Why Last GlossyBox?

      So now I will tell you the reasons why I didn’t like this March month box and I am really disappointed and annoyed. I received my box and I thought its okay, isn’t so bad again (about their boxes I always think like that). But then I saw some of bloggers has put blog posts what they got and then I felt like left out of good things. I don’t understand how Glossy Box decides who gets good ones and who’s not, because if they would look on beauty profiles they would now that I don’t use anti-ageing cream (I am 21 years young woman, who doesn’t need anti-ageing creams yet). I think brands like that should be every time in these boxes, but the size of the products. I saw few got perfume sample, which is like small bottle 4.5ml (Link to other girls review), but I got 1.5ml. Is it fair? Then there are girls who received sachets like me, but I received one and them five (Link to other girls review). Is it fair again? Loads of girls receive lipstick I didn’t receive it. Is it fair? This isn’t really about the lipstick, but I really like to know how they decide which products I would like to receive instead. The only product which I think everyone received was Clarins body cream. I like the products, because the perfume is really nice. The shower gel is always good to try it out, mascara as well is nice and the same with Clarins body cream and Shu Uemura cleansing oil. I forget to say, that I notice the newest subscribers receive better boxes then the older ones. If you want to see what I got in March GlossyBox - link

       Now I will talk overall about Glossy Box beauty boxes. Totally I have received 5 boxes, so I have spent £64.75. In my opinion it wasn’t worth, for the same money I could really buy some high end product, I will tell you why. I hate every time when they are already have selected products to put in boxes, they talk about them like they will be from gold. Yesterday I was reading comments on their Facebook page, loads of hate comments and opposite. But this is my decision, why I finally decided to talk about it. Usually they send to some bigger beauty blogger really good boxes, but I have never received the same boxes as they do, then you send them different one and don’t say that we won’t receive the same like they do? I understand they want to send different products to different person, but don’t mix them so much. For example Carmine every time I remember when they were sending brow permanent pen, before they did they asked me what kind of colour I want to receive. Even if they told what will be already in my box, still I was happy to receive it, because that is call reading beauty profile and customising. Every month glossy box had one good known brand and rest of them were bad. Is it beauty box concept? I don’t need to have full size sample in my monthly box, but at least I need size of sample which I can try more time. When I bought Clarins moisturiser the counter lady was kind enough to give me two the same size samples which were bigger then this month samples and they were for free. So finally my decision is I am official unsubscribed from this beauty box and no more Glossy Box blog post, but I am looking into subscribing to Jolie Box. But for few month I will have just subscribed to one beauty box. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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