September She Said Beauty Box

Again it is time for monthly beauty subscription box, but I always impatiently wait for it to come. First impressions about this beauty box – nothing special, but still I am keen to try some products out.

Ginvera green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel – This is already second time that I receive something from this brand. I have nothing bad to say about this brand or their products, because I haven’t tried this product, but sound really nice and promising. I will review for you later definitely, because it sounds like a miracle product. :)

Collection 2000 Primed & Ready Smoothing Make-up Primer - when I saw the small tube, I was thinking that I received a sample size, but when I was reading through the card I saw that it is full size. So for the price it is quite small. The consistency is quite strange as well it looks like gel, but when you rub it in it is like matte powder textured cream. It is very hard to explain, when you are in the shop try for yourself. Usually I don’t use primers, because I don’t use heavy coverage foundations, but this one I want to try out. Look out for review.

June She Said Beauty Box

I know my monthly beauty box this time is really late, but my previous box got lost in the post. I didn’t receive my June box on time, but she said beauty team was so amazing that they send me another one. So this month I think you will see two beauty boxes, because soon should be July Beauty box. I remember when my Glossy Box got lost; no one did answer to my email, but She Said beauty team answer in 24 hours and solved my problem. Thumbs up for that. ;)

Yardley London Royal Diamond Eau de Toilette – I like this company and I always love to try from them something. This perfume is quite nice, but too sweet for my liking. I think I would try some other perfumes and buy one, because the staying power is long enough for the price. Full size cost£9.99/50ml

Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Stick in crystal pink review

Today I will review new release from Maybelline. There is a small hype about these lipsticks, but most bloggers are disappointed with this product. I will talk about product, shades, price, packaging, pigmentation,texture and overall.
Product: There are pros and cons with this product. On the Maybelline website company describes this product: “SHINE WITH A HINT OF POPSTICKS TINT. Our fresh colour meets smooth sensational. Our crystal clear formula creates a tempting tint. Fresh shine in a stick.”

Beauty August favourites

Hey, I haven’t done my favourites of month in long time, because my favourites don’t change so often, but since I had new stuff, my favourites have changed a little bit. Some stuff you have seen before, but still i wanted to show you that still they are my favourites.

    So let’s start with the face. Maybelline One by One Volum'express mascarain black - it’s not my favourite mascara and not the worst one, for me it doesn’t add any volume, just separate my eyelashes. I just try to use it up, because I bought other one cat eye (I think that’s have it is called) and I like it a little bit more. But they are really good mascaras, because they don’t clamp your eyelashes. Concealer wise it is the same old Max Factor Mastertouch Concealerin Fair, because again I want to use it up before I buy new one and I think after this one I will try the Collection 2000 concealer which is very popular in blogger and youtuber world. The foundation has changed I love MaybellineDream Fresh BB cream in medium. I never wanted full coverage foundation, because for me they are too heavy to wear for long time and my skin is very sensitive to wear full coverage foundation for long time and I was on my holiday as well and there was hot weather so I wanted something which feels fresh on your skin. I have redness in my skin, I always look in foundation fix my skin tone, because to fix my breakouts the foundation have to be almost like mask or paint and heavy coverage foundations always make my breakouts to look even worse than they are without makeup. I found new favourite Soap and GlorySmoulder Kohl waterproof eye-liner in black to put in my waterline or it is perfect for smudging. Good thing about this eye-liner is it has sharpener as well. 

    There have been two combinations of eye shadows I have used in august. First I have been using Benefit Creaseless cream shadow/liner inflatter me, because if I had a lazy day I used it on its own. But other combination was Revlon Illuminace cream eye shadow palette in 705 pinkpetal  as a base and on top of that BeautyUK eye shadow collection palette in 4 (mainly I was using in the first row from the left side fourth eye shadow or sometimes in the second row from the left side third one in the crease). 

