OPI nail polish set and BUYAPOWA experience

I don't know if you had heard about website called buyapowa.com. They have really good deals. So the main idea is co-buying. Each co-buy lasts for only a few hours and they only ever have a limited number of each product to sell.
    Once you join a co-buy your purchase is guaranteed but you'll have the opportunity to drive the price down by bringing other buyers.
   They make it super easy to tell anyone who you think may be interested. Facebook is great for spreading the word, Twitter brilliant for soliciting timely action, and email perfect for targeting specific people. And the better you are at bringing in other buyers the greater the rewards. Use the leader board to see how successful you are at bringing in other buyers. 
    If you top the chart at the end of the co-buy, you get your product for free.Of course, I didn't get it for free, but I got for the lowest price and it was £17.50 
      In the picture you can see that I got the Best of the Best nail polish set. I thought I better buy load of small size nail polish to have variety of colour, the one full size OPI nail polish. In the next picture you can see first row of nail polish closer. 

First row is with lighter tones. So from the left to right we have:
  • Alpine snow (which I am giving away in my giveaway)
  • Bubble Bath
  • Tickle My France-y
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Cajun Shrimp


Second row has darker tone nail polish you can see from left to right :
  • Big apple Red
  • I'm not really a Waitress
  • You don't Know Jacques!
  • Russian Navy
  • Lincoln Park after Dark

Of course I couldn't wait longer, so I already painted my nails in You Don't Know Jacques! It is the middle one in the second row.I don't know if I like this colour on my nails, but it looks very strange. In the dark they look nice, but in day light the colour looks like your nails are dirty.
Natural Light
With the flash

Overall opinion about OPI nail polish set:

     I like that OPI has a big variety of nail polish, but in my opinion it isn't the best nail polish brand out there.
  • Colour pay off: I need definitely two coats
  • Drying time: It dried pretty quick, that I really liked 
  • Price: I would buy better small nail polish set, but loads of colour then one full size, because anyway I wouldn't used it up.   
  • How long it stayed on my nails: It is better than Barry M, I was cleaning and cooking and it didn't chip. 
  • The Brush: For small nail polish brush it is good, but as I heard that full size nail polish has big brushes, but as you can see I have small nails.  
  • Packaging: Nice and beautiful I would give to someone and would love to receive it back.
  • Colours in this gift set: The only thing which I don't understand in the gift set should be the bestsellers, if I understand right. But I have heard only two nail polishes and they are Lincoln Park after dark and You Don't Know Jacques!
Mark: 4 out of 5

Overall opinion about Buyapowa experience:

  • Good and fast shipping 
  • Nice bargains 
  • Addictive :) 
  • The best part what I like that you can request your items and you can tell them what kind a price would buy them for. 
  • And the offer is not only on makeup, you can buy their toys, candles and more.
  • And if you have loads of friends so better for you :)
Mark: 4.5 out of 5 

I hope you enjoyed this post. 


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