Sample Sunday - Garnier BB cream

     Finally I am ready to start Sample Sunday. Sorry that it took so long to start it. I have no big reason why, just didn’t have inspiration or too lazy to do it. It is bad, but I am honest.
     First sample which I tried is Garnier BB cream. When it launched in UK, I sign up for sample on their website and after two weeks I received this small nice sample with three sachets in the shade light.It has really mixed reviews in blogger and YouTube world. I just think the reason for that is it depends what the person is looking in BB cream or foundation.
     As you all know in my everyday life I don’t use foundations at all. There are loads of reasons why, but this post isn’t about that. So keep that in mind, when you are reading post, because when it comes to foundations I don’t know nothing - I don’t know how to match my shade or even if I use foundation I don’t know if it looks okay or how to apply it correctly. That is one reason why I am looking for BB cream, because they aren’t foundation; they meant to be a cream which corrects your skin and looks natural, I could wear it everyday and don’t think about.
     Let's get back on topic. My first impression was the shade won't match my skin tone, because I am not pale and they send me light even I asked for medium, but when I tried on my hands it looked okay for my skin. When I put on my face it really looked like the BB cream matches my skin tone. After like 15 minutes I saw that I looked really tanned. I liked have it looked. But there are few negatives things about this BB Cream - too dry for my skin I need to apply moisturiser underneath this BB cream; it feels and looks like medium coverage foundation to me and finally the most annoying thing is it shows and makes my dry patches and scars look even worse than I don’t have foundation at all. So for me I am happy that I didn’t buy full size product. Keep in mind it is my opinion and my experience and everyone has different likings and preferences how should be foundation. For example everyone likes Revlon Colourstay foundation, for me it is too fake looking and I wouldn’t use it in million years. I hope you enjoyed this post.
Mark 2 out of 5.


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