I have been away for long time and this time there is as good reason. As you all know I was on holidays for almost three weeks in my country. I didn’t type in my blog, because I didn’t have time and I wanted to spend all time what I had with my family, because I didn’t see them for two years and had to do loads of paperwork. And after I came back from holidays I didn’t have time because I was planning my wedding, finally we set the date and today as I am writing this post I am wife. Now I can say my wedding date is 1st of the September.  I had to plan my wedding in two weeks, all my mind was only thinking about wedding and didn’t want to tell you, because the first date which we were planning went everything wrong and we had to plan everything from the beginning. In short time I managed to do everything and I am happy to say it was a marvellous day, but I won’t put any pictures, because they are private only I was thinking to put post about planning my wedding day. In the conclusion I want to say I am back and now you will see more posts from me and giveaways too. There will be few changes for my blog coming up as well, but it won't be so soon, because it is in progress. No more promises. :) That all for this post, nothing else more to say than I hope you liked this post.


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