September She Said Beauty Box

Again it is time for monthly beauty subscription box, but I always impatiently wait for it to come. First impressions about this beauty box – nothing special, but still I am keen to try some products out.

Ginvera green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel – This is already second time that I receive something from this brand. I have nothing bad to say about this brand or their products, because I haven’t tried this product, but sound really nice and promising. I will review for you later definitely, because it sounds like a miracle product. :)

Collection 2000 Primed & Ready Smoothing Make-up Primer - when I saw the small tube, I was thinking that I received a sample size, but when I was reading through the card I saw that it is full size. So for the price it is quite small. The consistency is quite strange as well it looks like gel, but when you rub it in it is like matte powder textured cream. It is very hard to explain, when you are in the shop try for yourself. Usually I don’t use primers, because I don’t use heavy coverage foundations, but this one I want to try out. Look out for review.

Again new product from Collection 200 Fix me Up Long Lasting Make-up Fixer – As well the same with the previous one I was thinking it is sample sized, but no it is full size. I will try it out, but usually I don’t use make-up fixers. But first impression and thought was that if you use foundation everyday and with this make-up fixer, you will have to buy it a lot.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – I don’t like to put oil on my face or take make-up of with oil, but I think because I had bad experience before. Of course I will try this out, because again in leaflet they are saying it is miracle cleanser, with one swipe all waterproof makeup should be gone.

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask – I always love clay masks, I was the most excited about this product, because everything about this mask sounds good. It is pure and natural mask. 94% natural ingredients, we will see.

Last bonus product in this box was unusual Popchips Original & Barbeque – It is nice idea, but I already tried crisps and I didn’t like them and there were only really few crisps inside and no wonder there is only 46 calories, because there were only 5 crisps. 

Overall, this box was good with variety. Nothing else more to say about it, because I wasn't blown away and wasn't dissapointed. Always could be better, but still I enjoy recieving them and I like that every time they have different type of products. For exapmle, like other subscription boxes always have body lotion, which I think is very basic and boring to recieve every month, of course it is my opinion. i hope you enjoyed this post.


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