Beauty boxes and my Sad News

    Quite some time ago I received bad news and I got a bit upset and annoyed. Still I can't get around it. I have to share with you, because I think it is ridiculous.

    My first beauty box subscription was from GlossyBox. I was receiving for seven months exactly. I liked those boxes, but there was few annoying things. The main thing which I didn't like was that usually felt that I received left overs, because everyone else got really good ones and which I would enjoyed instead I received opposite of my liking. I got tired of getting disappointed. 

    After Glossybox I was introduced to Carmine and it became my all time favorite beauty box, because I always liked what I received and the main thing I liked about this box was that everyone gets amazing the same products. I was subscriber from the first to the last box. But one day I received bad news from Carmine. Glossybox bought this company, so no more Carmine. I was so angry on GlossyBox for destroying such a good beauty box, even the Carmine said there will be improvements in Glossybox boxes, butI haven't seen any similarities to Carmine beauty boxes.

     The last beauty box I have been subscribed was She Said Beauty. Everything was fine. It was not better than Carmine, but still I loved each box in some way. But again I got email from She Said Beauty that there will be no more boxes. So this time I think GlossyBox has something to do with it. Again I was quite sad. It seems every box which I subscribe goes down, so now I am afraid to subscribe to some other. :)

     Now I have to decide between GlossyBox or JolieBox ( BirchBox ). And I can't decide.  First I subscribed to GlossyBox and now I subscribed to BirchBox. When I will receive both February boxes I will write comparison post. Leave comments saying which is your favorite box and why. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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