Nail Rocks review

     Couple weeks ago I started to interest about nail rocks and finally I saw in my town shop where they are selling nail rocks. Especially I was looking for black and white stripes design. So today I finally had time to try them out. 

     I can say it isn’t as easy as they showed in the tutorials. Because on one of my hands one nail is growing very strange and it took so long time to put nail rock on it and at the end I have still like a bump, which I can’t fix.  And each nail grows differently.

    Price put me off in the beginning as well, because just for stickers on your nails (which you can only twice, because they have 20 in one pack, but if your nails are bigger than only once). These I bought in New Look for £6.99. For the same money I could buy proper nail polish and use more than once.

   The feeling on your nails - If I touch my jumper it feels scratchy (even I file it so long each nail and then smooth it out). My boyfriend said that I need to take them off. If not I can’t touch him at all. And what I don’t like about them as well the feeling is the same when you have four coats of nail polish on your nails. As you see in this picture than even looks scratchy.

    As you all maybe now I am a lazy girl (which doesn’t like to do make up for an hour or even nails). I like effortless beauty. And it took me 40 minutes to do one hand. And I just did one hand, because I couldn’t do it again 40 minutes. I think for me it took so long, because my nails are very weak and soft, so for me the hardest part was to take off the excess. Maybe I did something wrong and that is why I don't like them, but if I didn't like them now I don't think so that next time it will be somehow different.

  Overall I wasn’t impressed at all. For me they were pain in ass. I won’t buy them again, but rest of them I will use next time when I will have night out. So I hoped you enjoyed the blog post.


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