Sample Sunday KMS California Free Shape quick blow dry review

    I received this sample already really long time ago in Carmine box and I have been using every time when I blow dry my hair. I didn't blow dry as often when I had long hair, but now I blow dry more often and I use this product every time.

Product: The KMS California Quick Blow Dry speeds up drying time up to 50%! It also reduces friction while conditioning lightly and provides heat protection!
Price: £13.50
Review: I like this product. I don't know if it is exactly 50% time faster, but it really makes my hair dry more quickly. And I like it doesn't weight my hair down and adds heat protection. Overall I think this product is really for lazy people like me, because in the morning I better sleep longer than styling my hair. In the picture you can see that before using this product you have to shake it up. I never like to put oil in my hair, so it is small compromise I make. Something I like about this product, because it makes my hair look good and feel good too. I don't know yet if I will repurchase it, but I definitely try something from this company. Almost forgot to say that it has nice fragrance and helps with frizz. I hope you enjoyed this review.


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