February Glossybox first thoughts.

     Again it is time for my monthly GlossyBox. This month review will be different. Today I received February GlossyBox and I will share my thoughts on it. 


DUWOP Venom Gloss in Buttercup card says - Combining subtle tinted lip gloss with DuWop's Lip Venom to create Venom Gloss.*
*Please note the Lip Venom may cause a light tingling sensation upon application.
Full price: £16/10.4ml
My opinion - I liked the colour which they send me, the size 5ml (which cost about £7.69) of lip gloss is nice as well. But few things I need to point out - perfume is very strong and strange, taste of it is interesting, which I don't like. This gloss makes your lips tingling; almost you have applied mint lip gloss on your lips. And the feeling stays even if you take it off. The biggest thing which puts me off is the perfume it is really strong. I wouldn't buy in million years this lip gloss and wouldn't suggest to anyone. This is the most expensive item of them all in this box.

DR BRONNER Magic Liquid Soap card says - A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils.
Full price: £1.99/59ml
My opinion - This is the only full price item in this box. First impression of this item can't stand the smell of this soap, but still I tried it out. I washed my hands and it was interesting. The soap is like oil, but after you washed your hands with it, leaves very strange smell, almost like old food product. It doesn't do anything special. Again no from me.

PAUL MITCHELL Round trip card says - This liquid curl definer is fast drying for enhanced curls in an instant.
Full price: £12.95/200ml
My opinion - I will definitely try it out. Full review will be later, because I don't curl my hair so often. The sample price is £1.62 for 25ml.

BM BEAUTY Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in Platinum Tiara card says - award winning pure mineral eyeshadow. Cruelty free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Full price £7.00/2g
My opinion -  I was really happy, when I saw eyeshadow in this month box and I don't have so many mineral eyeshadows, so I was very happy to build my collection, but when I saw the colour, all happiness disappeared. I loved the texture and the eyshadow is so smooth. But they send me dark ash grey with shimmer, on the lids it looks like you have dark circles all around your eyes. In the picture it looks silver in life it isn't even close to silver.

COMO SHAMBHALA Invigorate Body Lotion card says - A revitalising blend of essential oils puts you in a perfectly uplifted mood.
Full price: £20.00/300ml
My opinion - How many lavender body lotion woman need? I am so disappointed that again I received body lotion with lavender. If you don't know I can't stand the smell of lavender. It looks really nice body lotion, but why they couldn't give something else like for example Shea butter or grape exc, this lotion is the biggest disappointing thing in this box. 

      Overall opinion - Look at the first picture, which I put,don't you think this month box a little bit funny?  Almost empty. Very bad box for me. None of those products I wouldn't like to try and even look in the shop. Only the eyeshadow was okay, but the colour was bad. I don't understand why I needed to fill up the beauty test, if they can't send me products at least my colour? This month box has £18.13 worth of products, but in my opinion products are worth only to be in Poundland shop. Sorry it is harsh, but I pay £13 every month and wait for it and again nothing. Every month in GlossyBox boxes is only one product which I even want to try out. About these company beauty boxes is build big hype, but nothing in there. So I decided that I will unsubscribe it. I was all the time hoping it will be better, but then I start to think I could try other boxes.
     I hope you enjoyed this post and links I will put later.

Christmas exchange project

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     Almost all of you wanted to see my crafts, so I am now ready to share with you. Why it took so long? Because it was hard to find all pictures, since my computer recovery. I will explain how the Christmas exchange project worked - the idea is very similar to secret Santa. But the only rules were you have to make cross-stitched card with christmas theme and small present. So first pictures I will show what I made. The only thing I can't find all present together, I found picture only with the card. I hope you won't be angry about it. But I can tell you what I got for that lady, I bought her a 2012 diary with crafts theme and Christmas magazine with loads of ideas and chocolate candies.

      Now it is turn to show you what I got.The lady which send me this gift she was so generous, she send me Latvian teas ( I was sick on that time really badly, so it was what I needed) and chocolate truffles and ginger cookies. I loved the card, so nice and christmasy. :)

      I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to comment below if you want to see more of these posts on my blog or you have some other requests.

