Random August Favourites

     This time I will talk about random favourites as well, because this month I spend more time from the computer I did some other stuff and you will see why I have been gone so long. 

    First some random beauty stuff. From the body shop sale I bought Almond body butter. I like it, because it is very moisturising, but the perfume is overwhelming too strong and sweet for my liking, but still I was using because I want to used it up. Next up my all time favourite is Clarins Energizer cream, which I have been using I think already half a year and three month I think I use the same cleanser, which is my favourite as well, but forget to take photo of that, because it is my bathroom.  Some old discovery for me, because one day I was going through my stuff which I need to use up and I found it and it is Avon Advance Techniques Daily Shine Mirror Shine Spray. I like to use it after washing my hair when they are dry, because it leaves my hair looking like I just came from salon. Finally my all time favourite perfume which is Hugo Boss Orange. Nothing much to say about it, only I use it when it is summer.

    My favourite accessories have been this Silver necklace with earrings (I bought it for my wedding). I like it because it is so delicate and simple. It looks really nice with white tank top. And the second necklace is from New Look I like if I want some colour added to my outfit. I was wearing mainly with white tank top and shorts while I was on holidays.

     Now I will talk about my new favourite. I always have been a geek, I like to play ps3. Me and my husband we got ps3 as wedding gift, so for now these two games are my favourites. I have finished the Lego Pirates of Caribbean and now I started to play LA Noire. There is one more game which I have been playing it is Journey, but I can’t show because it is only on PSN. This month me and my husband we were watching the all The Ultimate Bourne Collection, because there is new movie out so we wanted to see all movie before we see the new one. This is small post, but still I wanted share some interests and favourites of August. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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