My 2013 planner

    Yesterday I mention my planner, I decided to dedicate post for my beloved book.
    Last year I had really good planner, which I loved so much, that I can't still destroy it. I think three weeks before New Year, I wanted to find new planner for 2013. Where I live WHS Smith and Works had very bad selection planners, so I decided to look online. I saw this planner on paperchase website and I just fell in love with it. The most amazing thing that every year I can refill planner inside, so I wouldn't need to buy new leather planner.

    I like when you look on it for the first time it looks like just simple red case for planner, but up close it has such a nice detail. It looks very girly and sophisticated. I like that it is weekly planner, but still you have good space to write in. At the end of my planner I can write notes. I bought two zipped pockets to put inside vouchers and some cards which I don't need everyday, but still is important. As I am a really big note writer, I bought in advance simple line refill paper because if it is full I can insert new one. I hope you enjoyed this post.


Mārtiņš Irbe said...

Really good blog post ! :) Now I know where to get my organizer if I will need one. :))

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