Sample sunday - Lush It's raining man review

     I received it in Lush gift box, which my lovely fiancĂ© gave me on Valentine’s Day.  Everyone always have been talking about this shower gel, so when I saw it, I was happy that I have opportunity to try it out. Next day I went in the shower and took this shower gel and I can say it is too sweet for my liking, I felt really sick. Now i am using it just hand soap. In real life I am not huge fan of honey overall, but if I need then I will eat something with honey. Texture of shower gel is really thick and feels sticky; it doesn’t foams too much, in my opinion only because it has natural ingredients. Price for this shower gel is overpriced – 14.95 for 500ml. Packaging are cute and simple, the only thing after using the shower gel, the bottle becomes sticky.
     I think good shower gel is when you feel really clean after using it and moisturised as well. So conclusion this Lush It’s Raining man shower gel isn’t that kind type of shower gel. More likely you can use it if you want to smell delicious. I wouldn’t buy it again.
Mark 1 out of 5.

Dinner for two

Hi, girls!!

      Lazy Sunday,but still needed to make dinner for my fiancĂ©. Wake up really late about 5pm, because I went late sleep. Didn't do nothing, only laundry and a little bit spring cleaning. And I was tired from spaghetti. I decided to make Chinese egg noodles with vegetables in soya sauce. I can say it was a good decision, I loved it. Doesn't it look delicious? If you want to know recipe, then ask on twitter or in comments.

Why Last GlossyBox?

      So now I will tell you the reasons why I didn’t like this March month box and I am really disappointed and annoyed. I received my box and I thought its okay, isn’t so bad again (about their boxes I always think like that). But then I saw some of bloggers has put blog posts what they got and then I felt like left out of good things. I don’t understand how Glossy Box decides who gets good ones and who’s not, because if they would look on beauty profiles they would now that I don’t use anti-ageing cream (I am 21 years young woman, who doesn’t need anti-ageing creams yet). I think brands like that should be every time in these boxes, but the size of the products. I saw few got perfume sample, which is like small bottle 4.5ml (Link to other girls review), but I got 1.5ml. Is it fair? Then there are girls who received sachets like me, but I received one and them five (Link to other girls review). Is it fair again? Loads of girls receive lipstick I didn’t receive it. Is it fair? This isn’t really about the lipstick, but I really like to know how they decide which products I would like to receive instead. The only product which I think everyone received was Clarins body cream. I like the products, because the perfume is really nice. The shower gel is always good to try it out, mascara as well is nice and the same with Clarins body cream and Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I forget to say, that I notice the newest subscribers receive better boxes then the older ones. If you want to see what I got in March GlossyBox - link

       Now I will talk overall about Glossy Box beauty boxes. Totally I have received 5 boxes, so I have spent £64.75. In my opinion it wasn’t worth, for the same money I could really buy some high end product, I will tell you why. I hate every time when they are already have selected products to put in boxes, they talk about them like they will be from gold. Yesterday I was reading comments on their Facebook page, loads of hate comments and opposite. But this is my decision, why I finally decided to talk about it. Usually they send to some bigger beauty blogger really good boxes, but I have never received the same boxes as they do, then you send them different one and don’t say that we won’t receive the same like they do? I understand they want to send different products to different person, but don’t mix them so much. For example Carmine every time I remember when they were sending brow permanent pen, before they did they asked me what kind of colour I want to receive. Even if they told what will be already in my box, still I was happy to receive it, because that is call reading beauty profile and customising. Every month glossy box had one good known brand and rest of them were bad. Is it beauty box concept? I don’t need to have full size sample in my monthly box, but at least I need size of sample which I can try more time. When I bought Clarins moisturiser the counter lady was kind enough to give me two the same size samples which were bigger then this month samples and they were for free. So finally my decision is I am official unsubscribed from this beauty box and no more Glossy Box blog post, but I am looking into subscribing to Jolie Box. But for few month I will have just subscribed to one beauty box. I hope you enjoyed this post.

What I got for March Glossybox

     About this month was so many posts and hype, because the Glossy Box collaborated with Harrods. I heard loads of things what will be in the box Burberry mini lipstick, YSL and more. Even few bloggers got their boxes faster and they showed their boxes on the blog, when I saw I was blown away, I really happy that finally I will receive luxury samples in my box. But no, I didn't receive nothing like it. This time I won't review products. I feel the Glossy Box is unfair to people. I opened this month box and I was shocked. There are loads of reasons and I will explain everything in this blog post.
I received 






Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser review

     I bought this cleanser for my boyfriend in the beginning and now we both are using it because it is so gentle to your skin. Usually if I wash my skin with others cleanser or face washes, my skin feel tight or sometime they live dry patches on my skin, but this is for sensitive skin. I can’t say this is the best cleanser in the world, I have tried out few cleansers and for now this the best cleanser, which I like and doesn’t harm my face. It is very light and cleanses really well your face, because your skin after using this products feel refreshed and cleaned. I don’t have very dry skin, but I have problems with dry patches. When put product in your hands (usually three pumps, sometimes two), it comes like foam and then when you put on your face it makes even more foam. Even on bottle company wrote “Smile, its simple” The same my thoughts it is just a simple cleanser, which cleans your face and doesn’t promise nothing special. Have you tried it? Did you like it? Or you know better cleanser? Just let me know.
     I have been using it every day before sleep, for about two month and only now I bought back up. In the picture you can see the new bottle; my used one is in the shower. For me if I buy product second time, so that’s mean I really enjoyed it and I even were scared I will run out before I buy new one. But even if I use this cleanser I still get breakouts, but I can’t be sure it is because of this cleanser, it can be. I can’t fight it. I think breakouts you control if you watch what are you eating, not creams and cleanser will help that. Maybe I am wrong; I haven’t found my miracle skincare which will stop my breakouts. When I was 15 years young I didn’t have breakouts, but now when I get older every day I have new ones more and more. Scars everywhere, it is sad. :( Sorry for my moaning. I am really angry about it, because I feel like I am 12 years old kid. You can buy it here.
Mark 5 out of 5

My wallet

      I want to show you my recent purchase. I always was on the haunt for perfect wallet; finally I can say I found it. If you live in the UK you know that we have big money, especially pennies and pounds, even paper money is huge and if I remember correctly the same like euros. Only my countries money is very small if you compare with British money. So check out the pictures. I like that the wallet is vintage looking almost looking I had it for years. Always were buying Primark wallets, but now I made decision I need genuine leather wallet, which I will be able to have for years. I bought in TKMaxx by the company Fossil. I haven’t heard of this company, but I understand you pay more for the brand then the wallet, but I liked it so much that I didn’t care, what kind a brand is it. I paid for it £24.99, I think it isn’t so bad if I compare the price on this company’s website.

      I hope you enjoyed this post. Leave your comments and request what would you like to read in the future.

Sample Sunday - Garnier BB cream

     Finally I am ready to start Sample Sunday. Sorry that it took so long to start it. I have no big reason why, just didn’t have inspiration or too lazy to do it. It is bad, but I am honest.
     First sample which I tried is Garnier BB cream. When it launched in UK, I sign up for sample on their website and after two weeks I received this small nice sample with three sachets in the shade light.It has really mixed reviews in blogger and YouTube world. I just think the reason for that is it depends what the person is looking in BB cream or foundation.
     As you all know in my everyday life I don’t use foundations at all. There are loads of reasons why, but this post isn’t about that. So keep that in mind, when you are reading post, because when it comes to foundations I don’t know nothing - I don’t know how to match my shade or even if I use foundation I don’t know if it looks okay or how to apply it correctly. That is one reason why I am looking for BB cream, because they aren’t foundation; they meant to be a cream which corrects your skin and looks natural, I could wear it everyday and don’t think about.
     Let's get back on topic. My first impression was the shade won't match my skin tone, because I am not pale and they send me light even I asked for medium, but when I tried on my hands it looked okay for my skin. When I put on my face it really looked like the BB cream matches my skin tone. After like 15 minutes I saw that I looked really tanned. I liked have it looked. But there are few negatives things about this BB Cream - too dry for my skin I need to apply moisturiser underneath this BB cream; it feels and looks like medium coverage foundation to me and finally the most annoying thing is it shows and makes my dry patches and scars look even worse than I don’t have foundation at all. So for me I am happy that I didn’t buy full size product. Keep in mind it is my opinion and my experience and everyone has different likings and preferences how should be foundation. For example everyone likes Revlon Colourstay foundation, for me it is too fake looking and I wouldn’t use it in million years. I hope you enjoyed this post.
Mark 2 out of 5.

New Collection MUA Love Heart

     I have noticed that this spring on trend is tinted lip balms and pastels, so I decided that I need to try some out. Almost on all UK blogger wish lists are Revlon Lip butters, even I want four shades from 14. But today I will talk about new products from Makeup Academy (MUA) they have just recently launched new collection - MUA Love Heart. You can buy them here and eyeshadow palette.

Nail Varnish collection
Lip Balm collection
Eyeshadow palette Pretty pastels
      MUA says about their new collection "If you are obsessed with bright pastel colours and girly things then you are going to Love MUA’s New Love Heart Collection! I was ever so excited when I found out we was bringing this collection out, as it was a chance for MUA to bring in some bright pastel shades into the MUA range to match Spring/Summer 2012 beauty trends and not to mention lip balms which MUA didn’t previously have in their range." Information and few pictures have been taken from the link.
      I got three lip balms from their new collection. I didn’t get the nail varnishes only because I already have similar shades in my nail varnish collection, so I thought I didn’t need them so much. These lip balms are great. They are my current favourites, especially the Hot Lips one. I don’t know have to start.

