Beauty August favourites

Hey, I haven’t done my favourites of month in long time, because my favourites don’t change so often, but since I had new stuff, my favourites have changed a little bit. Some stuff you have seen before, but still i wanted to show you that still they are my favourites.

    So let’s start with the face. Maybelline One by One Volum'express mascarain black - it’s not my favourite mascara and not the worst one, for me it doesn’t add any volume, just separate my eyelashes. I just try to use it up, because I bought other one cat eye (I think that’s have it is called) and I like it a little bit more. But they are really good mascaras, because they don’t clamp your eyelashes. Concealer wise it is the same old Max Factor Mastertouch Concealerin Fair, because again I want to use it up before I buy new one and I think after this one I will try the Collection 2000 concealer which is very popular in blogger and youtuber world. The foundation has changed I love MaybellineDream Fresh BB cream in medium. I never wanted full coverage foundation, because for me they are too heavy to wear for long time and my skin is very sensitive to wear full coverage foundation for long time and I was on my holiday as well and there was hot weather so I wanted something which feels fresh on your skin. I have redness in my skin, I always look in foundation fix my skin tone, because to fix my breakouts the foundation have to be almost like mask or paint and heavy coverage foundations always make my breakouts to look even worse than they are without makeup. I found new favourite Soap and GlorySmoulder Kohl waterproof eye-liner in black to put in my waterline or it is perfect for smudging. Good thing about this eye-liner is it has sharpener as well. 

    There have been two combinations of eye shadows I have used in august. First I have been using Benefit Creaseless cream shadow/liner inflatter me, because if I had a lazy day I used it on its own. But other combination was Revlon Illuminace cream eye shadow palette in 705 pinkpetal  as a base and on top of that BeautyUK eye shadow collection palette in 4 (mainly I was using in the first row from the left side fourth eye shadow or sometimes in the second row from the left side third one in the crease). 

    Now for lip products I have a lot more favourites because I like to use lip products a little bit more even if I am sitting and watching movie, its sounds strange, but it is habit of mine and in my bag mainly I have lip products, I don’t touch up nothing else and I can switch my lip products all day long. Long time favourite has been  Collection 2000 Cream Puff in Fairy Cake 3, there just a little bit left and definitely I will buy it again, because it is so cheap and amazing quality matt lip stain.  Finally I have found my favourite lip gloss, everything about this lip gloss is amazing, and it is Models Own LipGloss in Madame Rose. Next lip gloss is for those days when I want just tasty lips and shine Maybelline Colorsensational Luscious Lip Gloss in Peach Sorbet.  Lastly my favourite lipstick of the month is MAC lipstick in Venus Lustre finish (it is limited edition Heavenly Creatures collection if I am not wrong). I have tradition every time I am in airport I have to buy something from MAC. I hope you enjoy this post.


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