Yves Rocher Haul

    I was introduced to this company through GlossyBox. I tried the sample I loved the day cream, so I went online to check how expensive it is and what else they are offering. And after browsing around on their website, I just decide to order, because they have so many offers and gifts for free as well.

My bag collection

   This lovely Monday I decided to share with you my bag collection. I am handbag addict, if I had money probably I would have full room with different bags. I will start this post with my favourite bag and then rest of them. I don't think I have a lot, but still I should have less, because I don't use bag every day, just because I don't work in office or shop.

    This bag is my favourite one, because I use it more often than others. This is my winter and autumn bag. I like cross-body bags and the colour is really versatile (unusual too). The size of this bag is perfect too. I got it from nica.co.uk. It is amazing website and they have often discounts. The original price of this bag was £49, but I paid only £25 plus free delivery. They main thing I wanted to say it came so nice packed, I suggest ordering from this company, because I just love their service.

Sample Sunday KMS California Free Shape quick blow dry review

    I received this sample already really long time ago in Carmine box and I have been using every time when I blow dry my hair. I didn't blow dry as often when I had long hair, but now I blow dry more often and I use this product every time.

Product: The KMS California Quick Blow Dry speeds up drying time up to 50%! It also reduces friction while conditioning lightly and provides heat protection!
Price: £13.50

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in Creamy Natural (135) review

   As I promised to you in previous post I will review this foundation and there will be swatches too. Usually I don't buy often foundation, but this year I want to find perfect foundation for me. As my skin is dry and has dry patches, it is quite hard to find good one. Plus I don't know what kind of shade my skin is. One thing I really would suggest first put the foundation next to ear and neck and then go in sunlight and look at it, because I was looking in Boots and checking is it right shade for me, but when I bought it and tried at home, it is too dark and pink for me, because my skin is yellow toned. If you look on my face it seems to be pink toned, but the redness on my face makes me think like that, but my neck is yellow toned. There is one video on youtube made by professional makeup artist it is so good, that's how I found out about my shade. Here is the link to that video, because she explains so good, I don't even want try to explain, because she does it so amazing.

April GlossyBox overview

    This month GlossyBox came later than usual date. This months box was limited edition one collaboration with Pearl Lowe. The box itself looks so pretty and vintage. But as always I am more curious what is inside, but still it was a nice treat to receive very spring alike box. This month box I received for free, because I collected 1000 points. 

Products inside the beautiful floral box:
Essie nail polish in Geranium. It was the first product which I took out of the box, because I like Essie nail polishes and I wanted red nail polish for some time, but couldn't decide which one I want. But now I got in my box. Nothing else I can't say about this product, because I have Essie nail polishes in my collection and it isn't nothing new to me.

April BirchBox overview

    Again it is time for monthly BirchBox. I was quite surprised when it came before GlossyBox, usually it comes later. I am always very happy to open the box, it is like present every month. I think I have never mention it, but I really do enjoy reading BirchBox magazine I hope they will continue having it. I rate it really high, because since I am receiving monthly magazine I don't buy Glamour or Cosmopolitan magazines. They usually write about some bloggers and about products in more depth what we receive in the box.

Sample Sunday Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo review

    I decided to start again Sample Sunday, because I have so many samples and I need to use them up. I think it is good way to review products which I receive in my beauty subscription boxes. Because usually if I share with you what I get in monthly boxes, but I never review them. I don't remember from which company beauty subscription I received this sample. 

Spring Haul

    Today I am going to share my "small haul". I bought these things week ago. As I went to Boots my husband let me buy few stuff which I wanted to try for some time, but at the end I bought loads of stuff. Everyone in the blogger world is talking about Real Techniques brushes. Before this haul I bought Core Collection and this time I wanted to buy Real Techniques Starter Set and Powder brush. If you want I can do separate post about these brushes, because there are few things which I want to mention about them and review for you. Just let me know in the comments. 

Beauty Uk Eyeshadow palette in 4 (earth child) review

Company saying about the product: "Make your statement with our best selling eyeshadow palettes - As featured in Vogue. With collections combining beautiful brights to subtle shimmers these palettes are a beauty-uk fan must have!
Packaging: It is very simple and quite cheap looking. I don't mind how the product look, because for the price I think it is fine. The main thing for me is the product itself. Sometimes product is really bad, but has amazing packaging. The mirror in the palette is tiny, you barely can see your eyes, but I am not bothered about mirror, because if I would apply make-up on the go I would go to toilet and there would be mirror. I have never applied make-up in the car, bus or train, because for me it is a struggle.

Urban Decay Naked palette review

    This is very very popular and talked about palette. Of course you all have seen it. My review comes little bit late, but still I want to share my opinion about it. I bought it because it was so hyped palette and in that time there was no other brand which had neutral palette. My palette came with eyeshadow C brush and primer potion. I wouldn't buy it by myself, because it is quite pricey for just eyeshadows, so my husband bought for me.

March GlossyBox

    On Saturday I received my monthly box with goodies from GlossyBox. When I opened the box first what I thought was how empty the box looks. But I liked what was inside. It looked very classic box, because main thing which I noticed was the red notes in the products. This month box theme is  City Chic. City Chic - that glossy, groomed look city girls. Main thing which I liked in this box was My little travelling book. I would be happy to receive this kind of small books every month, because it is so amazing I read it from the first to last page straight when I saw it in the box.

Origins Clear Improvement face mask review

    I got this sample when I bought Origins Bubble Ball. All the time I wanted to try it and loads of girls are raving about this face mask. As I said in my previous post I had a lazy weekend, on Friday I tried this mask while taking bath.