    Now for lip products I have a lot more favourites because I like to use lip products a little bit more even if I am sitting and watching movie, its sounds strange, but it is habit of mine and in my bag mainly I have lip products, I don’t touch up nothing else and I can switch my lip products all day long. Long time favourite has been  Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 3, there just a little bit left and definitely I will buy it again, because it is so cheap and amazing quality matt lip stain.  Finally I have found my favourite lip gloss, everything about this lip gloss is amazing, and it is Models Own LipGloss in Madame Rose. Next lip gloss is for those days when I want just tasty lips and shine Maybelline Colorsensational Luscious Lip Gloss in Peach Sorbet.  Lastly my favourite lipstick of the month is MAC lipstick in Venus Lustre finish (it is limited edition Heavenly Creatures collection if I am not wrong). I have tradition every time I am in airport I have to buy something from MAC. I hope you enjoy this post.


    I have been away for long time and this time there is as good reason. As you all know I was on holidays for almost three weeks in my country. I didn’t type in my blog, because I didn’t have time and I wanted to spend all time what I had with my family, because I didn’t see them for two years and had to do loads of paperwork. And after I came back from holidays I didn’t have time because I was planning my wedding, finally we set the date and today as I am writing this post I am wife. Now I can say my wedding date is 1st of the September.  I had to plan my wedding in two weeks, all my mind was only thinking about wedding and didn’t want to tell you, because the first date which we were planning went everything wrong and we had to plan everything from the beginning. In short time I managed to do everything and I am happy to say it was a marvellous day, but I won’t put any pictures, because they are private only I was thinking to put post about planning my wedding day. In the conclusion I want to say I am back and now you will see more posts from me and giveaways too. There will be few changes for my blog coming up as well, but it won't be so soon, because it is in progress. No more promises. :) That all for this post, nothing else more to say than I hope you liked this post.

My BIG wishlist on Sunday

1. China Glaze Hunger Game collection nail polishes. From left to right Agro, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track and Stone Cold. If I was able I would buy all collection, in my opinion it is the most amazing collection I haven't seen - very unique colours. £5.95 each

2. Essie Nail polish in Cute as button. I haven't tried any Essie nail polishes. This is the most talked about colour, I decided to add to my wish list. But if you know better colour which you would like to suggest, then comment bellow. £7.99 

3. Dr Jart famous BB cream. I can't decide which one I want, because Regenerating BB cream (Silver £21.00) is more for my age and my skin, but has more coverage, but the Premium BB cream (Gold £24.00) has more skincare qualities, less coverage and anti-ageing, which I like.

4. I always wanted to try out Tigi S-Factor Diamond Dreams shampoo and conditioner. Especially now when on there is a good gift set  deal £14.95.

5. Soap & Glory Fab Pore facial peel mask, everything about this mask sounds amazing and I love peeling face masks and soon I will need one. £8.00

6. Recent weeks I have been using my BB cream with hands, I wanted to try out how it is to apply it with brush. Everyone is saying that Real Techniques Core Collection brushes £21.99 are amazing. Again I can't decide what I want. If I want the collection or just one Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £9.99

Overall my wishlist is really big, I don't think so I will buy all or maybe I will. You can't never know, but probably it will be after my holiday. I hope you enjoyed this post.


My Current Skincare Routine

    Finally I have found my skincare routine and it makes me happy. I will share with you what kind a products I use and how. Later on I will post full reviews of each product.

    First up how I wash my face. Every day I wash my face before I go to sleep. I don't use my Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel (£11.00) every day, because if I wash my face with any cleanser every day my skin is breaking out. I think the reason why cleanser is stripping my face off and makes my skin more irritable, sensitive and sometimes even dries it out. One day I wash my face with cleanser, but next day with baby wipes.
    My favourite ones is Simple Moisturising Baby Wipes (£5.10 for 4 packs). They are really good; they take off make- up good and make my face feel clean and adds moisture.

