Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Creamy Natural (135) review

   As I promised to you in previous post I will review this foundation and there will be swatches too. Usually I don't buy often foundation, but this year I want to find perfect foundation for me. As my skin is dry and has dry patches, it is quite hard to find good one. Plus I don't know what kind of shade my skin is. One thing I really would suggest first put the foundation next to ear and neck and then go in sunlight and look at it, because I was looking in Boots and checking is it right shade for me, but when I bought it and tried at home, it is too dark and pink for me, because my skin is yellow toned. If you look on my face it seems to be pink toned, but the redness on my face makes me think like that, but my neck is yellow toned. There is one video on youtube made by professional makeup artist it is so good, that's how I found out about my shade. Here is the link to that video, because she explains so good, I don't even want try to explain, because she does it so amazing.
Okay enough chit chat, let's talk about this foundation. 
Product: The secret of Fit Me Foundation? Some waxes and fillers can mask your skin colour, Fit Me Foundation has none. Its translucent gel based formula merges seamlessly with your skin. Coverage that looks and feels 100% you. 
Packaging: I love everything about it. It looks very expensive and sophisticated. I love that it has pump, because it is much easier to control have much I put on the brush or hand. The only thing in the bottle foundation looks lighter, but when you put product on your hand it looks darker. 
Price: £7.99 I think it reasonable price for it, some other drugstore companies have more expensive, for example, Bourjois or Revlon (they are the most talked about foundations)
Texture and range of shades: It is gel based foundation. At first I thought it has strange texture, because if you put on your hand it isn't runny and feels very very light, almost like you don't have nothing on your hand. There are 18 shades, I think has really good range of shades, because it can seem that there aren't shades for darker skin types, but as I said before in the bottle it looks lighter as in swatches. As for really fair skin maybe there won't be shade for you, I don't have fair skin, but my true shade is 120 and the lightest what they do 110, which is very strange. I never thought that my skin is fair, I think I am between fair and medium. Maybe I am wrong.

Maybelline Fit Me in 135 (Creamy Natural)
When it is blended.

Overall: I love this foundation, just sad that I bought wrong shade for me, when I will have more  money I will buy my shade for sure. I applied this foundation with brush and it blends like a dream. On my skin it feels very light and doesn't sit on my dry patches (which is big problem for me). About coverage, I think it isn't high coverage foundation, maybe you can build it up, but I haven't tried. What else I could say about it, it is my first time that I review foundation. The finish of this foundation is dewy/satin. It will sound cheesy, but it is like a second skin, because after you have applied it and you really can forget that you have foundation. Only it has fragrance, I like it and it didn't break me out or made me oily. About staying power I had this foundation for 4 hours and I didn't need to top it up. Usually I don't were foundation for long time, because I am not out of the home so long. I hope you enjoyed this review.


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