February Birchbox first impression.

    Today I received February Birchbox, it is my first box from them. I think I found my favourite box again. Most surprising for me was I received it on Sunday, because usually other boxes come on Thursday or Friday. 
    Overall I love this beauty box packaging. It is so lovely and different from others, because box is smaller and I like that pink bag inside better than tissue paper with sticker.

So what kind of products I got:
Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream Foundation in colour 03 - This Light, creamy base is easy to apply, offers great coverage and sets to a powder finish. I tried it on my hand I can say this product looks very promising. It cost £20, quite pricey. 
Korres Guava Shower Gel - The sweet, sophisticated scent of this moisturising shower gel will invigorate you, while wheat proteins and aloe vera cleanse and hydrate your skin. I would never pick this product by myself, because I would think that I wouldn't like the perfume. But I was so wrong I love it. 
Nick Chavez Bevery Hills Plump N'Thick Leave-In Thickening Mist - Get visible volume with this light but powerful leave-in treatment from Nick Chavez. I will definitely try it, sounds interesting.
Vichy Thermal Spa Water (Limited Edition) - Soothing and regenerating, this multi-purpose product is naturally enriched with 15 minerals and 13 trace elements. I tried it without make-up it felt like I sprayed water on my face, but face didn't dry out like usually happens with water.
Lifestyle Extra EBOOST Natural Energy Booster - We're relying on EBOOST's natural, nutrient-rich, no-crash tonic to see us through this year's Fashion Week. It looks very strange product, but I am not very keen to try it but I will give it a go.
Beauty Extra Eyelash Curler - Get a wide-open, catwalk-worthy gaze with the help of this Birchbox eyelash curler. I usually don't use this tool, because I always destroy my eye make-up ( I start to cry when I put close to eyes ).
    In conclusion, I liked all products. I always like to receive any kind of shower gel and make-up products. Sample sizes I think is bigger than other beauty boxes have. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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