I am really sorry that I haven’t been writing this couple weeks (even I think all month). This month and last month was mind blowing, so many things has happen. Finally I am back for good.  As you can see this post will be like an update.

    First of all, I got new job, now I have different shift – working at nights and more hours a day, but work only 4 days a week. So I am more tired in working days, but I like that I have after that three days off – Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now I think usually I will put posts on weekends, because I have more time. 

    Next update will be that I was sick really badly. If I have temperature usually I can’t even get out of bed. My boyfriend said I am like a small kid. I got sick only because in the new job the workplace is colder than in previous job. And couple weeks in England the weather was very strange - one moment hot that we were wearing t-shirts and tops and the second day really cold. And the worst part of my sickness was that I couldn’t take sick pay only because it is new job. So I had to work with sore throat, fever and blocked nose.  Happy me! :)

    Finally my boyfriend bought he is own computer. Last week I could do nothing with my laptop only because boyfriend was removing his files from my laptop to his. And funniest thing that next day something happened to my computer and all drivers start to fail, when I tried to reset my iPod. I was left with no working device and then my man was trying to save all my files on my laptop and recover my laptop and iPod. After one day hard work to recover everything, I have my laptop brand new and my iPod as well.

    And last day of my weekend last week, I finally went shopping and met few friends which I haven’t seen  since I left previous job ( so it wasn’t such a huge shopping spree as I imagine it will be). When I came home I needed to make dinner like as usual and chat with my mum and sister (she is in my country so we speak through the Skype), I was chatting with them long time, and then I finally went to sleep. Pretty boring?

What else has happened in previous weeks? 

    Then one of my housemates moved out, so that meant I need take broadband on my name and all paper staff and did you know that it isn't so easy, especially if in my town we don't have their office so all paper staff through the phone.

    I had dentist appointment. It was really painful. And even after one week from dentist appointment my mouth was hurting so badly. I didn't what to do and if it is normal.  Imagine I was so shocked that my dentist gave me 5 injections. And only after 8 hours I start to feel my lips and mouth, nose. It was really terrible. And she took out the last upper teeth, because I didn't have space for my smart tooth. So now after she took out, next day that tooth which didn’t have space start to come out. I couldn’t smile normally for week.
So I hoped you enjoyed this blog post.


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