Simple Kind to Skin Vital Vitamin Foaming Cleanser review

     I bought this cleanser for my boyfriend in the beginning and now we both are using it because it is so gentle to your skin. Usually if I wash my skin with others cleanser or face washes, my skin feel tight or sometime they live dry patches on my skin, but this is for sensitive skin. I can’t say this is the best cleanser in the world, I have tried out few cleansers and for now this the best cleanser, which I like and doesn’t harm my face. It is very light and cleanses really well your face, because your skin after using this products feel refreshed and cleaned. I don’t have very dry skin, but I have problems with dry patches. When put product in your hands (usually three pumps, sometimes two), it comes like foam and then when you put on your face it makes even more foam. Even on bottle company wrote “Smile, its simple” The same my thoughts it is just a simple cleanser, which cleans your face and doesn’t promise nothing special. Have you tried it? Did you like it? Or you know better cleanser? Just let me know.
     I have been using it every day before sleep, for about two month and only now I bought back up. In the picture you can see the new bottle; my used one is in the shower. For me if I buy product second time, so that’s mean I really enjoyed it and I even were scared I will run out before I buy new one. But even if I use this cleanser I still get breakouts, but I can’t be sure it is because of this cleanser, it can be. I can’t fight it. I think breakouts you control if you watch what are you eating, not creams and cleanser will help that. Maybe I am wrong; I haven’t found my miracle skincare which will stop my breakouts. When I was 15 years young I didn’t have breakouts, but now when I get older every day I have new ones more and more. Scars everywhere, it is sad. :( Sorry for my moaning. I am really angry about it, because I feel like I am 12 years old kid. You can buy it here.
Mark 5 out of 5


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