Beauty Uk Eyeshadow palette in 4 (earth child) review

Company saying about the product: "Make your statement with our best selling eyeshadow palettes - As featured in Vogue. With collections combining beautiful brights to subtle shimmers these palettes are a beauty-uk fan must have!
Packaging: It is very simple and quite cheap looking. I don't mind how the product look, because for the price I think it is fine. The main thing for me is the product itself. Sometimes product is really bad, but has amazing packaging. The mirror in the palette is tiny, you barely can see your eyes, but I am not bothered about mirror, because if I would apply make-up on the go I would go to toilet and there would be mirror. I have never applied make-up in the car, bus or train, because for me it is a struggle.

Shades: The range of shades is quite good for the name - earth palette. I like all colours and have used them all. Some shades aren't so good, for example, top row has more pigmentation than bottom. You can see from the pictures. Company is saying on their website these palettes has shimmery shades and matte, but in my eyes I think these eye shadows have sheen. There aren't any glitter, so that is the reason why I like it.
Top Row from L-R
Bottom Row from L-R
Texture: Eye shadows are soft and easy to apply, but you need good primer or base for the colour to stand out. At least I usually use cream eyeshadow under these eye shadows and they stay on my lids for hours. The only two shades which are quite hard to work with are in the bottom row second and forth.
Price: £3.99
Overall: I think this palette is good value for the money. This palette is ideal for the people who just starts with make-up and are scared from the colour eye shadows. I love the green shades in this small palette. In my collection I don't own really bright coloured eye shadows so this for me is step forward. Even though packaging look cheap it is strong and travel friendly. This company just recently came out with neutral eye shadow palette, which I have my eyes on. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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