Introduction to Carmine Beauty Box

     I wanted to introduce you with new Beauty Box, which had release their first box this months. And I got opportunity to get it with discount. How I heard about this beauty box - thanks to fleurdeforce (she made video about this box).  But in this blog post I will give my opinion about this box. As you all know I am glossy box subscriber already for two months. So I will compare these two boxes, it is very hard to not compare, because the business idea is the same.
    As you can see in the picture it came in orange box. I like the colour, because when I got this it really made my day. Even if I know what was in there. And when you open you see sleek and classy box with their logo (about the logo I think it is very interesting and individual, if you compare glossy box and bodour prive box they both look very similar). 
In the next picture you see two cards, which are colourful again.
Price:  £ 12.75 

    Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream card says – made by the experts in natural skincare, this multi award winning cream will get you soft and smooth from head to toe – with delicate aromatherapy scents included! And of course promo code to get discount if I want to buy full size.  I tried this hand cream. The perfume of it put me off, but it is nice. It takes long time to dry, but when it dries my hands feel soft and smooth.
    Daniel Sandler Eye Delight in Peach card says – a pot of sweet dust to give your eyes a little something to smile about. Created by professional make-up artist Daniel Sandler, this incredibly versatile eye colour can be swept across the eyelids or mixed with water for bolder effect. And again promotion code. Swatches in the picture.
    Trind Repair Natural card says – produced by Dutch experts in nail, cuticle and hand care, this little lacquer is not just another nail varnish. Made with TLC, brush it on to naturally strengthen and protect your nails. Again promo code. I started treatment, now only after two weeks I will be able to say if it worth it. But first time when I applied my nails was looking amazing and the feeling is like you have put some protection layer. And my nails looks so amazing that my friend even asked did I went manicure salon.

    TheBalm FratBoy All-in-one shadow/blush card says – want to get noticed by those college frat boys? This peachy-apricot-coloured blush doubles up as an eye shadow and miraculously adds life to any skin tone. So hold the ketchup, here’s a taste of vintage America that will also go nicely in your handbag. Swathes in picture.

     Caudalie Quenching Sorbet-Crème card says – this deliciously creamy sorbet will naturally refresh and hydrate your skin with all the anti-oxidising powers of red grape seed. It’s the perfect way to quench your thirst after your summer holidays! Promo code included. This is the only product which I haven’t tried.

     When I saw everything I was really surprised and amazed. Now after getting the first box I wanted to subscribe every month. But not so fast – this is carmine first box. Glossy box had the same hype when came out their first box. So again I am back where I was - I still I am not sure which box to subscribe. My boyfriend said I need to choose one box or none. So next month I will subscribe to both of boxes and then I will see. But for now carmine win me over glossy box, because it is more colourful and more  for my age persons  - October glossy box had ageing creams, which I think if I am 21 years young woman and I don’t  need. Both month glossy boxes which I got were only two or one product about what I was happy. But carmines box had all products which I really enjoy and want to try out. So I hoped you enjoyed this blog post. Be ready for next month boxes from glossy box and carmine and I will judge them really harsh.

Nail Rocks review

     Couple weeks ago I started to interest about nail rocks and finally I saw in my town shop where they are selling nail rocks. Especially I was looking for black and white stripes design. So today I finally had time to try them out. 

     I can say it isn’t as easy as they showed in the tutorials. Because on one of my hands one nail is growing very strange and it took so long time to put nail rock on it and at the end I have still like a bump, which I can’t fix.  And each nail grows differently.

    Price put me off in the beginning as well, because just for stickers on your nails (which you can only twice, because they have 20 in one pack, but if your nails are bigger than only once). These I bought in New Look for £6.99. For the same money I could buy proper nail polish and use more than once.

   The feeling on your nails - If I touch my jumper it feels scratchy (even I file it so long each nail and then smooth it out). My boyfriend said that I need to take them off. If not I can’t touch him at all. And what I don’t like about them as well the feeling is the same when you have four coats of nail polish on your nails. As you see in this picture than even looks scratchy.

    As you all maybe now I am a lazy girl (which doesn’t like to do make up for an hour or even nails). I like effortless beauty. And it took me 40 minutes to do one hand. And I just did one hand, because I couldn’t do it again 40 minutes. I think for me it took so long, because my nails are very weak and soft, so for me the hardest part was to take off the excess. Maybe I did something wrong and that is why I don't like them, but if I didn't like them now I don't think so that next time it will be somehow different.

  Overall I wasn’t impressed at all. For me they were pain in ass. I won’t buy them again, but rest of them I will use next time when I will have night out. So I hoped you enjoyed the blog post.

October GlossyBox review

     I got my October GlossyBox on Monday afternoon about 3 pm. I was so happy to see that nice parcel again and when I open it – first thing I saw was the huge card on which is saying six pack. So I already knew that we will have 5 products plus bonus sample, because Birchbox had something similar.

     But what I really was surprised to see that GlossyBox team are putting now full prices on the card, because before you could see only on their website ( and I always was too lazy to go and see what are the prices) , for me it is big plus. 

    But still minus to GlossyBox is that on that card they don't write how to use product, only on their website you can found out how to use it. 

    When I saw what kind things I got I was amazed and a little bit disappointed. I even don’t know why? 