January haul


     Did you miss me? I am back now, since I announced the winners of my giveaway I disappeared. There are few reasons why I disappeared, but life can surprise you suddenly anytime. I don’t feel like sharing what happen and why, but I will say I am back. I visited few new cities, so I did a little bit shopping, today you will see my big collective haul. I have collected things since end of January and beginning of February. I wanted share with you few bargains, as you all know I am bargain hunter. :) We all girls are, even if we haven't noticed. 

     I will start haul with makeup items. There isn't much but still quite few to show. If you read my December Glossybox review, you know I loved so much Rituals Foaming Shower gel in Indian Rose and Almond oil and when I was in one of the shopping centre I saw that they had introduction price on it, so I bought one. It was just £3.50. While I am on this subject, I really suggest you to try it, because it has such a nice texture to it and it is very long lasting. Since I got it until now I used this shower gel all the time, more than one month, because you need a little bit and you can cover all your body. Don’t you think it is long lasting? For me yes, because usually shower gel lasts for me for four times.

     Next thing I was saying in one of my posts I am looking for new mascara to try out, I bought Maybelline Colossal Cat Eye mascara in glam back (£4.99 offer in Superdrug). I will review really soon, so look out for that. :)

      I always wanted to try out gel eyeliners, because I have heard loads of good things about them. Finally I was enough brave to buy Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in black with the brush and of course Superdrug had a nice deal on it £4.99. Don't you think it is a really good deal? Full review will come later, but for now I can say I love it.

     Last two things in this picture I bought only because everyone is raving about them and they were new products in stores. Barry M instant nails effect nail polish in Foil 319 (£2.99) and Collection 2000 cream puff in Fairy Cake 3 (£1.99).

     I had a nice surprise while I was walking in the shopping centre, I saw one shop which one was selling Yankee candles I went a little bit crazy. But it was only because I finally could know how they smell, you know when you order online you don't how the candle will smell, so I smelt everything in the shop. My nose was everywhere even my boyfriend was laughing at me. I bought just one big jar candle in my favourite scent Soft Blanket, it had even 25% discount - £14.55 and I said to myself why not. And all other ones are just samplers (£1.25 and £1.75) to try out:
  • Creamy Caramel (too sweet for my liking, but my boyfriend wanted it),
  • Clean cotton (I liked but didn't have enough money to buy one more big jar candle),
  • Fruit salad,
  • Early sunrise (next time definitely buy a bigger one)
  • And which is burning right now while I am writing is Garden Sweet Pea, which reminds me loads of good memories.
     When I went in House of Fraser I were just browsing around then I went to Clarins counter I started to chat with really nice lady who was working there and I said her that I have tried extra firming range day cream and night cream (because they were in January Glossybox). She was so surprised; because that range is for older ladies and she said it could make me breakout even more than simple moisturiser. And she suggest me to try out Clarins Daily Energizer moisturiser, I decided I will splurge on moisturiser, so I bought it and paid £19.50 and she was so kind that gave me samples of Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel and Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster.

     What kind of shopping is if you don't go in to Boots? I needed to buy a hand cream. In the beginning I was thinking to buy my usual hand cream - Nivea, but then I saw Garnier has released new hands creams. I had heard really good things about Garnier Intensive 7 days body lotions, I bought Intensive 7 days Hand Cream Nourishing for dry and rough hands £1.99 and Boots had introduction offer on it as well, so it gave me one more reason to buy it. 


     The last shop which I visited was Lush. I bought loads of things, because previous things already were used up, as addicted to shopping I found a good reason to buy something. I bought:
  • Yuzu&Cocoa bubble bar
  • The Comforter bubble bar
  • The green bubble bar
  • The Magic Mushroom bubble bar
  • The Avobath bath ball
  • Chou chou toothy tabs
  • Oatfix fresh face mask

     Now for some clothing items, I haven't purchase big things, but I bought one outfit, because my work colleges are going out to club, so I needed skirt and shoes.