   After washing or just cleaning my face I use every day and can't live without is Clarins Daily Energizer cream (£20.00). I use it every day in the night, before I go to sleep. I feel if I use it twice a day in the summer it is too much and it makes my skin oily, but in the winter I would use it twice a day. This moisturiser is very good for skin which is prone to breakouts and needs moisturising. It calms my skin.

    But sometimes if I feel like it I use this Neutrogena Multi Defence Daily Moisturiser with SPF15 (£7.99). This moisturiser I have to use twice a day, because it isn't so moisturising. The main reason why I use it, because i want to use up this product.

    Next thing is face scrub I use once a week. My all time favourite is St. Ives Apricot scrub for sensitive skin (£3.33). I feel when I use this scrub my skin gently exfoliated, but still it feels clean. Because before that I was using Garnier Blackhead scrub it left my skin feel tight and dried out. Usually St. Ives scrub I use every Thursday after work.
    Every second week I use face masks. At the moment I use Avon Planet Spa face masks (£4.20), because I need to use them up. I don’t have special opinion what should be in the mask, but Avon face masks does leave my skin moisturised and feeling pampered. Usually I use face masks on Sunday's, when I feel I need it.This isn't my picture I took it from Google search, only because I haven't saved the box.

    My skincare routine overall is really strange as you can see. Because I am a lazy girl, sometimes I am so tired after work that I can't be bothered to clean my skin with full routine. So that is why I have that kind routine as well, because I made to work for me and my skin as well. I don't use toners because makes my skin dull, if I would try some I would probably try Clarins energiser toner, but not 100% sure that in the future I will. I just have bad experience with toners; some leave my skin with dry patches. So I better save my money and my skin. :) What is your favourite skincare product and I would really love to hear what kind skincare routine you have. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in medium review

      Again time for a review and again from company Maybelline. Recently they had new product releases. If you saw my recent haul, so you know that I followed the trend to buy new released products. Garnier BB cream was launched already half a year ago, since then loads of UK companies has released their own version of BB cream. BB creams are very popular in YouTube and blogger world. Even they caught my attention, because foundations always have been struggle for me. 

In short sentences if you want to know exactly what bb cream is then press the link.
      Maybelline website says: “Feel BB Fresh! Our 1-step wonder for a dream skin day, every day. 8-in-1 Skin Perfector. Perfect looking skin instantly! Available in 4 fresh tones.” What this BB cream supposed to do - Imperfections look blurred, A natural looking glow, Fresh feel, Compliments skin tone, Skin looks smooth, Hydrates, Protects with SPF 30 and Oil free, non greasy.

      Product it is very lovely. Out of 8 claims it does all what they promise in my opinion. The only con is doesn’t give enough moisture for me. Some days it is okay to use on its own, but on dry skin days I need put my moisturiser before I apply bb cream. It has light to medium coverage. I apply it with my hands, but I would like to try out how it is if you apply with brush. I need to buy one, if you have suggestion let me know, please. In the range there are four shades. I bought the medium and match my skin tone perfectly. It is on the runny side and I think that is why it feels very light and you can’t feel on your skin at all. About one claim I am not 100% and it is imperfections look blurred. I don’t know how the company meant it, but if they meant it evens out skin, then I agree with them.


Price:  £7.99. Now on offer 3 for 2 on Maybelline.  
Packaging: It is in the tube, I think it the best way, because then you can control have much you squeeze out. The BB cream is travel friendly and the size of it is perfect as well.

Overall: In my opinion it is the best BB cream which I have tried so far, but doesn’t mean the best and I am happy that I bought it. It evens my skin tone, makes my skin look more radiant. I feel really good when I apply it. I suggest to everyone. Only in this BB cream you can find much skincare qualities, beside SPF 30.

Mark 5 out of 5.

