Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

   I want to tell you everything what is on my mind, but it would take forever. I am saying sorry already for messy thinking, that's why my post could be hard to read. Let's hope for the best. So many people wants Apple iPad or now there are even minis of them. But for my budget they are quite expensive and mini I didn't want because it would be really hard to write blog posts on it. Okay I will stop teasing you. I bought Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

    In the beginning I wasn't sure if I needed it, but my husband bought his, then I know I need to have it. I could speak about technological stuff and compare with some similar devices, but I won't. That's why we have Google or YouTube. Of course, if you want I can make more about device techical stuff. In this post I will write about why I like it and what is so good about this device. 
    Firstly I like to say about apps overall. Good apps in Apple devices ( I had iPod touch ) you have to pay and prices are pretty high too. Android devices are really popular so apps are easy to get and cheaper too.

   Secondly I noticed that Apple devices are more for gaming, but this Samsung Note is more for business stuff like making presentations or writing posts. Every year I am buying planners, but this device has so many good apps, I don't need planners anymore. I even have app which is so good for writing recipes in. The most amazing thing which I really enjoy on my tablet is Photoshop Touch. Finally I can learn something, because I never have time to learn on laptop, but this device has interesting tutorials to study through with each step. A lovely touch to device is pen. At the start I was thinking I won't use it often, but actually it is very handy. You can write quick notes or longer ones and I love S note app which came already on tablet. The most important advantage in this device is language and I can write to my family in latvian. I always were struggling on Apple device with spell check. Since tablet updated YouTube app, layout is really hard, because I can't see all my subscriptions in one place, before it was okay and very useful. I found solution for this problem you just need to go and uninstall updates, which iPod touch didn't have and some apps for iPod touch sometimes didn't work or had some glitches too. 

    In the beginning I wanted to buy Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone, but it would be waste of money. It was too big for my hands and would be too big to fit in my pockets.
    Main thing I wanted to say, I am really happy with this purchase, because now I do not need phone and my laptop. :) I hope you enjoyed this post.


Mārtiņš Irbe said...

I totally agree with you, good post :)

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