I fell for the trend.. :)

       From the title and the picture you may know what I am talking about. BB cream is taking over the UK past couple months. Loads of brands are launching their BB creams. If you are like me and follow popular blogger girls then you know what BB cream is. I feel if I tell the scientifically meaning of BB cream, it will be pretty boring and repeating. This time I won't speak about it in so many details, but definitely you will see review of my BB reviews. Today I will just show what I got and how I follow the trend.

     First up is Maybelline Color Sensational the Pop sticks in CrystalPink. I didn’t swatch it, because there isn’t much colour.

     Next item which I want to mention is Leighton Denny nailpolish in Coral Reef, which looks very familiar in the bottle to famous Essie cute as button. I got this nail polish in magazine.

      In the picture you can see next two item swatches. First swatch in the picture is Maybelline Color 24hr tattoo eye shadow in on and on Bronze. Next swatch is Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream in medium

      As you can see I have three items from Maybelline, because I took chance on offer 2 for 3. But other things I bought because loads of people are talking in the YouTube and blogger world. My title is saying I am following the trend, this time I have bought only talked about products. I hope you enjoyed this post. I wanted to buy the new Essie nail polish, but there were so many shades that I couldn't decide.


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