. Try massaging onto your face and neck before moisturiser (day or night) – your skin will definitely thank you!

Price: £30.00 for 30ml/ balanceme.co.uk

My opinion – tried once didn’t see the difference. I will try more it out, and then I will say something more, for now I can just say I don’t like the perfume of this face oil and the same with the previous balance me product – hand cream in the first carmine box. I have never put on my face oil, so I don’t know what it should do; it made my face look dewy looking. But I like the roll on type sample, better than full size product, because it is different type of bottle.

WESTLAB Himalayan Pink Salt card says – Straight from Himalayan mountain range, this natural, mineral-rich treasure will transform a 30-minute soak in the bath into detox that’s equivalent to a 3-day fast! So you can relax, refresh and repeat!

Price: £2.85 for 500gr/ westlabshop.co.uk

My opinion – I have tried bath salt once, when I was like 13 years young and I didn’t like it, but now I will try again I will see, maybe because I did something wrong before, so that’s why it was terrible. I will let you know later, if it’s even worth of buying. 

EYEKO Fat eye stick in black card says – take it from us – this chubby stick of soft, creamy colour does double-duty as a liner and a shadow to create the perfect smoky-eye that will never go out of style. Available in 6 different shades and high gloss for you to make a variety of sexy, smoky looks.
Price: £10.00 / eyeko.com

My opinion – I have mix relationship with this one. As you notice they send me black, but I don’t use black eye shadow, because I don’t do Smokey looks, so I can use it only as an eyeliner, but it is so fat that I can’t put on my lid, I can only put it only on my waterline. But when I swatch it on my hands it’s there only for few minutes and its smudges so easily. I don’t know. I will to work with it. If they would send me in different colour, then I think I would be happier. Even on their website they put this item under the category eye shadow, not everyone need black eye shadow. 

Overall – Like always I enjoy receiving carmine boxes, only because they have good variety of everything, even this time, when few products was miss from me, still I enjoyed trying them, because now i know for sure I don’t like them. But GlossyBox few months has almost all skincare, but in this box always is something for skin, makeup and bath. I hope you enjoyed this post. 


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