Review Revlon Lip Butters

     It is time for very talked about product and it is Revlon Colour Burst lip balm.  They were talked about since they came out in the USA. I think by now you already have read in some blog about them, but still I want to share my opinion, because I think I was expecting different things than. I bought three colours when they were in website. I bought Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart and Macaroon. If honest I regret buying so much and I will explain why.
L-R Raspberry Pie, Sweet Tart and Macaroon
Price - I think for what they are price is reasonable.
Colour - Good colour pay off - very pigmented for lip balms. In the swatches they aren’t so pigmented as on the lips.
  • Raspberry Pie – In the swatches it looks more bright, but on my lips it is more deep raspberry colour, in my opinion it is the best colour which I own, because in my collection are nudes or soft pinks, but it is my first lipstick which isn’t. No shimmer.
  • Sweet Tart – In the swatches it looked nude soft pink, but on my lips it looks more like pale pink and I don’t like have it looks, so I apply very gently to make look like nude. No shimmer
  • Macaroon - I bought this product, because it was UK special and it looked perfect nude for me and it is, but it has shimmer. I am not a big fan of shimmery lipsticks, but still I get good use out of it.
Packaging - Expensive looking, nice and steady lid. Only downside is what I can find is I don’t like the black bottom thing is so small, that sometimes it is hard to get off the cap even for my small fingers.

Why I regret buying them? 
Everyone was saying Revlon Lip balms are so moisturising and good pigmentation. I agree with them, but in my opinion they are more like lipsticks than lip balms, because you can’t apply this product without mirror. Only why I wanted to buy them, because I thought they are so easy to apply, that I could take with me everywhere. I would say that they are the best lipstick which I have bought, but I just don’t need so many lipsticks, because in my every day I would use more likely lip balm than lipstick. Because even Revlon lip balms are moisturising for my lips they aren’t enough moisturising. The same with MAC lipsticks everyone are saying these lipsticks are so moisturising the only lipstick which I have isn’t. I don’t know I guess I need stop believing what they are saying or it just my lips.  I would buy these lip balms again, but only when I use up my other lipsticks.
The best lipsticks I have ever tried, but they are called lip balms so they are meant to be different product in my opinion.

Mark 5 out of 5.

I fell for the trend.. :)

       From the title and the picture you may know what I am talking about. BB cream is taking over the UK past couple months. Loads of brands are launching their BB creams. If you are like me and follow popular blogger girls then you know what BB cream is. I feel if I tell the scientifically meaning of BB cream, it will be pretty boring and repeating. This time I won't speak about it in so many details, but definitely you will see review of my BB reviews. Today I will just show what I got and how I follow the trend.

     First up is Maybelline Color Sensational the Pop sticks in CrystalPink. I didn’t swatch it, because there isn’t much colour.

     Next item which I want to mention is Leighton Denny nailpolish in Coral Reef, which looks very familiar in the bottle to famous Essie cute as button. I got this nail polish in magazine.

      In the picture you can see next two item swatches. First swatch in the picture is Maybelline Color 24hr tattoo eye shadow in on and on Bronze. Next swatch is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in medium

      As you can see I have three items from Maybelline, because I took chance on offer 2 for 3. But other things I bought because loads of people are talking in the YouTube and blogger world. My title is saying I am following the trend, this time I have bought only talked about products. I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to buy the new Essie nail polish, but there were so many shades that I couldn't decide.

Wedding S.O.S

     I have been talking about my wedding so many times, but never wrote a post about my plans or ideas. Finally I sit down and start to think about it. And I need to make decision which wedding dress to buy. In the beginning I was thinking to buy normal and proper wedding dress, but if I get married in very small ceremony I think it is waste to buy proper dress, yesterday all day I was looking in all high street shops white or cream dresses and I found some contenders, but can't make decision. That is why I am writing this post, because I want your opinion on dresses. In the ceremony will be less than 10 persons.

1. Ebay £19.95

 2. Asos £50.00

  3. Ebay £29.99

 4. Ebay £44.00

 5. Asos £55.00

 6. Ebay £12.99

 7. New Look £39.99
8. New Look £49.99

9. £39.00

10. Monsoon £75.00

11. Monsoon £85.00

     These are the contenders. Please write in comments which is the best in your opinion. I really need more opinion beside my fiance.