Chit chat :)

    All this weekend have flew past so quickly and I haven't done nothing, just reading blogs and wanting to buy loads of stuff. I haven't told no one I am always on spending ban, because me and my husband want to go to holiday in May. We haven't decided were, but I guess one of the top place is Ibiza, because it looks such a wonderful island. Not because of clubs. :)

Just a Friday's update

    This week has been really hard for me, because busy at work. Loads of overtime, so less sleep and rest. I have to cook everyday for me and my husband and still need to work in the nights. Usually I work from Monday and Thursday. So when I woke up today, I was so tired that for two hours I was just doing nothing and trying to start walking. Firstly I wake up 8pm. My husband was so nice, because he made dinner. So now it is already Saturday's morning. Had a long relaxing bath and had a chilled evening.

New Look Best Spring Finds

These were my favourites, of course, there are many dresses which I liked, but today I wanted to share with you budget buys.

Beautiful Creatures book by Kami Gracia and Margaret Stohl review

    Finally I finished this book, I didn't have time to read it, so that is why it took me 2 month to read it. I will talk about general things, because I don't want to spoil someones reading joy. I decided to write this review, because just one or two weeks ago movie came out. I haven't seen the movie, but I will watch it, when it will come out on DVD.

PS3 Lego Lord of the Rings review

    Hi there, today I will share with you my other hobby. I love to play PlayStation 3 on weekends. As I don't like very realistic or shooting, killing games. So there are only few games for girls in my opinion. Today I am going to talk about one of them Lego Lord of the Ring for PS3. 

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Protectant stick in melon review

    I bought it long time ago in TkMaxx and since then I have been using regularly. It is first product from Elizabeth Arden range which I have ever tried.  
Product: Moisturises, softens and smooth lips, providing anti-oxidant protection with vitamin E. This take-anywhere stick has all the benefits of the original cream, with the added bonus of an SPF 15 UV protector.

Empties #1

    I have been collecting these products for quite some time and finally I am getting around. Firstly I want to apologise about pictures (very bad lighting), but I wanted to through them out quickly, so I took pictures in evening.

    My all time favourite shampoo and conditioner are Loreal Elvive Nutri Gloss I have very bad habit I never stay with one kind of shampoo and conditioner, because I always buy shampoo and conditioner on offer in Boots. That is why in this picture there is Herbal Essence shampoo too. Usually I run out of shampoo first and then conditioner. I am not very picky.

My 2013 planner

    Yesterday I mention my planner, I decided to dedicate post for my beloved book.

What is in my bag?

    Recently I got this beauty from H&M. I needed a simple across body black bag. This bag has only one zip pocket, inside there is no pockets. That is a really big disadvantage, because I don't like that phone and keys are together. Keys already scratched all my phone screen.

February Birchbox first impression.

    Today I received February Birchbox, it is my first box from them. I think I found my favourite box again. Most surprising for me was I received it on Sunday, because usually other boxes come on Thursday or Friday. 

Origins Bubble Ball

    I am sorry, to take so long to write about this small thing ( since Christmas ). One day my hubby was going to London to do some paperwork. He was so kind and bought me Origins Bubble ball with five samples. First time I saw it in someone's blog, I always had the urge to try Origins products.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

   I want to tell you everything what is on my mind, but it would take forever. I am saying sorry already for messy thinking, that's why my post could be hard to read. Let's hope for the best. So many people wants Apple iPad or now there are even minis of them. But for my budget they are quite expensive and mini I didn't want because it would be really hard to write blog posts on it. Okay I will stop teasing you. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

    In the beginning I wasn't sure if I needed it, but my husband bought his, then I know I need to have it. I could speak about technological stuff and compare with some similar devices, but I won't. That's why we have Google or YouTube. Of course, if you want I can make more about device techical stuff. In this post I will write about why I like it and what is so good about this device. 

[CLOSED] Valentine's Day giveaway

    Two days to go to Valentine's day. It is my favorite holiday, because I can spend all day with my love ones and it is my husband's birthday as well. But at the same time this holiday it is most stressful for me, because I have to buy two present for my husband. But this post isn't about that, I decided two give these two lip stains to say thank you for staying patient. There will be two winners. Please read giveaway rules and follow them!

Beauty boxes and my Sad News

    Quite some time ago I received bad news and I got a bit upset and annoyed. Still I can't get around it. I have to share with you, because I think it is ridiculous.

    My first beauty box subscription was from GlossyBox. I was receiving for seven months exactly. I liked those boxes, but there was few annoying things. The main thing which I didn't like was that usually felt that I received left overs, because everyone else got really good ones and which I would enjoyed instead I received opposite of my liking. I got tired of getting disappointed. 

My travel bag

    I wanted to show you products which I took with me to holiday and enjoyed using them.  I won’t review those products I wanted just to show you them and later on I will review for you. Of course, if you want specific product to review first, there is always comment section which I always read and would be happy to hear your opinion, because maybe you didn’t like some product feel free to write a comment.

Random August Favourites

     This time I will talk about random favourites as well, because this month I spend more time from the computer I did some other stuff and you will see why I have been gone so long. 

    First some random beauty stuff. From the body shop sale I bought Almond body butter. I like it, because it is very moisturising, but the perfume is overwhelming too strong and sweet for my liking, but still I was using because I want to used it up. Next up my all time favourite is Clarins Energizer cream, which I have been using I think already half a year and three month I think I use the same cleanser, which is my favourite as well, but forget to take photo of that, because it is my bathroom.  Some old discovery for me, because one day I was going through my stuff which I need to use up and I found it and it is Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Mirror Shine Spray. I like to use it after washing my hair when they are dry, because it leaves my hair looking like I just came from salon. Finally my all time favourite perfume which is Hugo Boss Orange. Nothing much to say about it, only I use it when it is summer.