Empties #1

    I have been collecting these products for quite some time and finally I am getting around. Firstly I want to apologise about pictures (very bad lighting), but I wanted to through them out quickly, so I took pictures in evening.

    My all time favourite shampoo and conditioner are Loreal Elvive Nutri Gloss I have very bad habit I never stay with one kind of shampoo and conditioner, because I always buy shampoo and conditioner on offer in Boots. That is why in this picture there is Herbal Essence shampoo too. Usually I run out of shampoo first and then conditioner. I am not very picky.

    Let's continue with bath theme. Of course I always in my bathroom have Femfresh feminine wash. I always repurchase it. Then all time favourite Rituals Yogi  Flow shower foam, which when I have the chance I buy it, because quite pricey. Then I used up two more shower gel Nivea Free Time shower gel (which is fine for £1) and Soap and Glory Clean Girls body wash. Usually in my bathroom I have at least two shower gels, because I like to switch around them.

    I use up hand creams really quickly, because I use it everyday and loads of it, because of my work I have very dry hands. Nivea Smooth Nourishing for dry hands are the best hand cream ever I always buy it, because me and my husband love it. In instant this cream will fix your dry hands. Garnier Nourishing hand cream isn't so good, but it smells much better. Avon Skin So Soft best body oil I have tried and smells amazing. Last product is from Avon too, it is Foot  Works Refresher for feet. I bought it because I was working with Avon, but now I wouldn't buy it, because it wasn't so good, just smelled nice.
    My favourite face cream which I have been talking about non stop is Clarins Daily Energizer Cream. This is my second tube of it, I run out of quick, because my husband likes it too, but he doesn't want to admit. I bought this baby wipes, because they were really cheap, but I wouldn't suggest you to buy them even for babies, because they dried out fast and were harsh on your skin. Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume, I didn't repurchased it for now, because I wanted to try new perfumes, but I will definitely buy it, because I love this perfume. Blistex Raspberry lemonade lip balm, I got it for free and I didn't like it all, because it has so fake taste and didn't do nothing to my lips. I hope you enjoyed this post, I know it quite long.


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