Top from Primark £5.00
 Black skirt from Primark £7.00
Boots from Primark on the sale £8.00
Shoes from Clarks on the sale £29.99
Converse from TKMaxx £19.99

      I hope you enjoyed this haul, as all you requested to see one. Soon you will see more posts from me. I have loads of ideas, hopefully they will be in action.

Winners of my January Giveaway

I have picked the winners!Now the drums.....

3rd place winner is Valerie. Here is your prize:

2nd place winner is Helen. Here is your prize:

And finally the 1st place winner is Prerana. Here is your prize:

     All you need to do now is reply to my email which I will send and then we will take it from there. You have 2 days to reply, if not then I will choose different winner. :) i hope you enjoyed this giveaway. Of course like everyone is saying I will have more giveaways, just need to collect the prizes slowly. So watch out for that. :)

Outfit of the Day...

      Today I finally decided that I need to take photos of my outfit, I really love my today's outfit, so I wanted to share with you. It is new for me, finally I found trousers which I like and suit me very well. I hope you liked have I styled them. Usually chinos and those kind style trousers don’t suit me for few reasons, first my butt looks clumsy in those trousers, and secondly the ends of the trousers makes me short and clumsy. But this trousers has stripes, which makes my legs look longer than they are in real life. The same with boyfriend style trousers I have to be careful as well, because they make me short and clumsy. I don't mind being short, but I don't like when they make me look like clumsy tomato. :D As always my hair is up, I just feel better when they don't disturb me. Today I had nice, but received bad news - I can't apply for uni this year, again need to wait one year, so one of New Year's resolutions is down.

Scarf - Primark
Jumper - H&M
Top which I forgot to take photo, but next time I will do better ;) - Forever21
Trousers - H&M
Trainers - TKMaxx
Bag - Debenhams
      In the picture you can see jumper is longer than the front and you can see my butt looks normal in this trousers. And in the pictures you can't see that at the ends of trousers on the both sides they have zippers.

  In this picture you can see my new favourite bag up close.

Graze.com expierience and review

    On Friday I made small gift to my fiancé. My fiancé loves food, especially spicy one. I thought I want to share with you what I got for him, because I think it nice idea for Valentine day for your man, dad or brother, persons who loves food. Maybe you have heard about Graze boxes. I just heard about them now and I had special offer first box for free. If you want as well I have three codes for you. Say in comments that you want with your email and I will send to you.
    My fiancé said that it is amazing idea and the design of box is amazing, because it looks so natural and eco. As you can see picture it isn’t really big like beauty boxes, but still it didn’t get throw, so he left on the floor next to my doors, which I think wasn’t nice, because my housemate has experienced that parcels are stolen, but luckily for me he was at home. Everything else beside that I loved it and my fiancé want more of it.
    When you open the box you have four okay size containers and cards. One card is just to introduce their idea to you and second card says what kind a nutrients and how much you get from each container. I think it is good, because my fiancé isn’t very healthy eating person, because he drinks loads of energy drinks, peperami sausages and jerky beef. These three things he can’t live without them. So now I wanted to show that you can eat healthy snack and still enjoy them. In the pictures you can see he got three containers and one for me.

    About mine one banana split: I can say it was delicious; I would eat again and again. It’s a pity you can’t buy it in shop. Martins loved the chilli and garlic olives the best; he said the best olives he has tried in very long time. The bread was okay, but wasn’t favourite and the Korean Chilli crackers he didn’t like them, because he said they were sweet, which he doesn’t like.
    In the last two pictures you can see that the company even has thought about tissue, which is 100 % recycled and how deep is one container, I think it is enough for one snack time.So overall I suggest you to try it. I hope you enjoyed this post about food. :)

Nails of the week

     Sorry this time I applyed a little bit messy, because it is 5am, so I am tired and I am too lazy to re-apply. :( If you rember I had post that I bought OPI set of ten nail polish. So this week I decided to take OPI nail polish in Russian Navy. In the first picture I have in natural light and the second one with the flash. This nail polish reminds me the Nail Inc. one nail polish and Avon nail polish in Kate Sapphire.I hope you like this post.