    First thing Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Thermafoliant – A powerful thermal skin polisher that combines physical and chemical exfoliants. I haven’t tried this product. First of all I want to say that first impression about this product was bad, because I am 21 years old woman and I don’t need anti ageing creams, so now they gave me age smart thermafoliant. But when I saw that few young girls tried and said it is amazing. So now I need to try it.

    Second one is Dermalogica Age smart MultiVitamin Power recover Masque – A powerful masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins to help skin recover and regenerate. I haven’t tried as well, the same reason like the first one.

    Third one is Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour and Care and I have in shade Hanky – Panky. On the card – Beautifully groomed hands and feet are always in fashion and with Leighton Denny Nail colours, it’s so easy to keep them that way. My bottle was dirty but I cleaned it. I like the colour. This nail polish saved the box. I haven’t heard of this brand nail polish, but other girls were saying they are amazed they have put this product in GlossyBox. For me it is nice colour and I like how easy it is to apply this nail polish. 

    Next one is Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner in the shade Moray. Mine is broken I can’t twist it up.  GlossyBox card says – Stila’s highly pigmented, waterproof eyeliner glides on delivering intense, vibrant colour with staying power. It is really pigmented and I really like the colour, it is perfect colour choice for me, because I love olive green in autumn. But the only question is it really waterproof? Because when you draw line on your hand I wait few minutes and I can wipe it off really easy with wet tissue.

    Robert Piquet Eau de Parfums card says – Fracas de Robert Piguet, Visa de Robert Piguet and Calypso de Robert Piguet are three Signature scents from the most Parisian of fashion designers. So perfumes definitely aren’t my cup of tea. Because these perfumes are definitely musky scents. But I like that GlossyBox team put three samples. Almost like they have been reading my last GlossyBox post. Because like I said in last post I think if they would put like three samples of perfume then I think it is one sample. 

    Finally the bonus sample Dermalogica Age smart Renewal Lip Complex (with beauty bag) – A daily treatment that restores the delicate lip tissue.  I haven’t tried this one as well. But from all dermalogica samples which we got in this GlossyBox, this is my favourites which I want try out, because as usually now outside is cold and inside is getting warmer, so my lips are dry. I need to take better care to my lips than before.And a beauty bag always come handy for girls. It added nice touch to box.

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post and soon you will be able to read more reviews of different products.

Collective haul

So today I decided that I will show you my collective haul which I have been collecting since beginning of September.

Ring - Peacocks £3.50
 Necklace - Dorothy Perkins on Sale £2.00
Hairbands set - Dorothy Perkins on sale £2.00
 Knitted cardigan - Primark £12.00
Bag - Acssesorize £40.00 which by the way on the second time the zipper broke :(
 Ancle Boots - Primark £12.00
Scarf -  Primark £4.00
Hat - New Look £8.99

 Knitted jumper - Primark £18.00
 Knitted Long cardigan - New Look about £27.00

 Primark brogues which I bought on ebay - they were £3.00
 Primark - don't remember the price
 Blue shirt - Primark on sale - £2.00


Jumper - Primark £12.00
  Green Shirt - Primark £8.00
 Trousers - I don't remember the name of the shop, but they were £30.00

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.


    I am really sorry that I haven’t been writing this couple weeks (even I think all month). This month and last month was mind blowing, so many things has happen. Finally I am back for good.  As you can see this post will be like an update.

    First of all, I got new job, now I have different shift – working at nights and more hours a day, but work only 4 days a week. So I am more tired in working days, but I like that I have after that three days off – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now I think usually I will put posts on weekends, because I have more time. 

    Next update will be that I was sick really badly. If I have temperature usually I can’t even get out of bed. My boyfriend said I am like a small kid. I got sick only because in the new job the workplace is colder than in previous job. And couple weeks in England the weather was very strange - one moment hot that we were wearing t-shirts and tops and the second day really cold. And the worst part of my sickness was that I couldn’t take sick pay only because it is new job. So I had to work with sore throat, fever and blocked nose.  Happy me! :)

    Finally my boyfriend bought he is own computer. Last week I could do nothing with my laptop only because boyfriend was removing his files from my laptop to his. And funniest thing that next day something happened to my computer and all drivers start to fail, when I tried to reset my iPod. I was left with no working device and then my man was trying to save all my files on my laptop and recover my laptop and iPod. After one day hard work to recover everything, I have my laptop brand new and my iPod as well.

    And last day of my weekend last week, I finally went shopping and met few friends which I haven’t seen  since I left previous job ( so it wasn’t such a huge shopping spree as I imagine it will be). When I came home I needed to make dinner like as usual and chat with my mum and sister (she is in my country so we speak through the Skype), I was chatting with them long time, and then I finally went to sleep. Pretty boring?

What else has happened in previous weeks? 

    Then one of my housemates moved out, so that meant I need take broadband on my name and all paper staff and did you know that it isn't so easy, especially if in my town we don't have their office so all paper staff through the phone.

    I had dentist appointment. It was really painful. And even after one week from dentist appointment my mouth was hurting so badly. I didn't what to do and if it is normal.  Imagine I was so shocked that my dentist gave me 5 injections. And only after 8 hours I start to feel my lips and mouth, nose. It was really terrible. And she took out the last upper teeth, because I didn't have space for my smart tooth. So now after she took out, next day that tooth which didn’t have space start to come out. I couldn’t smile normally for week.
So I hoped you enjoyed this blog post.

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