Just to say Hi!!!

     I have been really lazy last two weeks, because me and my boyfriend we were watching TV show Homeland first season all and then we started to watch Vampire diaries. Usually if we start to watch something we can’t stop. So we weren’t sleeping yesterday 24 hours, because we were watching all seasons and last week it was the same. I am really sorry for that. But now you will get loads of posts, because I am in good productive mood. :)
    Recently I saw in one girls blog, she posted about the place, were she always writes her posts on her blog. I got inspired; I want to share with you how I always write posts on my blog. It is funny picture, because I always have fuzzy socks, pyjama on and candle next to me, which you can’t see. Because I like to feel relax and comfortable. So that is how I write my posts. 

    But second thing about what I want to talk about in this post. As you know I have now giveaway and so many suggested so nice ideas. The most interesting was almost no one wants to see book reviews. And almost all wanted to see crafts. So I am planning to put new post after this one – My Christmas project. Then there was one girl who said she would like to see crafts related to makeup. What kind crafts is that? If I understand right she was thinking of DIY for makeup products? Please let me know in comments if I understand right, because if it’s right then I have and know few recipes, I could share with you. But I am happy that finally I got answers to my questions.
    Loads of girls are asking for makeup tutorials, but I need to say that I won’t do that, there are loads of reasons why not. First of all usually my makeup is maximum two eyeshadows and lipstick. In my makeup routine I don’t use foundation, primer, pressed powder to set my makeup or something else. Only in few occasion I will use foundation, but I even don’t know is it the real shade for me. :( I just don’t have time for that; I am working in the warehouse where dust is everywhere for 12 hours a day. I think no makeup will hold for 12 hours (even Mac paint pots, doesn’t hold so long) and I can’t go to toilet fixing my makeup, there is no time. Second reasons why I won’t do that I am still learning have to take good photos with the new camera. The same usually I am working in the nights and sleeping in the daytime. So on the weekend I wake up in the afternoons so if you live in the UK, you know that it is always dark, I don’t have nice light for good photos. There was one girl suggested to make video makeup tutorials, I won’t make videos, because in the beginning I was trying to make videos and I remember that they were writing horrible things about my English. English isn’t my first language, so I have an accent. I prefer just to write my blog and keep away from making videos. Maybe later, for now I am okay as it is. :) But the biggest reason why I won’t do makeup tutorials is on YouTube there are so many makeup tutorials; there even are professionals who know what they are doing.
     I know for sure I will start sample Sunday, because all of you would like to see that. And few girls said liked to see hauls and reviews and I think hauls I always put when I have something new. Even soon you will big haul from me. :) I will do more reviews from now on. I have few products ready to review, only now I need to start type them down. :) I hope you enjoyed this post.


Samreen said...

Ah you look nice Agnese..everyone looks like this in his /her home:D..Its the most comfortable dressing..
My english is much horrible than yours but english comes by speaking and writing:-)
So you can't to do make up tutorials,its ok..craft thing will be a new one and not so many people are doing this..its would be sumthing new n exciting for visitors:)
Sample sunday is good too:)

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