My bag collection

   This lovely Monday I decided to share with you my bag collection. I am handbag addict, if I had money probably I would have full room with different bags. I will start this post with my favourite bag and then rest of them. I don't think I have a lot, but still I should have less, because I don't use bag every day, just because I don't work in office or shop.

    This bag is my favourite one, because I use it more often than others. This is my winter and autumn bag. I like cross-body bags and the colour is really versatile (unusual too). The size of this bag is perfect too. I got it from It is amazing website and they have often discounts. The original price of this bag was £49, but I paid only £25 plus free delivery. They main thing I wanted to say it came so nice packed, I suggest ordering from this company, because I just love their service.

Sample Sunday KMS California Free Shape quick blow dry review

    I received this sample already really long time ago in Carmine box and I have been using every time when I blow dry my hair. I didn't blow dry as often when I had long hair, but now I blow dry more often and I use this product every time.

Product: The KMS California Quick Blow Dry speeds up drying time up to 50%! It also reduces friction while conditioning lightly and provides heat protection!
Price: £13.50

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Creamy Natural (135) review

   As I promised to you in previous post I will review this foundation and there will be swatches too. Usually I don't buy often foundation, but this year I want to find perfect foundation for me. As my skin is dry and has dry patches, it is quite hard to find good one. Plus I don't know what kind of shade my skin is. One thing I really would suggest first put the foundation next to ear and neck and then go in sunlight and look at it, because I was looking in Boots and checking is it right shade for me, but when I bought it and tried at home, it is too dark and pink for me, because my skin is yellow toned. If you look on my face it seems to be pink toned, but the redness on my face makes me think like that, but my neck is yellow toned. There is one video on youtube made by professional makeup artist it is so good, that's how I found out about my shade. Here is the link to that video, because she explains so good, I don't even want try to explain, because she does it so amazing.

April GlossyBox overview

    This month GlossyBox came later than usual date. This months box was limited edition one collaboration with Pearl Lowe. The box itself looks so pretty and vintage. But as always I am more curious what is inside, but still it was a nice treat to receive very spring alike box. This month box I received for free, because I collected 1000 points. 

Products inside the beautiful floral box:
Essie nail polish in Geranium. It was the first product which I took out of the box, because I like Essie nail polishes and I wanted red nail polish for some time, but couldn't decide which one I want. But now I got in my box. Nothing else I can't say about this product, because I have Essie nail polishes in my collection and it isn't nothing new to me.

April BirchBox overview

    Again it is time for monthly BirchBox. I was quite surprised when it came before GlossyBox, usually it comes later. I am always very happy to open the box, it is like present every month. I think I have never mention it, but I really do enjoy reading BirchBox magazine I hope they will continue having it. I rate it really high, because since I am receiving monthly magazine I don't buy Glamour or Cosmopolitan magazines. They usually write about some bloggers and about products in more depth what we receive in the box.

Sample Sunday Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo review

    I decided to start again Sample Sunday, because I have so many samples and I need to use them up. I think it is good way to review products which I receive in my beauty subscription boxes. Because usually if I share with you what I get in monthly boxes, but I never review them. I don't remember from which company beauty subscription I received this sample. 

Spring Haul

    Today I am going to share my "small haul". I bought these things week ago. As I went to Boots my husband let me buy few stuff which I wanted to try for some time, but at the end I bought loads of stuff. Everyone in the blogger world is talking about Real Techniques brushes. Before this haul I bought Core Collection and this time I wanted to buy Real Techniques Starter Set and Powder brush. If you want I can do separate post about these brushes, because there are few things which I want to mention about them and review for you. Just let me know in the comments. 

Beauty Uk Eyeshadow palette in 4 (earth child) review

Company saying about the product: "Make your statement with our best selling eyeshadow palettes - As featured in Vogue. With collections combining beautiful brights to subtle shimmers these palettes are a beauty-uk fan must have!
Packaging: It is very simple and quite cheap looking. I don't mind how the product look, because for the price I think it is fine. The main thing for me is the product itself. Sometimes product is really bad, but has amazing packaging. The mirror in the palette is tiny, you barely can see your eyes, but I am not bothered about mirror, because if I would apply make-up on the go I would go to toilet and there would be mirror. I have never applied make-up in the car, bus or train, because for me it is a struggle.