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      First website what I always visit is when I turn on my computer. I love to watch YouTube videos related to beauty and fashion. But last few weeks I noticed that I already start getting bored, because they are making to buy more stuff then I need. It isn't other girl fault, but mine. Because i like to watch hauls and reviews about products and if other girl says she loves that products I want to try it as well. For example, now on YouTube is one products really hyped about it is Revlon Lip butters, so in the UK it isn't launched, it will be only in March, but I already want them, only because other girls love them so much. I think YouTube beauty videos overall makes me worse person, then I am. When I was living in my country I never thought to buy so much makeup. The only item which I had in my country was nail polishes and lip glosses and that it. i didn't need any lipsticks, eye shadows or something else. But when I came to England I was overwhelmed with all staff what you got in the shops. In my home town we didn't have such a big choice (only in the capital city). I am very blessed with everything what I got, but with hard-work I earn what I think need, but I still feel I need to change something to stop buy thing which I never use.

      I don't read any news online and I don't watch any news on TV as well. Because I am too weak to know what happens in the world. If I don't know, then it is easier to live. In now days world is cruel to each other. If in the news they are saying just good things and informative things, but all I see are negative things, so after watching news I feel terrible, because I am human being.

      Other things I really enjoy is cross stitching. Recently I took part in Christmas present exchange (something similar to Secret Santa), when my person will get my present. I will be able to show you what I got and what I made. I really loved my present, because it came from my country. So I got my country goodies, which you can't get in the UK. So it made me feel special.

    I really enjoy browsing three woman websites. First one  is Gemsmaquillage, this year she promised that she will blog everyday and I enjoy her blog so much, because her outfits of the day are so amazing and reviews as well are good. I just like to read her posts and I like that now she puts more on her blog, then before. The only thing I would like to read on her blog book reviews. She got now kindle and i like what kind style books she read. You can find her on YouTube as well.

     Next one is Miss Budget Beauty. I like her blogs and videos. She shares so much about her life, about hers beautiful newborn boy Milo and beauty related posts. I just enjoy her writing style and simplicity. What I noticed, that she is bargain hunter like me and sometimes can splurge too. When I read her posts I feel like know her as my friend. And she writes posts regularly, that I like as well, because I can check her blog every day.  I should learn that from her. :)

     Third website is Temptalia. I like her reviews and swatches. She has so many swatches, very useful information. She has such a professionals pictures on hers website.

       So I hope you enjoyed this post. A little bit of rambling. But I felt like writing about something else than beauty. The sample sunday will be next week, because today my boyfriend took camera and I couldn't take pictures. Sorry about that, but next week will be even more posts. 


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