April BirchBox overview

    Again it is time for monthly BirchBox. I was quite surprised when it came before GlossyBox, usually it comes later. I am always very happy to open the box, it is like present every month. I think I have never mention it, but I really do enjoy reading BirchBox magazine I hope they will continue having it. I rate it really high, because since I am receiving monthly magazine I don't buy Glamour or Cosmopolitan magazines. They usually write about some bloggers and about products in more depth what we receive in the box.
    Let's get on with the content of the box. First product which I picked and it was just calling my name was La Societe Parisienne De Savons soap. The packaging of this product is so pretty and looks so retro. The perfume of the soap reminds me old time soap when I was younger. Actually I would never pick up this soap and probably will never repurchase it, but to receive in the box I am quite happy, because it is like treat and reminds me of childhood. I can't justify spending £8.50 for the soap. I will definitely try it, maybe it does some miracles. Next thing I saw was the Lifestyle extra BirchBox Paname Paris Mirror. It is really handy, because I don't have small mirror in my bag or at home. I just need to buy small pouch for it, because I don't want to smash it, when it is in my handbag. My interest moved on to Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Perfect Kiss. I assumed again some pencil lipstick. There are so many lip pencil type products right now, I think every company is bringing out their version of it. But I was surprised that I liked it. The colour is perfect everyday pink and in the pencil it looked really shimmery, but on my lips it looks glossy. I think it will be my new favourite. I made too fast judgement about this product, but this product is quite pricey £17.50. The tiniest item in this box was Gerda Spillmann Renaissance Age Serum. I want to find good serum for me, but not anti ageing one. I don't like receiving anti ageing products, because I have no one to give too and I am not using myself (I think it is to early). Natio Gentle Foaming Cleanser. In the beginning I think very simple cleanser, but when I was reading the magazine it made me want to try it even more, because it is organic product (they should write it on the tube) and it is made by company Aussie. Now finally we got here, the last product which I got was Weleda Skin Food. It looks very intriguing  product. In the magazine even Victoria Beckham raves about this product. I will for sure try this product because it has big claims I want to see is it what it claims to be.

    Overall I enjoyed this month box, just I was disappointed to receive anti ageing product, because instead I could receive sample which I would actually try. Usually I put all anti ageing products in one bag and I don't know what to do with them. I believe while you are young you don't need to use anti ageing products, because your skin will get use to them and when you will really need them they won't help. I am 22 years young woman and usually people are saying that I look like 14 year young, so I imagine if I will start to use anti ageing creams or serums, I will look even younger. :) Keep up the good job BirchBox, because there haven't been a month that I was disappointed with the product I received. This time I didn't like one product in the box, but still I think BirchBox has the best boxes so far. Do you like their  beauty boxes?  I hope you enjoyed this post. 


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