My bag collection

   This lovely Monday I decided to share with you my bag collection. I am handbag addict, if I had money probably I would have full room with different bags. I will start this post with my favourite bag and then rest of them. I don't think I have a lot, but still I should have less, because I don't use bag every day, just because I don't work in office or shop.

    This bag is my favourite one, because I use it more often than others. This is my winter and autumn bag. I like cross-body bags and the colour is really versatile (unusual too). The size of this bag is perfect too. I got it from It is amazing website and they have often discounts. The original price of this bag was £49, but I paid only £25 plus free delivery. They main thing I wanted to say it came so nice packed, I suggest ordering from this company, because I just love their service.

    This bag is from Nica as well, this is my second most worn bag. Usually I wear in the spring. It is again cross-body bag. This is smaller that previous one and it is Nica staple satchel. 

    This is the latest bag in my collection. This bag is very popular in blogger and youtuber world. I bought this bag as my university bag. First time when I looked online I wanted it, but didn't want to spend £50, but then I saw one girl had it in the train. I just had to have it and it was perfect size. There are so many pockets for laptop and tablet and more. I forgot to say it is Zara Office City Bag. The only thing I was disappointed was the bags material, I wished it would be leather.

You have seen this in my what is in my bag post. I paid for this bag £14.99 and you can see that it isn't such a good quality, so it won't have long life. 

    This bag is from New Look. I would never pick this kind of bag, but my husband bought for me to just make me happy. I like this bag, I don't know how it always happens, but when I am in London I always take this bag with me, because it is very spacious. 

This is my sport bag, I have it already like three years and still it is very handy.

    This is my holiday bag, I bought it from New Look, last year before I went to my holiday to Zante. This year I am going to holiday as well, so I will definitely take it with me. And it is my only backpack bag.

Last bag in my collection is my summer bag. I bought it from Claires. I wear only in suumer, because it would look strange in winter or autumn, because it is so light and colourful. If it is raining I don't use it, because it would be ruined. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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