My BIG wishlist on Sunday

1. China Glaze Hunger Game collection nail polishes. From left to right Agro, Smoke and Ashes, Fast Track and Stone Cold. If I was able I would buy all collection, in my opinion it is the most amazing collection I haven't seen - very unique colours. £5.95 each

2. Essie Nail polish in Cute as button. I haven't tried any Essie nail polishes. This is the most talked about colour, I decided to add to my wish list. But if you know better colour which you would like to suggest, then comment bellow. £7.99 

3. Dr Jart famous BB cream. I can't decide which one I want, because Regenerating BB cream (Silver £21.00) is more for my age and my skin, but has more coverage, but the Premium BB cream (Gold £24.00) has more skincare qualities, less coverage and anti-ageing, which I like.

4. I always wanted to try out Tigi S-Factor Diamond Dreams shampoo and conditioner. Especially now when on there is a good gift set  deal £14.95.

5. Soap & Glory Fab Pore facial peel mask, everything about this mask sounds amazing and I love peeling face masks and soon I will need one. £8.00

6. Recent weeks I have been using my BB cream with hands, I wanted to try out how it is to apply it with brush. Everyone is saying that Real Techniques Core Collection brushes £21.99 are amazing. Again I can't decide what I want. If I want the collection or just one Real Techniques Expert Face Brush £9.99

Overall my wishlist is really big, I don't think so I will buy all or maybe I will. You can't never know, but probably it will be after my holiday. I hope you enjoyed this post.



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