My Current Skincare Routine

    Finally I have found my skincare routine and it makes me happy. I will share with you what kind a products I use and how. Later on I will post full reviews of each product.

    First up how I wash my face. Every day I wash my face before I go to sleep. I don't use my Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel (£11.00) every day, because if I wash my face with any cleanser every day my skin is breaking out. I think the reason why cleanser is stripping my face off and makes my skin more irritable, sensitive and sometimes even dries it out. One day I wash my face with cleanser, but next day with baby wipes.
    My favourite ones is Simple Moisturising Baby Wipes (£5.10 for 4 packs). They are really good; they take off make- up good and make my face feel clean and adds moisture.

   After washing or just cleaning my face I use every day and can't live without is Clarins Daily Energizer cream (£20.00). I use it every day in the night, before I go to sleep. I feel if I use it twice a day in the summer it is too much and it makes my skin oily, but in the winter I would use it twice a day. This moisturiser is very good for skin which is prone to breakouts and needs moisturising. It calms my skin.

    But sometimes if I feel like it I use this Neutrogena Multi Defence Daily Moisturiser with SPF15 (£7.99). This moisturiser I have to use twice a day, because it isn't so moisturising. The main reason why I use it, because i want to use up this product.

    Next thing is face scrub I use once a week. My all time favourite is St. Ives Apricot scrub for sensitive skin (£3.33). I feel when I use this scrub my skin gently exfoliated, but still it feels clean. Because before that I was using Garnier Blackhead scrub it left my skin feel tight and dried out. Usually St. Ives scrub I use every Thursday after work.
    Every second week I use face masks. At the moment I use Avon Planet Spa face masks (£4.20), because I need to use them up. I don’t have special opinion what should be in the mask, but Avon face masks does leave my skin moisturised and feeling pampered. Usually I use face masks on Sunday's, when I feel I need it.This isn't my picture I took it from Google search, only because I haven't saved the box.

    My skincare routine overall is really strange as you can see. Because I am a lazy girl, sometimes I am so tired after work that I can't be bothered to clean my skin with full routine. So that is why I have that kind routine as well, because I made to work for me and my skin as well. I don't use toners because makes my skin dull, if I would try some I would probably try Clarins energiser toner, but not 100% sure that in the future I will. I just have bad experience with toners; some leave my skin with dry patches. So I better save my money and my skin. :) What is your favourite skincare product and I would really love to hear what kind skincare routine you have. I hope you enjoyed this post.


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