Maybelline Color Sensational Pop Stick in crystal pink review

Today I will review new release from Maybelline. There is a small hype about these lipsticks, but most bloggers are disappointed with this product. I will talk about product, shades, price, packaging, pigmentation,texture and overall.
Product: There are pros and cons with this product. On the Maybelline website company describes this product: “SHINE WITH A HINT OF POPSTICKS TINT. Our fresh colour meets smooth sensational. Our crystal clear formula creates a tempting tint. Fresh shine in a stick.”

Shades: There are five shades in the range. All shades look the same when you are in the shop swatching.

Price: £7.19 and now it is on offer in boots 3 for 2. In my opinion it overpriced for what is, but still I would pay the money for this product.

Packaging: Nice steady and funky. It isn’t small packaging it is more square big lipstick. So it isn’t travel friendly, but for me itisn’t a big problem, because usually I don’t pack so much make up with me. But it is amazing product to put in your handbag, like one girl said in the review lipstick on the go.

Pigmentation: I can’t say it is poor (like some other girls said), because on Maybelline website they aren’t saying that it should be lipstick, they are saying tint with shine. Even I tried to take photo of swatch and I had a bad luck with it. It has slight tint, the lipstick adds more shine than colour. So in some way you could call it as bad tinted lip balm, but in my opinion is more is as lip gloss in lipstick form.

Texture: I love it. It is like wax, but isn’t sticky or terrible wax feeling. But it doesn’t feel like lip balm. It is hard to explain,but still something special about it.

Overall: I love this lipstick, since I bought it; I have it everywhere with me, even if I am watching TV. Isn’t it strange? Something drawn to it, even when I was in the Boots I wanted to buy only BB cream. I heard other bloggers bad reviews about this lipstick, but still when I saw it the shop I had to buy it. The most amazing thing about this lipstick is that it looks on the lips like lip gloss, but it doesn’t have lip gloss feeling. So if I will use up this product,I will definitely buy it again and again.

Mark 5 out of 5.


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