L-R Hot lips,Kiss Me and Sweet Kiss.
      The prices for these are amazing £2.00 each. They are more like tinted lip balms than lip balms, if you understand what I mean by that. You know there are lip balms which are healing ones and they aren’t delicious and tinted, but there are tinted ones which aren’t so healing, but has tint to it. These lip balms aren’t so healing, but still will moisturise your lip for a while, but that the beauty about it. You can apply when you want and how much you want; because you don’t need to worry you will run out, you can buy them again and again. These are really nice to have in your collection and for me they will be really handy, because for everyday use I can just put in my bag and when I feel I need it, apply it without mirror. In the pot they look really bright, but on your lips it doesn’t look so bright, but still will give you colour and gloss. The packaging is cute and simple, but eye-catching. The texture is similar to jelly, but when you put on your lips its melts away and becomes like normal lip balm.  I can’t say anything bad about them, because they are made for me. I always have dries lips and when I apply lipsticks I always worry if I smudge it or they will make my lips look terrible, but tinted balms are my thing.

Mark 5 out of 5

February Carmine Box

Fresh. Fun. Colour.

    Get ready to celebrate the first few blossoms of spring! We’ve lined up a delicious selection of products to remind you what this season is all about.

     These are few sentence I saw when I opened the February Carmine Box. This month box was so late, I have no idea why? But this month box sounded so amazing and I was so excited to open it and then I opened it, so colourful and good variety. That’s why I love Carmine, because every month I receive everything from makeup, skincare, bath and more. :)

 I noticed this month box card was different in good way.   I am not sure but I think this month box had a different red ribbon as well, but maybe I am wrong, because it has been so long since last one.

First thing which I noticed was the small cute orange box, which looked liked Carmine box junior. :D
STEAMCREAM Steam-infused skincare.
Explore STEAMCREAM’s full collection at Receive 20% off your next purchase using the code carmine20.
      I loved my tin. Yesterday after my shower I tried and I didn’t feel anything special, my di paloma real butter feels better and lightweight. The texture of this cream is lightweight, but when you put on your skin absorbs fast, but makes like layer on my skin. So I was sitting and couldn’t move, because I felt like I have been to gym and sweat a lot there. And again I can’t stand the smell again. It smells the same as Balance Me products, which I received before and this time. I don’t know which oil smells so herbal, even my boyfriend was so angry when I put this cream on my skin, because he doesn’t like the smell, he said I said that I smell some kind pharmacy. Maybe someone could say me if know which oil or something smells so strong. The only suggestion please send the same products, but with different smell, I beg you, because so many products I loved the idea and the product, but can’t try only because of the smell. All my room smells of this cream, so I don’t know what to do with it now, maybe someone wants to buy from me? Tell me the price and it is on your way. :)

On the same theme again BALANCE ME Super Moisturising Body Wash. For 10% off both body washes visit and use code CARMINEWASHES2012.
     I washed my hands with it, only because wanted to know how my skin feels after washing with it. It really did made my skin feel velvety smooth and I loved the texture of this shower gel, but why Carmine, why? You couldn’t send me the rose otto one instead of super moisturising, because it smells so medical and herbal the same as STEAMCREAM. Usually I am not so picky about the perfume, but I can’t stand so badly this perfume I would better receive something with no perfume at all. I feel so fussy right now, but believe me I am not, I like simple things, but this is too much for me. I am sad to say if I will receive more products of this smell, I will unsubscribe this box at all, because I noticed every second carmine box I receive some product with this smell. Okay I think it is enough to talk about these products, but you have to understand I feel really gutted. 

       A next product which I took was the ANDREA FULERTON Nail varnish in Joanna. Loved the colour and I think it is nice to receive nail polish any kind. My colour is so amazing, I would never to think to buy it, but it looks so nice on my nails. The only thing for me the brush is so big, so it is hard to apply for me, because maybe as you seen in nails of week I have small nails, even if they are long. With one coat you get nice colour nice bright pink, but if you want more red apply one more coat and you have really bright red. For is enough one coat. But the biggest which I liked was the fine glitter in this nail varnish. It so fine, that it is easy to take it off.

     Then I saw the most interesting thing in this box was WHITE GLO Professional Choice whitening toothpaste. For me it was nice surprise, because I would never thought of it to be in Carmine Box. I haven’t tried it yet. Because I wanted to read about it more and secondly want to give up something else before I start to use it.

Next thing which I pick up from this lovely box was DIEGO DALLA PALMA The lipstick in the shade 42. The size is so eye catching, because it is so tiny, but still was nice to receive it. Liked the shade, which Carmine sends me, but there is nothing special with this lipstick. It doesn’t feel very moisturising and the gold shimmer isn’t my cup of tea. But it is always nice to build your collection with different colours and I know for sure in my collection I don’t have anything like this one. 

      Last thing is small Bonus from Carmine – YARDLEY LONDON PEONY Fragrance. It really reminds me spring, but I wouldn’t wear it as perfume, but I would like scent as room refreshing spray or as a candle. Since the first Carmine box this is the first perfume which they have put in box, I give them 5+, because they have chosen good perfume.

      My overall thought on this box - I liked it and even two products were misses for me, but still something was nice about this box. Maybe that it really made me feel like I am getting ready for spring. :) I hope you enjoyed this post.