Sample sunday - Lush It's raining man review

     I received it in Lush gift box, which my lovely fiancé gave me on Valentine’s Day.  Everyone always have been talking about this shower gel, so when I saw it, I was happy that I have opportunity to try it out. Next day I went in the shower and took this shower gel and I can say it is too sweet for my liking, I felt really sick. Now i am using it just hand soap. In real life I am not huge fan of honey overall, but if I need then I will eat something with honey. Texture of shower gel is really thick and feels sticky; it doesn’t foams too much, in my opinion only because it has natural ingredients. Price for this shower gel is overpriced – 14.95 for 500ml. Packaging are cute and simple, the only thing after using the shower gel, the bottle becomes sticky.
     I think good shower gel is when you feel really clean after using it and moisturised as well. So conclusion this Lush It’s Raining man shower gel isn’t that kind type of shower gel. More likely you can use it if you want to smell delicious. I wouldn’t buy it again.
Mark 1 out of 5.


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