Sample Sunday Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo review

    I decided to start again Sample Sunday, because I have so many samples and I need to use them up. I think it is good way to review products which I receive in my beauty subscription boxes. Because usually if I share with you what I get in monthly boxes, but I never review them. I don't remember from which company beauty subscription I received this sample. 

    There is story behind this Paul Mitchell Super Strong Daily Shampoo. Once I was TKMaxx and I was looking around in the beauty section (as I always do :)) I saw this shampoo in really big salon size bottle and for 10 pounds. I was thinking to buy it, but then I thought I won't if it isn't good. But then few days later I received it in the box. I got two use out of it, because I have really long hair ( Soon I am going to cut them, because I already can't handle them ). I love this shampoo, it really did clean my hair. I used my usual conditioner with it. Next time when I will see good discount in TKMaxx for this shampoo I will grab it. 
    The only annoying thing about this shampoo is the packaging when you have wet hands and you take the bottle all letters rub off on your hands or bath. Made a big mess. I would suggest solution for it before you start using this shampoo put tape around it. I think it would save the mess. 

     I am not very fussy about shampoos, so I am not saying that this shampoo is my holy grail product and everyone needs to run and buy it, but it is much better than Aussie Shampoo. I wouldn't pay it for full price, because I don't see the point to spend so much money on your hair. I don't have coloured hair, I don't need so much saving. I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to see more of these posts let me know in the comments.


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